Healthy Snacks

Non-Fried Air Popcorn Non-Fried Air Popcorn Non-Fried Air Popcorn Non-Fried Air Popcorn

Non-Fried Air Popcorn

Come and experience the fancy mix and match of healthy popcorn! Three flavors: Butter Strawberry / Zhizhi Mango / Coco Pineapple 1. Hot air blasting, no frying, no oil core, no oil can be squeezed by hand 2. The 220 degree golden gas explosion...
Main Item Cornmeal crackers
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

feel FIT Protein balls with Almond

Feel FIT Royal Coconut Protein balls with almond, no added sugar (similar to Raffaello) - crunchy wafer balls sprinkled with coconut flakes with creamy filling with coconut flavour and a whole almond inside. They are with no added sugar and...
Main Item feel FIT Peanut Butter Pralines with no sugar
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Others

Dried Togichi Beni Haruka Sweet Potato 45g

This is an all-Japanese product that is completely made in-house, from the selection up to the processing of ingredients. We have maximized the sweetness of the ingredients, so you can enjoy their natural essence!
Main Item Kuki wakame
Business Type Manufacturer

Tree-colored Ricewine Cake

It contains the natural colors and tastes of mulberry leaves, turmerics, and purple sweet potatoes. The effectes of murberry leaves : Calcium, iron, blood cleaning, glycaemic control, antioxidation, fiber, alanine, aspartic acid, detox, etc. The...
Main Item Rice Cake
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Brands Healthy Food Olio Di Oliva Rio Mare Tuna

Product Name RIOMARE TONNO IN OLIO DI OLIVA 4X80g Logistic Details 24 pcs/case, 1296pcs/pll Packaging Boxes Payment Term 100% pre-payment by bank transfer
Main Item manufacturing products
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Gur Chana

With the growing demand for healthy savoury snacks & sweet snacks, Dhampure offers a range of healthy products from Roasted Namkeen to Healthy Sweet Bites. It provides a perfect snacking alternative to the unhealthy products available in the...
Main Item jaggery, sugar
Business Type Manufacturer

Half Dry Persimmon Gift Set 2

[s] [Dried persimmon's defect blueprint] Cheongdo Dadidan Ban Geon-si is made of a seedless Cheongdo Banshee, which has a high sugar content. It is a special product that has absolutely nothing to lose because it contains nutrients that are...
Main Item Half Dry Persimmon Gift Set 2
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor

Premium Hai-wo-da-mi(Red Ginseng))

It's definitely healthiest choice and you get added nutrients! Not only is this snack delicious but also nutritious! Features: *Red ginseng concentrate filling inside the layers of seaweed *No trans-fat, minimized saturated fat *Gluten free, no...
Main Item snack
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent, Distributor

The Basak Kimbugak

[] The Basak Kimbugak is a selection of five-grilled dried seaweed, which is classified as the best in Seocheon, and grilled four times without seasoning. The core of the 'The Basak' brand is the patented technology that doesn't fry, so there's no...
Main Item The Basak Kimbugak
Business Type Manufacturer

Gluten Free Flour for bread and more

we offer a wide range of Gluten free products gluten free products are made to specific customers who have intolerance for gluten Our products are made with care to give a safe gluten free items we can afford many types Gluten free couscous* Gluten...
Main Item oilve oil, fouta, decoration, clay, deglet nour dates, hydroxytyrosol,
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter

Hello KKAKKA JJANG_Organic Health Snack for Family in South Korea

Confectionery made of organic rice, "Hello KKAKKA JJANG", is free from any artificial coloring, additives or preservatives. For babies who are not used to solid foods even after their weaning period is over, Hello KKAKKA JJANG can be a good way to...
Main Item baby food
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

Freeze Dried Hawthorn Healthy Fruit

Freeze Dried Chinese Hawthorn Scientific Name: Crataegus Ingredient: freeze dried grape Size:whole,sliced and powder Moisture:5% Max Package: 10-15 kg per carton with double PE bags inside and carton outer. Storage: Keep in cool dry warehouse....
Main Item frozen/freeze dried products
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter
Main Item Hardware, kitchenware, Corn Flakes, Choco Flakes, Crispy Bites, Rice, Rice Crispy, Wheat, Wheat Crispy,
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Premium Low Calorie Natural Roasted Seaweed Sheets Snack

Ingredients almond,nori seaweed sheets Texture Crispy Feature No MSG, Low sodium, Vegan, Low calorie,Low fat , non-fried
Main Item seaweed crisps, rice cracker, nuts snack, corn snack
Business Type Manufacturer

Seaweed snack with Almond

Seaweed snack with Almond Company Mm Food is a company that manufactures and sells Seaweed Fulvescens Soup (Mesangyi soup) and Seaweed snacks using seaweeds grown in the clean waters of the West Sea in Korea. Product Seaweed snack with Almond...
Main Item laver snack, seafood, Seaweed Fulvescens Soup
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer

organic coconut crunch with chia and pumpkin

Sack of Snacks is a series of organic snacks. Bio Coconut CRUNCH is a 100% natural crunchy snack based on roasted coconut chips - with the addition of chia, and pumpkin seeds. Organic Coconut CRUNCH is an ideal snack for kids and adults. Snack it!...
Main Item superfoods, oils, snacks, granolas, muesli, nut butters, health supplements, pasta
Business Type Manufacturer, Importer

Crispy PEANUT Milk Cappuccino Coffee snack coated covered wrapped (Tan Tan Jolie 84983587558)

Crispy PEANUT Milk Cappuccino Coffee snack coated covered wrapped (Tan Tan brand Vietnam, Jolie 84983587558) ROASTED PEANUT coffee milk snack coated covered wrapped snack nut seed supply manufacture produce vietnam Peanut food snack vegetarian...
Main Item roasted, peanut, green peas, cashew nut, snack
Business Type Manufacturer

Low Carb High Protein Toast

Add our low carb Toast to your meal which is also high in protein. Now buy high protein or low carb Toast online in India, product by CiaoCarb.
Main Item Nutrition foods, High Protein Foods, High Fiber Foods, Low Carb Foods
Business Type Exporter, Importer, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer

Hot Sale Super Candy Cola Flavour Nice Taste and Sweet Promotional Snack

Hot Sale Super Candy Cola Flavour Nice Taste and Sweet Promotional Snack Description: 1. Using fresh material to guarantee our candy’s original taste ). 2.Cola flavour ,giving you a fresh and cool feeling. 3. GMP Quality system Production room...
Main Item Hard Candy ; Bubble Gum ; Powder Candy and so on.
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

Cheese Yopokki Cup

Cheese Topokki,YOPOKKI CUP This is a cup-shape product which is composed of rice cake and Cheese sauce of Topokki. It can be preserved as room temperature. The convenient tray-shaped package safe to use in microwave ovens,use of 100 percent of the...
Main Item Food , Grain Snacks , Snacks
Business Type Manufacturer