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The aquarium lamp The aquarium lamp The aquarium lamp The aquarium lamp The aquarium lamp

The aquarium lamp

Fish tank energy-saving lamp water plant lamp LED waterproof ecological landscaping decorative lamp fish tank supplies small fish tank lighting
Main Item lamps and lanterns
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5KW wind turbine blade

TYPE: WT50 Material: Reinforced Fiberglass Diameter: 5m Rated Power: 3Kw or 5Kw Rated wind speed: 10m/s or 12m/s Start-up wind speed: 3m/s Cut-out wind speed: 25m/s Max wind speed: 40m/ TYPE: WT50 Material: Reinforced Fiberglass Diameter: 5m Rated...
Main Item wind tubine blade
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Ultra-low temperature heating and cooling unit

A7W35/COP KW/- 33.0/4.3 65.0/4.5 92.0/4.3 150.0/4.5 A-7W45/COP KW/- 23.5/2.6 41.0/2.6 62.0/2.6 90.0/2.6 EVI enhanced vapor injection technology - 35 - 43℃ operating range Built-in hydraulic module The silent operating mode of the outdoor unit “...
Main Item heat pump water heate
Business Type Manufacturer

UNION BRUSH - Professional Honing Brushes With Shank

Professional Honing Brushes With Shank Applications: Brake Cylinders, Hydraulics, Valve Guides Abrasive Type/Grit Size : #80,#120,#180,#240,#320,#500,#600,#800
Main Item industrial brush
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Special Wax

Item Wax for wood Wax for hot melt adhesive Drop point 76-86℃ 100-109℃ Viscosity 5-7(mm2/s@100℃) 18-35(mm2/s@120℃) Penetration (0.1mm/100g 5s at 25℃)) 15-25 <2 Oil content(% wt) 2-5% ≤0.2% Particle size 40 mesh
Main Item Fischer tropsch wax
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Cat Loi Cashew Oil Production & Export Joint Stock Company are factory specializing in the manufacture of products from cashew nuts such as cashew nut shell oil (CNSL), cashew nut shell extraction (CSNE) based in Dong Nai province Vietnam with...
Main Item cashew nut shell liquid, cardanol, cnsl, cnse, cashew nut shell oil
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Oil refining equipment

Shenyang Nengxing Technology Group Co., Ltd. of China was founded in 1997, located in the cluster district of equipment manufacturing industry in China——Shenyang economic and technological development zone. It is an environmental enterprise for...
Main Item oil refinery
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Inverter Data Logger

Inverter Data logger Introduction Inverter data logger is mainly used in distributed PV power station. It records inverters' operation status and the generated power to make a long-term monitoring of the PV system. As a high cost performance...
Main Item energy usage monitor
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TECLOMAN cabinet energy storage system

The cabinet energy storage system is a lithium ion battery system, The battery management system, the energy conversion system, and the energy management system are integrated into a storage device in a standard electrical cabinet. According to...
Main Item Lithium-ion battery , power conversion system , battery module, energy storage system
Business Type Manufacturer

VOL-100L 12kv-24kv embedded pole of vacuum circuit breaker machineautomtic apg clamping machine

· Application-Standard APG clamping machine VOL-100L Strirring power Strirring Speed Vacuum pump power Worm gear screw jack Vacuum degree 3 (kW) 21-118 (m/min) 1.1KW,2800r/min 0.37 (kW) 1.5 (mbar) Dimension of mixer device Weight of mixing device...
Main Item apg machine
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100% Clean Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

Brand Name: paraffin wax Model Number: 58/60 Application: Candle Making Melting Point: 58/60, 58/60 Forms: Solid Oil Content (%): 1.5 Refinement: Fully Refined Crystalline Index: 99 Scale of Deoiling: 99 color: white Oil content: 0.5 Odor: 2
Main Item furnitures, equipments tec...
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GMKP GMC contactor

Capacitor Contactor Of Gmkpgmc Can Be Used In 400-690v, Ac,50-60hz Up To Control 60kvar Capacitors, When A Capacitance Is Switched To An Ac System. The result is A Resonant Circuit Damped To A Greater Or Less Degree. In Addition To The Nominal...
Main Item power capacitor;capacitor bank;pfc controller
Business Type Manufacturer, Agent

draft down fixed bed biomass gasification combustion power generation ... biomass gasification power

CE BV rice husk wood pellet peanut shell pellet sunflower seeshell wood chips Biomass gasification Power Plant for boilers Biomass gasification power plant Technical Advantage: 1.Use draftdown fixed bed type, 2.Low temperature anaerobic pyrolysis,...
Main Item metal shredder, plastic shredder, wood shredder, biomass gasification power plant
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Catalyst for NOx reduction

I. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System Longking-Coalogix SCR Catalyst System is based on the addition of ammonia (NH3) to the NOx-containing flue gas and passing the mixture over an active catalyst. This converts the nitrogen oxides (NO and...
Main Item SCR catalyst, Denox catalyst, honeycomb catalyst, acoustic cleaner, sonic cleaner, sonic horn, soot blower, zeolite rotor, zeolite concentrator
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Turgo hydro turbine /Turgo water turbine generator

Introduction Turgo turbine is suitable for (>120m) high water head power plant with small flow. Turgo turbine is a cost effective turbine, that generator high power output with a small size runner. Turgo turbine is good solution for high head...
Main Item Water Turbine, Hydro Turbine, Turbine Generator
Business Type Manufacturer

Wireless Low Power Modbus Data Capturing

GS828-LS is Modbus Meter data capturing and GPRS alarm. Wireless data transmission is on schedule resumed from low power sleep mode. 1) Real Time GPRS and SMS Data Upload 2) Integrated 16 bit MCU & Siemens GPRS Module 3) Programmable data input...
Hong Kong
Main Item GPRS Modem, GSM Modem, Temperature & Humidity GPRS Data Logger
Business Type Manufacturer

LNG filling without power skid-mounted devices

retail mini-liquefaction plant and LNG filling without power skid-mounted devices: Clean Economic and energy saving Environmental-friendly
Main Item CNG cylinders
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mud pump spare parts --liner

we can supply the mud pump spare parts, we can supply mud pump type , BOMCO ,HONGHUA.
Main Item drill bit PDC bit mud pump
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Bituminous waterproofing systems are designed to protect residential and commercial buildings. Properties : Viscous Highly sticky Waterproof USES : To construct roofs
Main Item Thermal Energy Conservation/Insulation Material
Business Type Wholesaler/Retailer

mud motor

1. ADVANTAGES OF DOWNHOLE MOTOR Increased rate of penetration. Better hole deviation control. Reduction in drill string failure rate. Reduction in wear and tear of the swivel, Kelly, and rotary drives. Reduction in fuel cost, since compared to...
Main Item BOP mud pump
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor