Tunnel Grid, Geogrid, Tunnel Grid, Geogrid, Tunnel Grid, Geogrid,

Tunnel Grid, Geogrid,

Tunnel Grid with function of fireretardant, suitable with your Tunnel underground project. All related docs are available upon request.
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Geogrid for road construction

ASTM Plastic Geogrid High Strength Reinforced Square Mesh Structure Biaxial Geogrid Geogrids are the geosynthetic products commonly made with polymer materials. Due to the abilities of strength in tension and heavy load distribution across large...
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Enhanced glassfiber geogrid for asphalt pavement

High strength warp knitted geogrid is a kind of new high quality base material reinforcing the roadbed. It uses high strength polyester as its raw material and then warp knitted directionally and coated with special glue. s 1. High tensile strength...
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Geo drain(Geo composite)

Geo-drain is, in fact, a geo-composite composed of a heavy polyethylene mesh core (HDPE) that can be produced along with layers of geotextile in one side. These products have been widely used in the building and drainage industry due to the...
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retaining wall system(geo grid, polymeric strip)

"FASTEN™" is a geotextile material (Polymeric Strip) used for reinforced earth type retained wall in civil engineering works such as road, harbor and bridge works. It restrains the lateral displacement of soil and increases the durability of soil...
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geogrid POLISET

POLISET geogrid is a polymer grid formed by two systems of polymer yarns interknit with a third one, a knitting yarn, and impregnated with a polymer binding agent. Properties: see the attached datasheet Typical application: polyester-based geogrids...
Russian Federation
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Features: Institutions uniform, low creep, aging, acid and so on. Use of role: Reinforced handle a variety of soft, dispersed load stress, reduce the differential settlement. Used in highway, railway, ports, airports, municipal and other projects.
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MASTER ROLL * PP woven fabric from 60gsm ~ 100gsm * Special UV treatment * Master Rolls available. Rolls are put up using a 3"" core.
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Polyester mesh pvc coated softbed soil reinforcement CE ISO approved

Polyester Geogrid Introduction Polyester geogrid adopts high strength, high modulus, and low shrinkage twisting industrial polyester fiber as raw material. It is warp knitted with oriented structure and in the condition of no bending among warp and...
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Gravel stabilizer, Gravel stabiliser,Paving Grid

Sinotop Porous Gravel Stabilizer Material: 100% Virgin Recyclable PP Color: Milky White Wall Thickness: 1.0mm Depth: 30mm Sheet Size: 800 x 1200 x 30mm Packing Way: 38 sheets / carton; 76 sheets / 2 carton / pallet; 2128 sheets / 56 cartons / 28...
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PP Biaxial Geogrid For Slope Stabilization by sincere factory

3.95 Meter width black color PP Biaxial Geo grid For Slope Stabilization 1.Biaxial geogrid information: The biaxial geogrid is made of macromolecule polymer through extrusion, sheet forming, holes punching, and stretching both longitudinal and...
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Polyester(PET) geogrid

Warp Knitted Polyester Geogrid adopts high strength, high modulus, and low shrinkage twisting industrial polyester fiber as raw material. It is warp knitted with oriented structure and in the condition of no bending among warp and weft direction....
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GeoSolutions is one of the technologies provided under our Intelligent Road Solutions™ offerings Our Geogrid & Textile Solutions involve the use of high strength junctions and stiff ribs in a bi-axial configuration, which provide the ideal...
South Africa
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Biaxial geogrid is made of polypropylene,mainly applied in highway, railway, slope protecting projects Function: 1. Improving bearing capacity of road foundation and prolong its service life 2. Preventing road surface from subsiding and cracking 3....
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Black metal plastic geogrid

Huatao-HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. Description Geogrid is made of polypropylene,polyethylene or other high molecular polymers. They will be two-dimensional grid shape or three-dimensional grid with a certain degree through thermoplastic or...
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PP geogrids

Biaxial Geogrid GG1200 is an equivalent Biaxial Geogrid to BX1200. Biaxial Geogrid is manufactured from Polypropylene. It is produced through the process of extruding, punching, heating, longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching. -Improving...
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3D geomat

3D geomat pecification: EM2 EM3 EM4 EM5 Package:rolls with black PE film , Weight:220g/m2 260g/m2 350g/m2 430g/m2 ;Width:1-2m ( or as request) Length:50m ( or as request ) Properties: Tri-dimension Vacum can fix the grass in the soil, it is light...
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self-adhesive fiberglass geogrid 50-50Kn

Fiberglass geogrid(Glass fiber grid) is plane network shape material that selects excellent reinforcement ype non-alkali glass fiber yarn, is weaved into base material by using foreign advanced warp knitter, uses warp knitting directional structure...
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PP Welding Geogrid for Reinforcement

PP welding geogrid is a kind of new style environment protection green construction material which is increase strengthen fiber in polyethylene and polypropylene stretch strap, then weld into # structure. It can be divided into uniaxial and biaxial...
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