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Heparin Sodium Injection Grade

Heparin sodium Injectable grade EP, BP, USP Molecular weight: 8,000-25,000 dalton Origin: porcine intestinal mucosa Color: white or almost white powder, freely soluble in water Package: 100g/500g/1000g in one aluminum foil bag or tin We can also...
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National Certificated 2000 pills Yiyou brand immunity Enhancement Spirulina Tablets

Yiyou Brand Spirulina Tablets [Product name] Yiyou brand spirulina tablets [Raw material] Spirulina (irradiated). [Accessories] Corn starch (irradiated) microcrystalline cellulose (irradiated) Silica (irradiated) [Important ingredients and content]...
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GMP certificate Deep-sea fish oil softgel GMP certificate Deep-sea fish oil softgel

GMP certificate Deep-sea fish oil softgel

1. Deep sea fish oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acid nutrients are an important part of our brain and nervous system. 2. It has the effect of lowering cholesterol and preventing all kinds of cardiovascular...
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Bee venom peptide Bee venom peptide Bee venom peptide

Bee venom peptide

Beijing Xinrun Kangyi Biotechnology Development Co., LTD It has its own drug research and development laboratory, and provides high purity R-HGH, IGF-1LR3, hexadecanoic acid, EGF, FGF standard products and high purity raw materials of more than...
Main Item Whole nutrition formula food for special medical purposes
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Folded respirator mask FFP2approved

Facial filtering respirators to protect against solid (non-oil) and liquid (oil) volatile particles. With exhalation Valve. Double elastic with buttonhole allows to hang the mask to the neck when it's not worn. Aluminium adjustable nose piece...
Main Item face mask, surgical mask, pollution mask, allergy mask, asthma mask, infection mask, virus mask, mask with valve, valved mask, 3 ply mask, 3 ply surgical mask, 5 ply mask, 99% safety mask
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D-alpha Tocopheryl D-alpha Tocopheryl

D-alpha Tocopheryl

Product Name:D-alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate Specifications:Granule:1162IU(96.0%-102.0%) Powder:1162IU(96.0%-102.0%) Appearance:White to off-white granular or powder Part Used:Fruit CAS No. :4345-03-3 Molecular formula:C33H54O5 Molecular...
Main Item 5-HTP, Melatonin, Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Beta-Carotene
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Immune Booster, King Agaricus 100

Immune Booster “King Agaricus 100” "King Agaricus 100" won the prize “Product of the Year - Botanicals” by Nutraingredients Asia Awards!! These products are made from 100% King Agaricus, cultivated outdoor in Brazil. These are used for the...
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Tricholoma matsutake Tricholoma matsutake Tricholoma matsutake

Tricholoma matsutake

Whatsapp:008615144557770 Wechak 008615144557770 Tel 008615144557770 QQ 745609656 Matsutake has high reputation in Japan and South Korea, it has always been admitted as treasure in the edible mushroom family, and been called as “King of Mushroom”....
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Farm&Matzzang gives you energetic morning! What is the Farm&Matzzang Red ginseng product? -100% made of Korean ingredient -high saponin content -strict quality control -all the processes are under our control. all ingredients are 100% korean koryo...
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MACA PREMIUM (Natural Energizer, Increases Fertility)

Bottle of 90 capsules (500 mg) Maca Premium Gelatinized, 100% Pure and Natural. Preservative and chemical free. NATURAL PROPERTIES: - Excellent Invigorator and Natural Energizer - Improves Physical and Mental Energy. - Increases Libido and Sexual...
Main Item MACA PREMIUM (Gelatinized) - Bottle 90 capsules 500 mg.
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Licorice roots Licorice roots Licorice roots Licorice roots Licorice roots Licorice roots

Licorice roots

we shall be plzd to have your order for supply of Licorice Roots Visit. Us on
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Bioti Prebiotics BeautyGOS-Collagen

Prebiotics, make your skin beautiful BIOTI BIOTI is a specialized brand designed with the meaning "prebiotics that are critical for gut health". Prebiotics is a food for probiotics. 1. First Step: Design for gut - 3rd Generation Prebiotics -...
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Fucoidan, a special intercellular polysaccharide, which exists in the cell wall matrix, is the unique biological activity matter in brown algae. Studies showed that it have many physiologically actives, such as inhibiting blood clotting, lowering...
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IVD raw materials--Monoclonal Antibody to Cancer Antigen 199 (CA199)

Wuhan AokeBoTai Biotechnology Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. The main business is the R&D, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic raw materials (IVD materials including antigens and antibodies), and also customized virous service including...
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L-glutathione Reduced 99% White Powder CAS 70-18-8 Description 1. Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide that contains an unusual peptide linkage between the amine group of cysteine (which is attached by normal peptide linkage to a glycine) and the...
Main Item 5fmdmb2201.4fadb.ndh, Mphp2201.mdpt.Testosterone.Pramiracetam , nootropic
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Natural 1.5%-5% Withanolide Ashwagandha powder Ashwagandha Extract Powder

Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is frequently referred to as “Indian ginseng” because of its rejuvenating properties, even though botanically, ginseng and Ashwagandha are unrelated. The name Ashwagandha means horse smell as the root has a strong horse-like...
Main Item CA, Cholorogenic Acid, Mangiferin, Curcumin, Red-Clover Extract
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Chitosan Health Care Products

As the sixth essential element of the body, the chitosan oligosaccharide is of low sugariness, low heat value, asepsis & no side effects and able to reduce blood fat & blood sugar. Biological health food, produced with chitosan oligosaccharide as...
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Jayeonmore_Cordyceps Militaris Myun yeok won

Healthy centenarians. The solution for immunity Modern science meets the 3,000-year tradition, Cordyceps Militaris Myunyeokwon! Scientific design to increase immunity with all-natural ingredients - 30, 60ml bottles, for 1 month Specification...
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Chamdahan Red Ginseng Extract Plus

[] Red Ginseng Extract PLUS -This ultra high-potency 100% Korean red ginseng extract is perfect for those who would like to add the benefits of Korean red ginseng to their food or share with the whole family. This extract's ultra-high ginsenoside...
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The World's First Three Way Hydrogen Generator

The Worlds First Three Way Hydrogen Generator. Gas inhalation Hydrogen Water Making Hydrogen Bath. * Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler People can take hydrogen molecule by three-way for maximun effectiveness
United States
Main Item World's First 3 way Hydrogen Generator
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