Food Grade High Temp Chain Oil-ArChine SynChain NX 650

ArChine SynChain NX 650 Food Grade High Temp Chain Oil Description ArChine SynChain NX 650 high temperature chain oils, fortified with nanometer scale Boron Nitride powder, are formulated with polyolester fluid and additives. They are designed...
Main Item Synthetic lubricant and grease
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Service, Others

Bleaching Earth to Refine The Oil 230G

SYKOL 230G is made from the core part of Bentonite mines, only this part could be made into highly granular shaped bleaching earth, so compared with other kinds of bleaching earth, SYKOL 230G requests more time and costs for finishing its...
Main Item Activated bleaching earth, Water chemicals
Business Type Manufacturer

White Oil / Liquid Paraffin

Pars Polymer White oil is a transparent, colorless oil composed mainly alkalies and anticyclones. Mineral oil is a common ingredient in baby lotions, cold creams, ointments and cosmetics. It is a lightweight inexpensive oil that is odorless and...
Main Item Petroleum Jelly
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

SKALN -27 Degrees Long-lasting Water tank Anti-Freeze Glycol antifreeze fluid automobile antifreeze

SKALN -27 Degrees Longer-lasting Coolant Anti-Freeze High-performance, corrosion-resistant, non-polluting glycol-based antifreeze coolant dilution using the Advanced Organic Carboxylate Technology; Special Automotive anti-freeze anti-rust liquid...
Main Item Industrial Lubricant, Metal working fluid, Hydraulic Oil, Chain oil, White Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Way lubricant, and so on.
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Sky Dragon PPD (pour point depressant) SDT806A

PPD (pour point depressant) SDT806A SDT806A is the copolymer of fumarate and vinyl acetate, which has good low-temperature flow ability and excellent effect in dropping condensate. It can effective inhabit wax component in lubricant to form network...
Main Item Lubricant additive, petroleum additives, lubricant grease, cutting fluids, ATF additive, VII, LIOH, EPM, TBN, ZDDP, DISPERSANT, ANTIOXIDENT, PACKAGE API SC/CC , SN CI, etc
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Aviation synthetic oil IPM-10 ( TU38.1011299-2006)

IPM-10 TU 38.1011299-2006 WITH AMEND 1-5 IPM-10 – is a synthetic hydrocarbon oil with a package of highly efficient additives. Range of use The IPM-10 oil is used in heat-stressed gas-turbine military and civil aircraft engines with the outlet oil...
Russian Federation
Main Item VNII NP 50-1-4F (GOST 13076-86)
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Wire Drawing Lubricant

Wire Drawing Lubricant QH-RH001 is a new type water base drawing lubricant liquid specially developed for steel cord, copper coated wire, galvanized wire and copper wire, etc., with good performances of lubrication, cooling, washing and...
Main Item API, 1, 3-Propane Sultone
Business Type Manufacturer

Plunger Oil for Die Casting

Specifications Our company is dedicated to producing Die Casting materials with good quality and competitive price. Provide samples for free through UPS/DHL, welcome your inquiry. Description It is graphite free lubricants which have great...
Main Item Die Casting Release Agent, Plunger Oil
Business Type Manufacturer

Boron Nitride powder for grinding wheels from professional Manufacturer

Professinal manufacturer for CBN Powder CBN Micron Powder We boast various CBN superabrasive and diamond abrasives, with mesh, powder, shape, blocky or irregular shape, amber, dark brown or golden color, applied in resin, metal or vitrify bond,...
Main Item PCBN Insert, PCBN cutting tools. Boron nitride powder, diamond powder
Business Type Manufacturer

