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jam jam


Jam is obtained by cooking fruit with sugar. This product is usually stored in a closed container and stays healthy for a long time. Jam is good for the immune system and the health of the skin, hair and gums and it is a good source of energy for...
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Serbian fruit jam Serbian fruit jam Serbian fruit jam Serbian fruit jam Serbian fruit jam Serbian fruit jam

Serbian fruit jam

We want to offer you high quality fruit jams and spreads made of the best Serbian fruits. Our products own the following certificates : HACCP ISO 9001 : 2008 ISO 14001 : 2004 ISO 22000 : 2007 OHSAS 18001 : 200
Main Item brandy, wine, honey
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WS-23 Cooling Agent Applied To Food Additive

Cooling agent WS-23 Basic information Product Name: WS-23 Chemical name: n, 2,3-trimethyl-2 - (1-methylethyl) butylamide or N, 2,3. Trimethyl-2-isopropylbutylamide English Name: n, 2,3-tr1methyl-21sopropl butanam1de CAS NO.:51115-67-4 [Physical...
Main Item Cooling agent Essence
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TABA Pineapple Jam

TABA™ Jams are made with real fruit and pulps blended to perfection to be spreadable. Available flavors are: Strawberry Mixed Fruit Orange Pineapple Raspberry
United Arab Emirates
Main Item Milk Powder
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Black Milk Tea Jam

Product Information The product has a high content of raw materials, so you can feel the original taste and you can enjoy healthy measurements without adding additives, preservatives and pigments. Specification 1. 100g/ jar 2. 235g/jar 3. 50g/tube...
Main Item jam
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Canned Tomato Paste High Temperature Sterilization

Cold break/ hot break tomato paste of brix 28-30% with steel drums Product details: Tomato Paste Item Tomato paste concentrate 28 – 30 % Raw Material 100% Fresh Tomato Brix % 28 – 30 % Bostwick (cm/30s at brix 12.5%) 7 – 10 cm/30s Lycopene...
Main Item canned fruit & vegetables, freeze dried fruit & vegetable, fruit & vegetable powder.tomato paste, fruit jam, canned yellow peach, canned orange
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Daily Berries(Blueberry)

A reliable product made from home-produced blueberries and aronia that contains sunlight of nature. Healthful food made from rice and berries without chemical additives. Disposable stick packing that can eat conveniently taking care of health...
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Canned Fruit Jam

(1)Product Name: Canned Fruit Jam (2)Variety:Apple,Watermelon,Strawberry... (3)Package:Can/Tin,Glass Jar (4)Certificate:FDA,HACCP,ISO,BRC,KOSHER (5)Better Service,Satisfactory Price,Prompt delivery (6)We are specialized in all kinds of Canned Food...
Main Item Canned Fruit & Vegetables
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various fruit jams from factory

We are Baoding Minghua Food Co,Ltd located in hebei province ,China. We are a factory producing various fruit jams, please see following specifications Fruit jams---pineapple jam,, strawberry jam, peach jam, orange jam, raspberry jam, blueberry...
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Fig jam

IntroductionFig Jam, which organic figs is made without peels and destroying nutrients. With plenty of fiber, it is very effective to remove accumulation of feces. Experience fragrant and abundant pulp with jam made in a clean, pollution-free...
Main Item Fig jam
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glass jam bottle

glass jam bottle good quality best service BW057A: 8.5*8.5*23CM 1000ML BW057C: 10.5*10.5*17CM 1000ML BW057D: 8.5*8.5*13.5CM 500ML BW057E: 8.3*8.3*9.5CM 300ML BW057F: 6*6*8.5CM 150ML
Main Item glass jar, coffee mug
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Guam Jujube Jam

Guam Mineral Jujube Jam has high level of sweetness and nutrition as its manufacturing method had been developed to maintain the sweet taste and nutrition of Jujube without passing through any particular seasoning process and its storage is easy....
Main Item Jujube Makgeolli
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Green-Plum Jam

Organic Chungmaewon plum jam is a organic processed product with 97 % of pure pulp of namgo plum grown with an organic, scientific agrigultural method in the Chungmaewon plum farm and oligosaccharide 3 % with namgo plum with good color properly...
Main Item Mesil red-peperVinegar Sauce
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Strawberry Jam

Nutritious Strawberry is made with METOME's unique technique, from carefully selected small, red-fleshed strawberries cultivated in Korea. It also contains dietary fibers and oligo sugar to provide a balanced diet for modern-day men and women....
Main Item potable citron tea, citron tea,
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Cheonggukjang (fermented soy bean paste) Jam

Characteristics - Most of the current jams are made of various fruits by adding a lot of sugar and concentrating its mixture. They are high in sugar content and may cause the disease of adult people including obesity or diabetes, if taken...
Main Item Hair dye cream - "Gamijoa"
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Mango juice plant

Detailed these machine is for processing fruit juice,with high quality juice taste and handle online automatically The general process(to be juice) main machine flow as below: Model Name Qty CXJ Fruit washer 1 GXJ Sorting table 1 BSJ High-level...
Main Item water , juice , cola production line
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BOLEX Yellow Peach Jam

Our main product includes: Powder for Fried Food (Batters and Breading), Marinades, Seasoning, Salad Dressing, Mayonnaise, Sauces, Dry/Fresh Bread Crumbs and Ingredients for Leisure Food. To meet the different needs of customers, we provide OEM...
Main Item sauce
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Papaya Puree Concentrate

Papaya Puree Concentrate is drawn-out from papaya grown in different parts of the Southern regions in India. The chosen variety undergoes through a cycle of processes which includes washing, cutting, deseeding, de-stoning, ripening, inspecting,...
Main Item Fruit Pulps, Purees, Juices, Juice Concentrates, Canned Fruits Vegetables
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strawberry pulp

1)Brix: 16-18 2)Acid: 1.6-2.2 3)PH: < 4.0 4)Pecking: 210kg/drum,in aseptic bag with steel drum outside HACCP,ISO,FDA,KOSHER,QS
Main Item fruit and vegetable juice concentrate
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mango puree (100% natural)

We have ready for export, aseptic mango puree. Our products are 100% natural, no additives and have a shelf life of 12 months. Packaged into aseptic bags and in turn into steel drums. Aseptic No additives
Main Item Food
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