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Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate FeSO4·H2O Fertilizer/ Water Treatment

ferrous sulfate monohydrate EC-WA08 ferrous sulfate monohydrate adopts advanced crafts of wet dissolution and impurity removal, recrystallization dehydration and imported drying equipment. It is characterised by high content of main elements, good...
Main Item papermaking chemicals, water treatment chemicals, textile chemicals
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Industry ammonium chloride usage in mining, precision casting , p

Properties: Colorless crystal or white crystal powder. It dissolves in water easily, in glycerin and little solve in alcohol, not solve in acetone. Industry ammonium chloride usage in mining, tannery ,galvanizing, adhesive, precision casting ,...
Main Item ammnoium sulphate /ammnoium chloride
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Paecilomyces lilacinus

Paecilomyces lilacinus Purpureocillium lilacinum is commonly isolated from soil, decaying vegetation, insects, nematodes and as a laboratory contaminant. It is also a causative agent of infection in human and other vertebrates
Main Item fertilizers/plant extracts/chemicals
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Increases productivity and product quality Continuous vegetative growth. Terlemeyi önler. Provides strong tissue formation. Saves biological energy. Provides fast absorption. Supports plant recovery during abiotic and biological stress. Increases...
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liquid green seaweed extract concentrate liquid green seaweed extract concentrate

liquid green seaweed extract concentrate

Jiejing liquid green seaweed extract concentrate Introduction: 1. Anti-bacteria and disease prevention: Seaweed polyphenols are natural phenolic compounds extracted from seaweeds and are derivatives of phloroglucinol. Seaweed polyphenols have...
Main Item sodium alginate, propylene glycol alginate, potassium alginate, alginic acid, fucoidan, fucoxanthin, seaweed fertilizers
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Can be used in organic and sustainable farming. Liquid complex NPK 0-0-20 fertilizer on Potassium oxide (K2O+) and Carbonate (CO3-) ions basis is designed more for professional farms purposes and can be used through all fertilization systems....
Main Item Organic fertilizer
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Poultry Manure Compost Turner
Poultry Manure Compost Turner Poultry Manure Compost Turner Poultry Manure Compost Turner Poultry Manure Compost Turner Poultry Manure Compost Turner

Poultry Manure Compost Turner

Fundamentals Of Compost Turner When you operate in the fertilizer production business it is vital that you put money into the right equipment. One of the better pieces of equipment you can purchase will be the compost turner. The compost turner is...
Main Item Compost turner, Granulating machine, Organic Fertilizer Production Line, Compound Fertilizer Making Plan
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Manufacturer sell amino acid shiny granular organic NPK fertilizer granular/balls Manufacturer sell amino acid shiny granular organic NPK fertilizer granular/balls Manufacturer sell amino acid shiny granular organic NPK fertilizer granular/balls

Manufacturer sell amino acid shiny granular organic NPK fertilizer granular/balls

Products Photo: Specification: Advantages: 1- factory offer directly 2- strictly quality control,steady and good quality,good appearance and good price 3- own a professional design team to make packing bags for you 4- have over 10...
Main Item amino acid granular, EDDHA FE6%, NPK, water soluble fertilizer, magnesium sulphate, epsom salt
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corn steep liquor powder

Description: Corn steep liquor powder is derived from corn, which is known for its rich protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, cellulose, etc., and has a Potassium content of over 8.68%. It belongs to a new type of Potassium fertilizer....
Main Item corn steep liquor powder
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Fulvic Acid For Fertilizer

: brown powder, water-soluble. It contains high content of organic nitrogen and acidic groups able to chelate strongly with trace elements; And so is suitable to be used as a synergistic agent of foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer and liquid...
Main Item water reducer
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amino acid

Amino acid powder 1.It can chelate soil nutrients,stimulate root growth, make root of the crop strong and long,and have a high effect and promote a significant yield. 2.It can Improve crop photosynthetic performance, promote photosynthetic products...
Main Item Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate
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Asilex Final K Liquid Fertilizer

CONTENT w/w TOTAL NITROGEN (N) % 5 WATER SOLUBLE POTASSIOMOXIDE (K2O) 30 POTASSIUM’S ROLE ON THE PLANT; Root developer, body enforcer Nutrient former, activating enzymes Respiratory regulator, water absorber Sugar and starch carrier, protein...
Main Item Organic Liquid Fertilizer
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Rotary Drum Screener

Introduction of Rotary Drum Screener Rotary drum screen, also called fertilizer screening machine or rotary screener, is a key equipment for sieving organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. It is used in grouping finished products and...
Main Item Fertilizer Production Line
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Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer

Our advantages: Granted ISO 9001 certification. Very good quality which Content of Amino acid can be reach from 20% to 80%, can be used in Fertilizer additives, Feed additives, Cosmetic And Food additives. Our factory is capable of providing...
Main Item Amino Acid Powder; L-Cysteine; L-Arginine; NAC; BCAA; L-Citrulline DL-Malate
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Plant Compound Amino Acid Powder 80%

Amino Acid Powder 80%,compound amino acid powder Plant Source Enzymatic Hydrolysis 1. 100% organic fertilizer, 100% Extracted from natural plants, 100% water soluble 2. High amino acid content 3. The only manufacturer in China 4. The best apperance...
Main Item amino acid powder and liquid and amino acid chelated products for agriculture and feed additive
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Seaweed Extract

Seaweed Extract is in water soluble powder and flake, derived from fresh seaweed ascophyllum nodosum. It is a non-toxic and non-polluting fertilizer rich in micro elements with no synthetic hormones ideal for organic farming practices. Encourages...
Main Item Humic Acid
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cruched hooves and horns

crushed hooves and horns : is a fertilizer of animal origin and excellent source slow release nitrogen <use for every cultivation for all plants
Main Item crushed hooves and horns
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china Humic Acid factory price granular from china 84% the organnic matter good quality best price

Humic Acid is a kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic materials contains hydroxyl, carboxyl,phenolic hydroxyl and other active groups with black or brown appearance. It has the functions of chelation, complexing, ion exchange, floc,...
Main Item humic acid
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Organic fertilizer (Zeto Grass)

Microorganisms contained in Zeto products are the Zymogenous bacteria, which naturally exist in the nature. Other effective microorganisms co-exist without having bacteria antagonism. These microorganisms improve soil fertility by performing a...
Main Item Organic Fertilizer, Soil improving preparations, Microorganic fertilizer
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Lignin hydrolytic

Lignin hydrolized (sunflower), dry or natural humidity. Moisture level can be different upon request. Shipped in 1tn + big-bags or 25-30 poly-bags. Highly valuable soil fertilizer. Can send samples upon request. Shipping worldwide - DDP, DAP, FCA,...
Main Item Lignin
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