Heavy duty open gear lubrication grease for ball grinding mill

Heavy duty open gear lubrication grease for ball grinding mill Technical Specifications A. Overview: Description: This product is made of semi-synthetic base oil, thickened by fatty acid lithium soap thickener, added with many kinds of additives,...
Main Item Lubricant grease
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Specifications: Guide name Purity: ≥99.8% Chroma:≤40max Moisture: ≤0.04% Melting point: ≥97 degree centigrade Ash content: ≤0.03% PH value: 5-6 CAS NO.: 95-14-7 Molecular weight: 119 Chemical formula: C6H5N3 Shape & properties: white needle-shape...
Main Item benzotriazole, tolyltriazole, sodium, liquid BTA
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

General Industrial Oil Package T4219

T4219 General Industrial Oil Package, with excellent anti-oxidation property , EP/AW properties, rust corrosion resistance and demulsibility, could be widely used in blending hydraulic fluid, industrial gear oil, bearing oil, compressor oil, shock...
Main Item lubricant additives
Business Type Manufacturer, Importer

Rami Alzahrani

MAKLUBE SAE 20W50 API SL is a multi-technology, new generation, highest performance engine oil. Formulated with highly rened base stock with additive system to meet the requirements of virtually all gasoline-powered engines in today’s market place....
Saudi Arabia
Main Item Lubricant Oil
Business Type Manufacturer


ZRD-801 sodium soap lubricant is composed of sodium stearate and solid lubricants, anti-wear agents and additives synthesized by a special process, mainly used for making rope wire, prestressed steel wire, gas shielded welding wire, steel wire tire...
Main Item Melamine, Oxalic Acid, Calcium Formate
Business Type Exporter

Hydraulic Oil

By the refined base oil , antioxidant additive , antirust additive and other complex additive heating synthesis. Application: Industrial hydraulic system, Mobile hydraulic transmission system, Marine hydraulic system. Performance: Excellent...
Main Item Lubricant oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil , Anti-Rust Oil , White Mineral Oil, Engine Oil, Cutting Fluid, Cutting Oil
Business Type Manufacturer


Transparent, yellowish, semi-solid, odorless, non-toxic. Polyisobutylene is used for butyl sealants and adhesives, providing strong adhesion and flexibility, as well as an excellent barrier to moisture and gas, making finished products more...
Main Item Petroleum Resin, Gum Rosin, Paraffin Wax, Micro Crystalline Wax, Slack Wax, Polyisobutene, Rubber Peocess Oil, Base Oil, EVA, ABS, SBS, Glycerin, Bitumin, Palm Wax, Stearic Acid, Polyethylene Wax, Fisher Tropsch Wax, Lubricant, Chemicals Additives, Chemicals Anxiliaries.
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor

Biodegradable Food Grade AW Hydraulic Fluid and Gear Oil

Biodegradable Food Grade AW Hydraulic Fluid Biodegradable EP Gear Oil Food Grade AW Hydraulic Fluid is readily biodegradable, high performance Food Grade lubricant that meets the requirements for high-pressure anti-wear hydraulic fluids for the...
Hong Kong
Main Item Biodegradable fluids
Business Type Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

T3253 CC/CD/CF-4 High shear stability engine lubricant oil additive wholesales

This product is a solution of poly methyl acrylate in depth refined mineral oil. It is a high shear stability viscosity index improver designed for hydraulic oil and gear oil. It has the same performance compared to the foreign products. It has...
Main Item pour point depressant/viscosity index improver/lubricant additive
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Grease Factory price Premium quality lubricant grease Multi-purpose lithium grease MP-3

For general purposes, dropping point 190 Premium quality, same as famous brands, at factory price Sample OEM supported Good mechanical stability Longer service life Good water-resistant property Excellent anti-corrosion function Could replace the...
Main Item Lubricating Oil, grease
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Mobil Jet Grease Hydraulic Oil Plastic Grease Mobil Delvac Engine Oil Aviation Oil Industry Oil

UAB P.Markevicius Ir Ko - We supply special Mobil 1, Mobil, Mobil Super, Mobil Delvac, and Mobil Industrial trademark products to different segments of the business sectors: cars, commercial vehicles, industrial companies, agricultural machinery,...
Main Item Engine Industrial oil
Business Type Distributor