Magnesium Ingots

Amorphous Graphite

Amorphous Graphite Amorphous Graphite,FC 70-88%, size 100Mesh, 200Mesh ,325Mesh, 0-30mm, 30-60mm Briquette With Fe content limitation FC VM Moisture Fe in Acid Application %Min %Max WT88 88 3.2 2 0.7 Battery, Pencil, Welding rod, Foundry Paint etc....
Main Item Refractory Product
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

magnesium oxide

English Name: Magnesium oxide, light Molecular Formula: MgO Molecular Weight: 40.30 Properties: White amorphous powder, odorless, smell-less and nontoxic. It is soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution, difficult to dissolve in water, and...
Main Item zinc oxide, magnesium oxide
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

DBM magnesite

DBM Magnesite : Dead Burned Magnesite. Origin : India Can export in lumps or powder form - per customers request. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF DBM MAGNESITE : MgO 90 % min CaO 1.5 % max Al2O3 0.5 % max Fe2O3 1 % max SiO2 6.5 % max LOI 0.5 % max B.D 3.18...
Main Item GARNET SAND , MINERALS and Abrasives
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Ventilation Pipe

Our products are basically made from magnesia and magnesium chloride, strengthened by intermediate alkali glass fiber and filled with stuff of good quality. Our products are compounded unburned plates without any poisonous substance such as...
Main Item mgo board, magnesium oxied board, bolivian magnesium board
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter


16" H ANGEL TREE TOP W/PORCELAIN HEAD & HANDS . They are produced with their special designs and their high qualities.They are famous for their originative designs and their excellent qualities.They can be used as Easter Gifts ,Christmas...
Main Item Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, Easter Items, and Garden ware
Business Type Exporter

fireproof board

Fireproof board (magnesium oxide board) has many advantages, such as waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, heat preservation, nonpoisonous and tasteless material which never becomes moldy and rotten. It can be used in wide fields by sawing or nailing....
Main Item magnesium oxide board
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Casting Magnesium Anode

We are glad to introduce ourself as a leading producer and exporter for all kinds of anode products in china from 1950. Now our products has been exported to many other countries such as Greece, Iitaly ect. Our products is used widely in electric...
Main Item sauna, panel, shower, massage, bathroom, box, steam, bathtub, cabinet, bath, sanitary
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Magnesium Oxide 95%

MgO %≥ 95.0 Insoluble in Hcl solution %≤ - CaO %≤ 1.0 Sulphate (SO4)%≤ - Screening residues(through 150um mesh) %≤ 0.03 Fe%≤ 0.05 Mn%≤ - Chloride (Cl) %≤ 0.035 Losses in ignition %≥ 3.5 Accumulation density(g/ml) %≤ 0.20 This Special Purpose for...
Main Item Zinc Oxide99.7/99.5%, Magnesium Oxide 90/92/93/95/98/99%
Business Type Manufacturer

caustic calcined magnesite

The caustic calcined magnesite.(light burnt magnesia)(cinder ball) The caustic calcined magnesite is made from calcined magnesite powder through mixing, pressing spheroid, it is used for converter steel making, through the splashing cross to...
Main Item Fluorspar. coke, carbon, graphite, metallurgy
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent, Others

light magnesium oxide

light magnesium oxide White loose powder with light mass 200Mesh~1000Mesh Extensively used in the stuffing and reinforcer for production of rubber,soft oxymagnite,paint and paper,in the flexibilizer for galss fibre reinforced plastic,in surface...
Main Item magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Caustic Calcined Magnesite Oxide

We experience in MgO production for many years, we supply: Calcined Magnesite(MgO) MgO: 85%, 88%, 90%, 92% min. Material is in white powder which is made from natural magnesite ore being fired in reflecting kilns, rotary kilns, fluidized-bed kilns...
Main Item chemicals, pigments, bentonite, iron oxide red yellow green blue
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor