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Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Powders

Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Powder processing is our specialty. Refer to Materials, Ceramic Powders Division for available compositions. Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Powders available as: · Non-Spray Dried · Spray Dried · Fully Reacted Microwave...
Main Item Zirconia grinding medium, Zirconium grinding medium, Zirconia grinding balls, Yttria stabilized zirconia beads, Zirconia grinding beads
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The photosensitive sensor is currently the highest yield, the most widely used sensor

features: Ceramic circuit board has high precision and good electric heating performance 0 has good comfort 3. Ceramic circuit board has mature technology, environmental protection, no pollution and can be made continuously 4. It is widely used in...
Main Item Ceramic circuit board, ceramic substrate, ceramic PCB, ceramic copper clad laminate
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PTC heater for electric bus PTC heater for electric bus

PTC heater for electric bus

PTC heater for electric bus Characteristics: -Electric strength for outside frame is up to 3500VAC -Low temperature PTC elements, low power aging rate -Voltage can be selected from 220~600VDC, up to 800VDC -Excellent low temperature start, rapid...
Main Item PTC heater for airconditioner, automobile, PTC heating element for Electric Vehicle, PTC submersibe heater ...
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11KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32 series 11kv vacuum circuit breaker are used in distribution systems. 11kv auto reclosers are used to make and break normal and fault currents. 11kv outdoor circuit breaker is fully equipped with sensors and a controller to provide a means of...
Main Item power electrical equipment
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Kingtronics SKT Electrode Ceramic Surge Arrester

Kingtronics sell 2-Electrode arresters and 3-Electrode arresters. Surge arresters are designed to protect electrical equipment from damaging effects of spikes and transients caused by lightning, utility switching, isolation arcing, electrical motor...
Main Item electronic components/diode rectifiers
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Bailey/ETSI LPS01 Bailey/ETSI LPS01 Bailey/ETSI LPS01

Bailey/ETSI LPS01

**Email: sales7* (pls change * to @) Company introduction: More than 10 years experience about control system components. Amikon Limited is located in the beautiful coastal city-xiamen.We can offer World-renowned Brands...
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Precision processing-Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc. Precision processing-Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc. Precision processing-Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc. Precision processing-Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc. Precision processing-Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc.

Precision processing-Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc.

s Precision processing using various materials Ceramic quartz sapphire zirconia etc. Product Specifications We process and supply a variety of materials according to customer needs. Product Use machine chemistry optics Product Images Remark...
Main Item Fine ceramics
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BENTLY NEVADA 330180-50-05

Sales Manager: Amy (offer you the best service) Email:sales2**=@) Mobile /(Whats app/ Wechat): +86 18950128464  Skype: 18950128464  √new and original √IN STOCK √BEST PRICE √24H Service MOORE AUTOMATION LIMITED We supply ABB Advant OCS,...
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PTFE Tubing, ,PTFE Composite Tubes , Medical Wire ptfe

Aokeray ptfe tubing MEDICAL grade PTFE Tube manufacturer .Ptfe tube dispersion resins via paste extrusion temperature sintering ptfe tubing , excellent resistance to high temperature, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical...
Main Item PTFE Liner Tubing MEDICAL , PTFE Tubing , Medical Device Tubing, Medical Extrusion, PTFE Medical Coatings, teflon tube, ptfe tubingptfe thin wall tubing lube tube with ptfe metric ptfe tubing china ptfe heat shrink tubing tubing ptfe ptfe teflon tube
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Factory direct wholesale ceramic heating cup high watt

Model: Cup121010 Material: 96% alumina ceramic Working voltage: 3.7-7.4V Resistance range: 0.55-0.65 Application: Heat not burn cigarette Contact: (+86) 13059243299 wechat/whatsapp/mobile
Main Item Alumina Ceramic heating elements
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XMCERA High Temperature Resistant Alumina Oxide Ceramic Tube for electrical insulator

Quick Details Application: Structure Ceramic Color: White Size: Size Customized Certificate:SGS,ISO9001 Compressive strength: 2100 MPa Flexureal Strength: 350Mpa Thermal conductivity: 24.7W/mK Thermal Shock Resistance: 250 T(C) Service: OEM Supply...
Main Item Advanced Ceramic Parts
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Air source heat pump type sausage dryer machine/sausage dehydrator

KINKAI Vegetable Drying Equipment Introduction KINKAI heat pump vegetable drying equipment is a device that transfers heat from a colder area (ambient temperature) to a hotter area (drying chamber) by using mechanical energy, as in a refrigerator....
Main Item heat pump dryer, water heater
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CPU Processor Scrap / Ceramic Processor Scrap/Intel Pentium Pro Ceramic Processors

Intel 486 & 386 Ceramic Processors. Intel I960 & Motorola Ceramic Processors. Intel Pentium Pro Ceramic Processors. AMD 486 & 586 Ceramic Processors. Gold Top Ceramic Processors. Gold Top & Bottom Ceramic Processors. Intel Pentium 1. DLP Ceramic...
Main Item Food and Beverages
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3500/72M 176449-08 Bently Nevada

3500/72M 176449-08 3500/72M 176449-08 Who We Are Email: info* (please change * to @) Cambia Automation Limited is an international company with many PLC DCS products. We had emerged from a local engineering company with a single staff that...
Main Item 3500/22M, 3500/15, 1756-L61, 1756-L71
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durostone material

durostone material are glass fiber composites specifically designed to meet the various challenges of the PCB assembly process. It is designed and typically recommended for use in manufacturing solders pallets for wave-solder applications of...
Main Item durostone material, esd black fr4 sheet, green fr4 sheet
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Reaction-bonded silicon carbide cold-air tube is applied to the cooling zone of the roller furnace. KCE® reaction-bonded silicon carbide cold-air tube is characterized by big quick-cooling/quick-heating resistance and no bending deformation, and...
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Main Item cable charger mobile phone films
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Multilayer Piezo Round Actuators/ HMY150 series

Features Compact size Accurate positioning in nm High-speed response in ms Large blocking force High energy conversion efficiency, low power consumption and no electromagnetic noise Easy to be controlled by voltage Scope of applications R&D and...
Main Item puzzle, toys, art-puzzle
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alumina ceramic electrical insulaton part/ceramic component/ceramic insulator for electrical

Insulation ceramic part for electronic 1. high temperature resistance 2. High precision 3. Processed 4.Exported Germany al2o3 ceramic electrical insulation part/ceramic component/ceramic insulator for electronic Features: 1) A variety of...
Main Item zirconia ceramic parts, alumina ceramic parts, cordierite ceramics and mullite porcelain, steatite ceramics, precision ceramics, fine finishing ceramics, ceramic blades and ceramic knives
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