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Strawberries For Sale

Strawberries basically comprise of water (91%) and sugars (7.7%). They contain just minor measures of fat (0.3%) and protein (0.7%). The supplements in 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of crude strawberries (3Trusted Source) are: Calories: 32 Water: 91%...
South Africa
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Fresh Vegetables Fresh Garlics Fresh Ginger Fresh Green Brinjals Fresh Green Chilli Fresh Lemon Fresh Onions Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Fruits Fresh Oranges Fresh Grapes Fresh Bananas Fresh Mangoes Fresh Pineapples Fresh Pomegranates Fresh Watermelon...
Main Item baby diapers, baby milk, beer, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, chocolate, pepper, baby and adult milk, condoms, lighters, pens
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Natural blackberry powder fruit powder

SUMMARY: Blackberries contains rich iron and vitamin C, good for health. Tangchao blackberry juice powder is produced by using high-quality blackberry as raw material and spray drying technology. APPLICATION: Widely be used as material in health...
Main Item fruit & vegetable powder series such as blueberry powder, blackberry powder, red raspberry powder, cranberry powder, carrot powder and so on.
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Medlar Ningxia Goji Chinese Black Wolfberry

Key Specifications/Special Features: Dried Wolfberry is a deep-red oval shape fruit and have the same size as a raisin, taste very sweet like a cross between cranberry and cherry. Nutrition Facts: Contain 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, Lycine,...
Main Item Medlar Ningxia Goji Berry Wolfberry, lycium barbarum, Lycium Ruthenicum, Boxthorn
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conseco IQF seabuckthorn berry

Description: Seabuckthorn frozen berries are individual quick-freezing berries (IQF) produced via pioneering tunnel type individual quick-freeze equipment and the professional separation technology of fruits and branches. Conseco adopts the mature...
Main Item Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Seabuckthorn Juice Powder
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5% to 50% Proanthocyanidins, 1%-25% Anthocyanidins / Cranberry P.E.

1. Product Name: 5% to 50% Proanthocyanidins, 1%-25% Anthocyanidins / Cranberry P.E. 2. Keywords: Vaccinium Macrocarpon L. 3. Botanical Source: This product is a ericaceae cranberry cranberries. 7. Specification: (1) Anthocyanidins 5%---30%...
Main Item Mulberry, blueberry, and Black Rice
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Goji berries can be used as snacks or mixed with recipes or cooking. A good daily intake of Goji berries is 20-50 pieces. Goji berry Specification: specification: 240grains /50g; 280grains /50g; 350grains /50g; 480grains /50g; 500grains...
South Africa
Main Item canned foods
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Dired goji berry from China

Commodity: Goji Berries/Dried Goji berries /Wolfberry Specification: 180grains/50grams 220grains/50gram 280grains/50gram 380grains/50gram 500grains/50gram Packaging: 10kg/bag × 2 bags/carton 5kg/bag × 4 bags/carton 500g/bag × 32 bags/carton...
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