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Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive for tapeS for Coating to make products

Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive for tapeS in coating can be fit for Single side BOPP Tape coating,also fit for making Double Side Tissue Tape,Double side Medical Tape,Singale Side Medical Tape,and also for making Hot melt Masking...
Main Item supply BOPP Hot melt Adhesive Tape, BOPP Film, TPU Film, PE Film, PVC Film, Shrink Film, Water based acrylic adhesive, Solvent based acrylic adhesive tape, Rubber adhesive packaging tape, PTFE thread seal tape
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terpene resin terpene tackifier resin

Supply terpene resin terpene tackifier resin Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co.,Ltd. supply quality terpene resins. Terpene Resin is a pale yellow transparent solid prepared by α-Pinene and aluminium trichloride. It can be used in the field of rubber,...
Main Item C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resins, C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins, C5/C9 copolymerized hydrocarbon resins, coumarone petroleum resin, DCPD Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins, C9 hydrogenatred hydrocarbon resin, C5 hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin
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Iron-On Mending Fabric Tape for Interior Iron-On Mending Fabric Tape for Interior

Iron-On Mending Fabric Tape for Interior

Item Detail Double-sided adhesive applied by pinching. Great for lace to thick fabric. Fixes large fabrics without unwanted sliding. Material Adhesive / Polyamide resin, Adhesive / Acrylic resin
Main Item Stain Remover Pen, Ladies' Shirts, Clothing Care, Sewing Supplies
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Epoxy curing agent 115/125/140 for adhesives

ET 125 is a medium viscosity, reactive polyamide resin based on dimerized fatty acid and polyamines. ET 125 gives coatings better flexibility and corrosion resistance than ET 140, but ET 140 has better compressive resistance and pull resistance....
Main Item polyamide epoxy resin curing agent for painting and coating
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Hot Melt Adhesive for Box Making

Hot Melt Adhesive for Box Making Hot Melt Adhesive CHARACTERISTICS Easy to spray, good initial tack and bonding strength Short open time, medium setting time Excellent temperature resistance FIELDS OF APPLICATION Mainly used for box sealing such as...
Main Item Offset Printing Ink, Pigment Offset Printing Ink
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Melt-blown fabric

Over 95% filtration efficiency when challenged with 0.3 micron particles at 85 LTRS per minute
Main Item face masks , nitrile gloves
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Mixed Label Material

We offer a mix of different, 2nd choice, label material of mainly three sorts Heatseal: Heatseal is an adhesive coating, dry to the touch, that is activated by the application of heat. Well suited for strong bonding on rough surfaces (textiles)...
Main Item Self-Adhesives
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Hot Melt Adhesive for Carton Packing

-Product: Hot Melt Adhesive for Carton Packing -Model Number: SY-32 -Description: Application: Designed for sealing of corrugated and paperboard boxes, folding cartons, boxboards and so on. Properties: Good melting properties, excellent adhesion....
Main Item offset printing ink ;fuontain solution;spray powder
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baby diapers Raw Materials-Rubber Elastic Spandex Hotmelt adhesive glue

FOB Reference Price:US$1.5 Min. order:1/tone Specifications Other Names:PU foam sealent MF:PU foam sealent Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland) Classification:Hot Melt Adhesives Main Raw Material:Other Usage:Construction, Fiber & Garment,...
Main Item baby diaper, PE film, nonwoven, spendex, Velco tape
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Thermoplastic copolymer adhesives for EVOH oxygen barrier tubes/sheet/bottle

Structure PE/Adhesive/Nylon.EVOH,etc. Model No MF901,MF902,MF903,MF906,MF916,MF928,AT620,QB319 Application Food packaging, pesticide bottle, Cosmetics tube,etc Features A, Strong Adhesion Adhere to metal such as AL, steel, EVOH and Nylon, etc....
Main Item Adhesives;hot melt adhesives;adhesive resins
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PUR hot melt adhesive for shoes

