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Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium Chloride 1. Basic indicators Molecular Formula: NH4Cl Cas No.: 12125-02-9 Appearance: White Powder / Granular H.S Code: 2827109000 2. Technical specifications Total nitrogen content(as dry basis): 25.0%min Na(as dry basis): 0.8%max...
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Urea Urea Urea Urea


Urea is a high-concentration nitrogen fertilizer, a neutral quick-acting fertilizer, and can also be used to produce a variety of compound fertilizers. No harmful substances remain in the soil, and long-term application has no adverse effects....
Main Item Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Potassium nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate, Urea
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Potassium sulfate granule/powder50% 52%

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Urea 46%

Nitrogen:46% Min Biuret:1%Max Moisture:1%Max Fe:0.005%Max Size:0.8mm-2.5mm or 2.0mm-4.75mm Hebei Ferturea Trade Co., Ltd. dedicates in producing and exporting of Urea, Ammonium Sulphate,Kieserite and Ammonium Chloride over decades.It has its own...
Main Item Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, Kieserite, Ammonium Chloride, Sodium Metabisulphite, salt pellets, Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, sodium dichloroisocyanurate
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Agriculture Grade Fertilizer Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Granular

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate: It is a new nitrogenous and calcareous fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make- up Nitrogen, applied in greenhouse and large –area farmland, it improves the soil and granulates the soil making...
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Low Price of Ammonium Chloride Manufacture NH4CL Low Price of Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium chloride is a kind of neutral fertilizer were widely used for most crops like rice, corn, sorghum, wheat, cotton, vegetables, and other crops.The nitrification rate is slow, not easy loss, fertilizer efficiency long, ,high effective...
Main Item ammnoium sulphate /ammnoium chloride
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It is white or grey granular which dissolves in water absolutely .It is a new type high-efficient compound fertilizer .It contains nitrogen and calcium ,and also supplies nitrogen to plant quickly .the nutrient is more than ammonium nitrate ,and...
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monoammonium phosphate

N 12% MIN P2O5 61% SOLUBILITY 100% MOISTURE 0.1% MAX Snow white crystal powder Packed in 25, 1250kgs bags
Main Item MAP 12.61.0, MKP 0.52.34, UP 17.44.0, NOP 13.0.46
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Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution(UAN) Liquid fertilizer

Features: UAN, urea ammonium nitrate solution containing nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen.Diversity of nitrogen form meet the be fond of of different crops on different forms of nitrogen.Quick, efficient and effective...
South Africa
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nitrogen fertilizer Mono Potassium Phosphate

MF:KH2PO4 CAS No.: 7778-77-0 EINECS No.: 231-913-4 HS Code: 2835.2400.00 Model Number: 0-52-34 Appearance: white crystaline Mono Potassium Phosphate MKP 1>Purity:99%min 2>White crystal 3>Water soluble fertilizer MKP fertilizer is the preferred...
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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Brand Name: REAPCHEM Pro Name: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Other Name: Calcium Nitrate Granular Place of Origin: Shandong, China Molecular Formula: 5Ca(NO3)2-NH4NO3-10H2O Molecular weight: 1080.71 CAS No: 15245-12-2 Appearance: White granular...
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High Conent of N 21% Ammonium Sulphate Granular

Item Specification Appearance White Crystalline,granular, no visible mechanical impurity Nitrogen 21% min Moisture 0.3% max Water insoluble 0.01% max Fress Acid(H2SO4) 0.05 max Heary Metal(Pb) 0.005 max Ammonium Sulphate also named ammonium sulfate...
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Ammonium sulphate

Full Name: Ammonium sulphate Properties: It is white crystal or crystalline powder. It is easily soluble in water, but insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Easy absorption of moisture agglomerate, with strong corrosive and permeability. Has...
Main Item Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Diammonium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate
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NPK water soluble fertilizer

HuaRong Chem NPK formulas are. crystailline powders, 100%water solublefertilizers without plant hormones,suitable for foliar spray, drip irrigation, hydroponics systems, etc. Provide plants balance nutrients in diffrent growth period, health...
Main Item Mono Potassium Phosphate, Mono Ammonium Phosphat, Di-ammonium Phosphate, Urea Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, NPK water soluble fertilizer
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Nitrogen Fertilizer Nitrogen 46% CAS No. 57-13-6

Among what we manufacture is as fertilizer grade urea, used as a nitrogen-release fertilizer, also used in many multi-component solid fertilizer formulations. CAS No.: 57-13-6 Molecular Weight: 60.06 Chemical Formula: (NH2)2CO Product Codes: J.T....
Main Item Urea, Cupric oxide
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Low Biuret Urea Nitrogen for Foliar Spray

Email:vanessa.zhao{at} STANDARD GB2440-2001 Quality Of Items Inspection Item Qualified Grade Test Result Appearance White or Light White white Total Nitrogen %≥ 46.2 46.4 Biuret%≤ 0.4 0.35 Moisture%≤ 0.5 0.40 Melting Point 132...
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Specification: Inspection Item Unit Standard N content % ≥ 32 Ammonium Nitrate % ≥ 42 Urea % ≥ 34 Water % ≤ 24 Free Ammonia % ≤ 0.05 Solubility % 100 PH(10% aqueous solution) - 6.0-7.5 Density - 1.315-1.325 Pb ppm 4 Physical Appearance - Colorless...
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Cito K Water Soluble Fertilizer

CONTENTS w / w TOTAL NITROGEN (N) % 5 WATER SOLUBLE POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) % 30 • Organic based. • Nitrogen is in urea form. • Can be applied in low ratios. • Leaf application makes it easier to uptake plant nutrients. • Cab be used on any kind of...
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GROS Phosphite - LNPK

GROS Phosphite - LNPK - Liquid complex fertilizer containing macroelements and amino acids. It provides increased plant growth and immunity. The presence of amino acids in the fertilizer contributes to overcoming the stress state of plants caused...
Main Item Fertilizers with amino acids, phitohormones and phosphites
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