Essential Oil

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa Oil Specification Family Name : Poaceae Botanical Name : Cymbopogon martinii Extraction Method : Steam Distillation Plant Part Used : Leaf Appearance : Pale yellow liquid ODOUR : Floral, woody and slightly hint of citrusy fragrances...
Main Item Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea tree oil
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skuttle humidifier electric diffuser essential oils air humidifier ultrasonic

With over 20 years of experience in line of wired/wireless alarm system, surveillance system,video doorphone system,wireless doorbell,etc.Shenzhen Security Group Corp., Ltd , has already become the biggest manufacturer of safe and security products...
Main Item doorbell, smart home, alarm system
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essential oil for spa

Guangzhou Keno Refinement Chemical Factory specialize in manufacturing Of all kinds ointment frost,such as hair color,shampoo,shower gel,body lotion,sunscreen lotion,facial cleanser,hand sanitizer,dishwashing liquid,laundry detergent and so on.more...
Main Item bsy noni black hair magic, hair darkening shampoo, hair care, body care.
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Original Moroccan Oil Original Treatment 4.23 Oz

Original Moroccan Oil Original Treatment 4.23 Oz Description We Offer Original Moroccan Oil Treatment 25ml .85 Fl.Oz. Our Products are 100% Original and comes in Manufacturer seal. We also offer a 14Day full Money refund Policy. We Offer Original...
United States
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Agarwood Essential Oil

High quality essential oil extracted from selected agarwood trees. The oil is dense, sweet scent, and last very long (12 hrs +) Graded A for international quality ! - Totally clean: safe and applicable on all type of skins - Natural sweet scent:...
Main Item Agarwood Oil
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Basil Oil

Basil Oil is used excessively in aromatherapy. This oil has viscosity similar to that of water and its color is generally pale greenish-yellow. The fragrance is generally clear and peppery. This essential oil comes from Cypress, North Africa,...
Main Item Camphor Oil
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Pure, natural essential oil Thai Holy Basil

Pure, natural essential oil Thai Holy Basil, extracted by steam distillation process. Control quality every step until sealed & package. Our container size is as following: 1. Standard size: Black glass-bottle 5cc. (0.17 fl. oz.) 2. Other size of...
Main Item Aroma product
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Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil tones the skin and effectively helps to reduce scars and marks appearance while its fine woody scents creates a welcoming atmosphere. Rosemary essential oil stimulates the hair for a shiny and healthy look. Boosts hair growth...
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Huile végétale d'argan

L'huile d'argan est une huile végétale, vierge, biologique, 100% pure, naturelle et multifonctionnelle, extraite de fruit de l'Arganier. Elle est obtenue par pression à froid et par filtration. L'huile d'argan, par sa composition originale, est...
Main Item Argan Oil
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This is herbal Massage oil made of Japanese climbing Fern. this should be taken after bath. apply and massage lightly on affected body parts relief stress, joint pain and wound & diabetes wound. it is very fast effective for body Marutua Herbal...
Main Item Diabetics
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Skin Care Artemisia Tarragon Blending Essential Oils

Main Ingredients: Artemisia Indica essential oil,lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil. Do massage with 1 droplet oil around navel with clockwise direction for 5-10 minutes, then cover electric blankets or hot towel on navel for 10 minutes.....
Main Item Artemisia facial lotion/ cleaner
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essential oil from plant series

Main ingredients:this product is chosen the miraculous Tibetan Plateau medicine,musk,moxa,storax,sandal,tibetan calamus,bezoar,borneol and other senior flavors which are clean and free of contamination Dispel pathogenic factors and assist useful...
Main Item foot massage cream, massage oil and bath salt
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Hinoki Essential Oil

Type: Pure Essential Oil Raw Material: Wood Ingredient: Hinoki Other name: Fokienia Place of Origin: Vietnam Color: Brown Refractive index at 200C : 1,4940 Specific rotation at 200C : 18,60 Oil Content : 99,4 ml/100g Density at 200C : 0,9073 Hinoki...
Main Item Essential Oil, handmade soap
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argan oil

We're about ready to declare argan oil as the best beauty ingredient, period. We've been using argan oil for some time and have yet to be let down. Here are some easy ways to include argan oil in your beauty regimen. Hair: Argan oil is a great...
Main Item cosmetic argan oil
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Worldtech Corp. is a specialized in the natural aroma herb Chemistry producing company that create essential oil and herm aroma oil, safe, and convenient products for the happy and healthy life, while it continues its research concerning natural...
Main Item KANZO
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Grade A Private Label Spa Wisdom Body Care Massage Oil 100ML massge,perfumes,pedicure care,weight lo

Contains: Sandalwood, Marjoram, Lemon, Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Lavender Essential Oils and Sweet Almond Carrier Oils Characteristics: Our Wisdom Massage Oil Blend is ideal for clarity, concentration and perception to enhance study, contains 100%...
Main Item wallpaper
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agarwood oil-agarwood-gaharu oil-oud oil-oudh oil-agarwood chips

1.We are the biggest of agarwood oil distillation plant and experts in 100% pure agarwood oil distillation process 2.We are the biggest manufacturer of agarwood oil (oud oil, oudh oil, gaharu oil ) 3.100% pure agarwood oil,gaharu oil,oud oil,oudh...
Main Item agarwood oil
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Essential oil

We supplier different types of essential oil : 1. pure oil - base oil : rosehips, sweet almond , grape seed, jojoba ... 2. spa fragrant massage oil : rose , jasmine, vilet, sandalwood, lavender... 3. medical treatment oil : muscle pain relif...
Main Item beauty equipment, spa products, derma roller, facial mask, spa massage cream...
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peppermint Oil ex Mentha Piperita

Peppermint Oil ex Mentha Piperita from the belts of UP 100% Natural Indian Peppermint oil Food addictive Skin care Mouth care
Main Item essential Oils
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Aniseed oils D100

Productions name: Aniseed essential oils Code: D100 Type: 100%. Pire: Contact more detail. Made in: Langson, Vietnam. Flavor: Warm. Nature: Hot, warm. Attention: Should not be used in childrent. Product name: Star anise oil Tech-data: Anethole...
Main Item Anise 95
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