Metal Slabs

Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet

Winfly Copper Clad Laminate Heat Sink Porous Metal Foam Sheet

Item Copper Clad Laminate Thermal Conductivity 1 - 5W Solder Mask Customized Certificate UL,RoHS,SGS,ISO Application LED Lighting,Power Supply,Solid Relay,Thick Film Hybrid Integrated Circuit Q:What's your packing details? A:We have normal packing...
Main Item foamed nickel, foamed iron, foamed iron-nickel, foamed copper, foamed copper-nickel, foamed aluminum
Business Type Manufacturer

Aluminium Titanium Stainless Steel Cryogenic Transition Joints

Products details: Materials Base Metal: Aluminium and aluminium alloy Clad Metal Stainless steel Interlayer TA1/TA2/TA9/TA10, titanium or titanium alloy Product Standard Upon ISO, ASTM, ASME, JIS, NB, JB Certificate ISO, SGS Bonding Rate 100% We...
Main Item refurbished copiers
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter
WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate

WE43B magnesium alloy slab/plate

High property magnesium alloy plate, applied in automobile, 3C, aerospace industry etc.
Main Item Aluminum master alloy, flux, metal tablet, magnesium ingot/billet/slab
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service

Titanium sintered porous sheet for PEM electrode plate anode plate

Specification of titanium sintered porous materials Production (Diameter)Length (Diameter)Width Thickness Customized Sintered porous round discs φ800mm 0.5-30mm Yes Sintered porous sheets 800mm 350mm 0.5-30mm Yes Sintered porous tubes 1200mm φ200mm...
Main Item Metal powder sintered porous materials, titanium porous plate, stainless steel sintered filter cartridge/disc/sheet
Business Type Manufacturer

Slab Rack / Slab Frame / Slab Storage

– Quan Phong Slab Rack is ideal for shops with limited storage as it can handle many pieces of different material sizes. The rack consists of two steel bases 118 9/16“(3012 mm) and 20 poles 2 ” x 2″ x 59 “(50x50x1500 mm) with rubber caps to protect...
Main Item Lifter
Business Type Manufacturer, Agent, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service

RCCN Metal Hose MC

RCCN Metal Hose MC Non-Jacket Metal Hose Material:(inner):zinc coated steel, special insulated processed. Certificates:CE,ROHS Use domain:railway,communicate project,air-dondition,machines.roboticized equipments,power plant ships and so on Use...
Main Item wiring duct, nylon cable gland, metal connectors, cable ties, nylon flexible conduit, cable terminals, , nylon rivets, nylon screws
Business Type Manufacturer

Top grade grey iron foundry material factory outlet

Product Properties 1), High purity - Control the consistency of raw material from the mine resource. - Introduce automatic whole-process equipment to ensure product consistency. - Not allowed any harmful impurities during raw material & production...
Main Item slag remover and expanded perlite
Business Type Manufacturer

Semi-Continue Casting Magnesium Alloy Bar/Rod Slab Billet

Supply plate size : Diameter Max 600mm length Max.5000mm, Max.Thickness 400mm, length is 6000mm; Min diameter 10mm, Max diameter 600mm,length Max reach 6000mm. Technology Inspection & Produce Standard: ASTM B90/B90M-07; AMS 4375; AMS 4376; AMS 4377...
Main Item Alloy Plate, Magnesium;Magnesium Alloy Board;Sheet;Needle Plate, Magnesium Alloy B
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

Steel Slabs/Blooms (prime quality)

UKREXPORT has direct access to main producers of Steel Slabs and Steel Blooms in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Slabs (Blooms) are a kind of very rough Billets, but not in typical square or round cross-section but that of larger rectangular...
Main Item Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Copper Ore; Ferroalloys; Basic Pig Iron (BPI), Foundry Pig Iron (FPI); Steel Slab, Steel Billet; Steel Plate, Steel Sheet, Steel Coil, Steel Bar, Deformed Steel Bar.
Business Type Exporter, Importer

Brown Fused Alumina F24 For Sandblasting Media

This kind of Brown Fused Alumina is mainly used for various material workpieces to decontaminate, derusting, prevent corrosion, remove oxide skin, light- decorate , process pattern effect and so on. About Brown Fused Alumina for Sand blasting:...
Main Item brown fused alumina
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Bimetal hacksaw blade steel strips

The new high-tech material produced by top quality spring steel and HSS wires,with electron beam welding by advanced machines from Germany .it is suitable for producing hacksaw blade,power saw blade ,jig saw blade ,reciprocating saw,band saw...
Main Item high speed steel saw blade, high frequency saw blade, bi-metal saw blade , high carbon steel saw blade
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Wear Resistant Electrode

Runkun Wear Resistant Electrode is produced by Zhangjiagang Runkun Wear Resistant Materials Co., Ltd. It belongs to the overlaying welding Wear resistant electrode, high carbon high chromium alloy are the main elements of it. It contains large...
Main Item wear resistant materials
Business Type Manufacturer

aluminium, copper and metal scrap

aluminium from car transmissions, metal from car motors, copper from harness wires 1) Mix Motor Engine Scrap Quantity: Monthly 30 containers 2) Aluminum Motor Engine Scrap Quantity: Monthly 60 containers 3) Aluminum Transmission Scrap Quantity:...
Main Item iron ore
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Expanded Metal

Expanded metal, aka expanded mesh, steel screen , metal lathing or mild steel expanded sheets, which is a kind of sheet metal that being prcessed by Steel mesh punching and shearing machine. We are expanded metal supplier and our product is noted...
Main Item Stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, black iron wire
Business Type Manufacturer

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass All kind of color Big output, quick delivery Clean without any impurity or bad smell. Bright color
Main Item Drugs, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Health-care Product, Sex Product, Herb, Coffee
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer


pure raw quartz stone found in the forest of Burma .
Main Item quartz
Business Type Agent

Ferromanganese Nitride

1.Features: Nitrided ferro manganese is abtainted through using the medle and low carbon Mn Fe to replace Nitrogen, As a alloy additives of nitrogen and manganese. 2. Application: it mainly used for special alloy steelhigh strength steelstainless...
Main Item Ferro Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Calcium Carbide, Manganese Metal Series,
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Ultra-low carbon steel bars

Good electromagnetic properties, low coercivity (Hc), high permeability (u.) and high saturation magnetic induction (Bs), magnetic stability and no magnetic effect. Diameter's range is from 20 mm to 130 mm. It's mainly be used in solenoid valve,...
Main Item Pure iron for raw materialof aluminium content
Business Type Distributor

Perrhenic Acid

Apearacne: colorless liquid Chemical Specification: Re concentration 60-90 gram/L Common used: production of bimetallic Pt/Re reforming catalyst
Main Item Tungsten product, Rhenium product
Business Type Manufacturer

Ferro Silicon 72% 75%

1.Chemical composition: Si(30%-75%),Fe,Ai,Ca 2.Size: according to your needs 3.Supply: 3000t/month (timely delivery) 4.1t/bag Ferro Silicon lump, FeSi 75%: Si:75%min,Al:2%max, C: 0.2%max, S: 0.02%max, P: 0.04%max. Size:10-50mm,90%min Ferro Silicon...
Main Item magnesium ingot
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter