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thermo shaker TCS10

TCS10 thermo shaker is a temperature controlled shaker, which is useful for a variety of molecular biology applications. Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD, simultaneously showing both actual and selected...
Main Item Dry Bath Incubator, Thermo Shaker, Sample Concentration, Bacti-cinerator sterilizer
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Anti-static Industrial SMT Dry Cabinet

Black Color: Anti-static Capacity: 1452L Normal low humidity Relative Humidity(RH): 20%~60% Ultra low humidity Relative Humidity(RH): 20%~60% Shelves : 5 Pcs Display: LED Inner size:W1196*D670*H1827mm Outer size:W1200*D700*H1885mmM\ Material: Cold...
Main Item Dry Cabinet
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Livam UPVD-60 Water Purification System

Livam UPVD-60-2 water purification system Water purification system, Capacity: 60 l/h, Type II water Electrical conductivity of product water: <1.0 µS/cm Designed for production of Type II water • Designed to deliver the highest pure water quality...
Main Item Water distiller
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Aluminum Dewar Tank Cryogenic Flask Semen Liquid Nitrogen Container for sale

Aluminum Dewar Tank Cryogenic Flask Semen Liquid Nitrogen Container for sale Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of container used to store liquid nitrogen of low temperature. Liquid nitrogen tank have liquid nitrogen storage tank of storage type and...
Main Item liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen dewar, liquid nitrogen sprayer gun, Cryogenic tanks
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General Incubator

Description This equipment is specially designed for the research need of medical sanitation, pharmacy and agriculture. It is widely used for breeding, ferment, microorganism cultivation, the constant temperature environmental test, denaturation...
Main Item Drying Oven
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Wholesale mechanical fan coil thermostat

Temperature range:-35~ 350centigrade Widely used for home electric appliances,electro-heat installation,refrigeration industry. Temperature control
Main Item Capillary thermostat/HONGDA
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Electrothermal constant temperature incubator

Application Provided as a necessary equipment for scientific research with the optimal placing of the heating elements, ensure high performance in homogeneity and stability of temperature and the proper incubation of the samples. Features Electric...
Main Item laboratory equipment, centrifuges, incubator, freezers, spectrophotometers, shakers, mixers, drying oven...
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Portable Cooling & Heating Dry Bath for sale

Portable Cooling & Heating Dry Bath for sale Joyful CT201 are used in academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and government research laboratories in many diverse applications that include drug discovery, cancer research, infectious disease...
Main Item Medical device, beauty device
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Washing Machine Thermostat

Washing Machine Part Capillary Thermostat Specifications small order accpetable appliance: eletric oven thermostats, gas oven thermostat OEM ok Washing machine thermostat Application: Temperature control of the electric apparatuses like water...
Main Item thermostat, heating element , limiter, lamp, timer, pump
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Digital Round Electric Jacket

Application It is an ideal equipment used for heating liquid in those laboratories of medicine, petroleum, chemical industry,universities and colleges and environmental protection,etc. Characteristics 1,It adopts thermotolerant alkali-free glass...
Main Item Hotplate&Magnetic stirrer , oven/vacuum oven/incubator etc.
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Dry Bath incubator for lab

Features: LED display. Current temperature and count down time. Metal block free of sample pollution. Metal blocks are easy to replace and easy to clean. Air cooling system. More reliable due to the build - in over heating protection. Adjustable...
Main Item diagnostic reagents
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TD4N PRP/Platelet rich plasma centrifuge

PRP/Platelet rich plasma centrifuge 1.Widely used in Cosmetic Surgery, Moden Beauty Salon. 2.Brushless DC Frequency motor with simpler construction,more reliable performance,longer life and quietly running 3.Smooth in operation, low noise....
Main Item glass reactor, rotary evaporator, photochemical reactor, drying equipment
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thermostat bath

LOW TEMPERATURE THERMOSTATIC BATH faster cooling speed energy saving high efficient brand compressor refrigeration system of high and low pressure protection and display boot delay protection all parts are safety grounding SC-Series life science...
Main Item Chemical Equipment
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AXSK-60 low-temperature thermometer test tank

AXSK-60 low-temperature thermometer test slot is dedicated to the production, research departments cryogenic temperature thermometer test is ideal equipment. AXSK-60 Lab 1. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied within...
Main Item pressure
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Henan Blue Sail Laoratory Chiller & Heater, Cooling and Heating Lab Circulator

Henan Blue Sail Laoratory Chiller & Heater, Cooling and Heating Lab Circulator Cooling and Heating Circulator has powerful circulation pump for external and internal circulating. The temperatures can be down to maximum -35°C that maintain and...
Main Item glass reactor, lab circulator, rotary evaporator
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Electric Heating Water Heating Gas Boiler Thermostat

scope of application: Carbon crystal plate, heating cable, Wall hanging furnace,electrothermal film, electric heaters, resistance wire, etc Product features: Shell material flame retardant ABS + PC alloy material Negative inductive load: 220v 3A...
Main Item thermostats, stethoscopes
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Green Spring Quinolones (QNS) Elisa Test Kit

This test kit is based on the competitive enzyme immunoassay. The coupling antigen ispre-coated on the micro-well stripes. The Quinolones in the testing sample competes with the coupling antigens pre-coated on the micro-well stripes for the...
Main Item Manufacture and export of food safety ELISA test kits and animal disease elisatest kits
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer

Heating Film

Introductione-PRO Trade Co., has been exporting heating materials to 25 countries all over the world since its establishment.We have done numerous OEM heating film manufacturing projects with China, USA, U.K. Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania,...
Main Item Thermostat
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Low Temperature Verification Thermostat

XORTS-A series low temperature thermostat is kind of high precision self-control verification apparatus, with features of temperature stability, temperature field uniformity, temperature control high precision. Stainless steel shell, and equipped...
Main Item laboratory Istruments
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Thermostat Incubators

GL series Thermostat Incubators series (dry bath thermostat) are routine instruments suitable to the constant-temperature cultivation, boiling, denaturalization and concentration analysis of micro samples in the experiments of life sciences,...
Main Item vacuum pump
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