Fiber & Garment Adhesives

Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive

Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive

Applications Sprayidea 30 Low VOC Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive can be used forlaminates, plastics, most rubber and supported vinyl, leather, wood. It is also plasticizer resistant and heat resistant, suitable for automotive headliner and other...
Main Item spray adhesive
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Water Soluble PVA Fiber Polyvinyl Alcohol Chemical

APPLICATIONS OF PRODUCT As a new kind of water-soluble synthetic fiber textile raw material, the fiber is widely used in textile, medical, packaging, papermaking and other industries, and has broad market prospects at home and abroad. The...
Main Item PVA, VAM, MA, VAE, PVB
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Water-based adhesive glue for foam coating in bra cup materials

Water-based adhesive glue for foam coating in bra cup materials NEL-2012 is water based one-component modified polyacrylate adhesive. It is suitable for laminating fabric to foam, foam to foam. Can be used by roller coating or knife coating....
Main Item PU adhesive and hot-melt adhesive
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The glass fiber

Choose glass fibre yarn net, fire retardant. Net number of eyes are: 18 x 16 yard 18 * 14 orders, 16 * 16 16 x 14 orders, etc Wide: 61 cm, 71 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 122 cm, 142 cm, 152 cm, 162 cm, 183-213 - cm Wire diameter: 0.28 mm Color:...
Main Item water pump
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Hot Melt Adhesive reversible PA web

Product Type: Adhesive Tape HOT MELT Material: PA Feature: Adhesive Width: As per customer request Use: suit & overcoat Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: KLINK Model Number: KL1001 Weight: 10gsm-TO ABOVE Color: white Fusing conditions:...
Main Item Knitted Fusible Interlining, Elastic Fusible Interlining, Resin Finishing Li
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HUANBAO 99 embroidery adhesive/fabric adhesive/temporary fixed adhesive

Application: This product is applied in indoor decoration, computerized embroidery(such as children dress, underwear, nylon or other cloth that is hard to paste. ). It's suitable for paper sheet, leaflet, cloth, paperboard, softwood, foam adhesive,...
Main Item GUERQI 901 specialized for Aluminum-plastic composite
Business Type Manufacturer

Chloroprene Rubber Adhesive

Main Ingredients:chloroprene rubber Product features:This product is easy to coat and solidify faster,its initial adhesion is strong,solid and durable,and the glue liquid is clear,aromatic,and not contains benzene solvent. Product Performance:This...
Main Item Paints
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Colorless transparent liquid. Completely and immediately soluble in water (with reaction), alcohol, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Ketone are not recommended as diluents. When used in thermoplastic and thermosetting resin such as phenol...
Main Item Silane coupling agent
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waterbase composite adhesive

Waterbase composite superglue888A/H is made from waterbase copolymers, designed for compositing shoes fabrics and EVA compositing. Improved strong-odor, high volatility, and potential danger, etc. of the solvent coomposite superglue market, we...
Main Item waterbase laminated adhesive, waterbase spray adhesive, waterbase PU adhesive, waterbase wood coating, PU adhesive, spray adhesive, decoration all purpose adhesive, graft adhesive, contact cement, without benzene chloroprene adhesive for shoes making
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Seam Sealing Tape PU ( VI-318 )

===Applications=== This product applies exclusively yo Ski Jackets, functional clothings, diving suits, raincoats, tents, any winter waterproof clothings, shoes & products of TPU, PU and PVC coating fabrics for seam sealing usage....
Main Item Garment Machinery
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter