Fruit Wine

[Kosaka Wine] Fruit Wine

[Kosaka Wine] Fruit Wine Red / White / Rose
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Spanish Sangria

Our handcrafted Sangria is healthy and natural. Lolea is synonymous for social gathering, celebration and joy. The perfect refreshing drink for parties and gatherings, with friends and family gathered around a large glass of chilled Sangria, LOLEA...
Main Item Spanish wine and fine food
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Cold Press Collection Apple fruit wine

A series of fruit sakes made with cold-pressed fruit juice and sake, which are slowly squeezed to create a pleasing appearance. Enjoy the flesh of the fruit as if you were eating it as it is. It is indeed a book with depth. You can also enjoy the...
Main Item Mr.YUZU
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Organic blackcurrant wine

This is a handmade product with an unique flavour and unique appearance. Personally I think this wine is unique and special in the Hungarian market. According to Sommeliers this is a great wine. Because it is a sweet wine, it's very popular with...
Main Item Organic blackcurrant wine
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Heishangmei Fupenzi ShangPin raspberrywine

Alcohol:15% Volume: 680ml Wine type:sweet Served temperature: 8°C—15°C Raw material: red raspberry,blackberry,mulberry,medlar,blackcurrant Description: deep brick red color, clarity and transparent, full body, rich aroma of rip berries and honey,...
Main Item raspberry wine
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kiwi seed oil

1, With the effect of reducing weight and hairdressing Wipe the oil on the surface of the skin after cleaning, absorb the nutrient element, which can improve the rough pore and whiten skin. There are a lot of fruit acid which can restrain melanin...
Main Item kiwifruit
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Berry Wine (Cranberry/chokeberry)

The fortress of wine 8,5-8,9 % Sugar 120 g/dm3 Bottle – 0,7 l Packing – 6 bottles per box
Russian Federation
Main Item Berry Wine
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free samples alcoholic chinese drinks bottle fruit wine lady wine Bijiaren 2375ml 8%vol

Introduction: As we all knew that Kiwi is the king of the fruits, and contains great vitamin C and vitamin E. These two types of vitamins have a strong antioxidant effect, which makes kiwi not only to prevent arteriosclerosis, diabetes, liver...
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We sell various famous UK ciders on full load basis : we have access to Strongbow, Bulmers and Koppaberg ciders. Feel free to inquire for more details
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Aladdin's Lamp Glass Wine Decanter Customized High Quality White Glass Wine Decanter

100% Lead-free Crystal Glass Material, Large Capacity Decanter Human Blown Glass Decanter, Lead-free Crystal Glass Material, size:79*105*380mm, max:141mm, weight:1270g,capacity:1250ml polyfoam package, one piece in one box
Main Item Any kind glass cup
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apple wine manufacturer OEM customized 2016 special offer

apple wine is one of the best popular fruit wine all over the world, with our high developed technology, we can make it in very good quality and also good price, we can customize for our customer in their own brand. apple wine is tasting with slide...
Main Item Fruit Wine
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Plum Wine

Plum wine is made by high-quality brewed plums,it has full-bodied taste and fragrant smell.Plum wine could drink directly and also could drink with ice ,soda water, fruit juice and other beverages by personal preferences....
Main Item sake , sauce, soy sauce
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The 2009 Korean Traditional Wines & Spirits Fair was held to improve the quality of Korean traditional wines and spirits, and to expert the selected traditional goods to the global markets. Through the screening process by more than 50 food...
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Fruit wine

CB-300 : Black raspberry,300ml, 13% BB-375 : Mulberry, 375ml, 13% BB-300 : Mulberry, 300ml, 13% HG-375 : Rice, 375m, 11%
Main Item Organic Sun-dried chili pepper powder
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homemade fruit wine

The raw materials are from the local market and the products are all by manual works. It taste originaland is good to our health. unique
Main Item camellia oil
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Foodgrade Flexitank for Wine &Juice transport

BLT Flexitank is the leading and professional manufacturer of flexitank in China. Flexitank is an ideal alternative to store and transport all kinds of non-hazardous liquids, chemicals and foods by sea, railway and road. It can greatly cut shipping...
Main Item Flexitank
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Wine from California

We produce wine from grapes we grow in Paso Robles, California- on our vineyard (Estate Grown) and from fine wines from California. We have been growing wine grapes for over 23 years for award winning world class wines, sold in California, New...
United States
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