Our shoe PUR hot melt adhesive offers good bond strength, is temperature and weathering resistant, which can maintain its properties under severe environments. Compared with shoe EVA adhesive, it has lower working temperature, just 130 to 150℃. Our...
Main Item PUR hot melt adhesive
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2018 New Environmental protection Interfacing fabric fusible interlining for uniform

Specification: Type: JH8P1W Physical Form: Dry Adhesive Web Material: Co-PA (Copolyamide) Melting Range (DSC): 110-120°C Weight: 10-40g/m2 Width: 7-3200mm Bonding Temperature: 105-140°C Bonding Press: 1.5-2kg/m2 Bonding Time: 10-15s Dry-cleaning...
Main Item Hot Melt Web Adhesives
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Cavort Factory Micro Dot Adhesive Dispense Shoe Fusible Interlining Fabric

Jinjiang City Cavort Shoe Material Co.,ltd experienced in shoe material manufacturer and supplier . an develop company focus on independent ,producing and tradeing since 2004 . Products including inssole series,hot melt adhesive series,Non-Woven...
Main Item insole series, hot melt adhesive series, Non-Woven Fabric series, Heat setting clothes series, Toe puff and Back counter series, TPU fabric ..etc
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EV-638B Transparent Hot Melt Glue Stick

Hot Melt Glue Stick,hot melt adhesive,glue stick,eva stick,glue bar,silicon stick,silicon bar,adhesive bar,hot melt bar,adhesive We can supply the transparent hot melt glue stick. Hot Melt Glue stick: 1) Dia.: 7.2mm - 14.4mm. 2) Length: 5cm - 30cm....
Main Item bubble level, level vial, spirit level, level bubble, spirit vial, camera spirit level, trowel, hot melt glue stick
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Hot Melt UCH620AB

We have a new product for Bookbinding. It is a EVA based Hotmelt Adhesive UCH620AB. Due to good flexitility, it can be applied to thick book. The cost is much lower than PUR hotmelt.
Main Item Raw Materials for Antibiotic
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Aluminum honeycomb plate polyurethane composite adhesive

The basic features J301 as A two-component adhesive, A component by A variety of polyols, strengthening agent and filler, adhesive, appearance is yellowish red viscous fluid, B component for crude MDI, tan transparent viscous liquid. Application...
Main Item Double - component epoxy structure glue, double - component polyurethane structure glue, metal sheet compound adhesive
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Annel Chemical Hot Melt Adhesive/Glue NEL-9015 for the bonding of foam, leather, textile, PVC, ABS e

TPU Hot Melt Adhesive NEL-9015 NEL-9015 is solid hot melt adhesive. It is widely applied to the bonding of foam, leather, textile, PVC, ABS etc materials. Performance Features Good flexibility Excellent adhesion and high bonding strength Excellent...
Main Item PU adhesive and hot-melt adhesive
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PO Hot Melt Adhesive Film for embroidery sticking

Product Name: PO Hot Melt Adhesive Film Application: PO Hot Melt Adhesive products is mainly used in Nylon fabrics, embroidered logo, car inner decoration, all kinds of woven label back glue, indoor decoration, noise insulation materials,...
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hot glue powder

GS303 Hot Melt Glue Powder Main Parameter: color status Solid content viscosity speed Softening Temperature Packing storage temperature storage life light yellow granule and powder 99±1 12.5%,60℃,mpa.s 10-20 Case/min 55℃ 20kg /cartons 5-28℃ 12...
Main Item Hot Melt Glue, Hot EVA Glue, Hot Jelly Glue, PVC Tape & Kraft Paper Tape & Strapping Tape
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Hot melt glue stick

Hot melt glue stick SPECIFICATIONS CO-MO Grade C- series Appearance glue stick Softning point,R&B(℃) Approx. Viscosity,cps(175℃) Approx. Suggested Operating Temperature(℃) Approx. Shelf Time 12 months Storage Stored in dry and cool place with...
Main Item Hot melt adhesive / glue
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