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High Efficiency Battery Material Drying Machine Chemcial Drying Machine

Application: The equipments are used for the rapid desiccation of power ,granular,pasty materials,such as Glass fiber, battery material ,chemical raw materials, cellulose (eg hydroxyethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.), mannitol, nickel...
Main Item industrial microwave machine, tunnel dryer, conveyor belt sterilizer, nuts seeds roaster, defrosting machine, ready food heating machine, paper dryer
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chemical powder microwave drying machine

Introduction: Microwave is a sort of electromagnetic wave .The water molecule in medium material is polar molecule, under the effect of the repaid change of electromagnetic field, it is polarity orientation will alter with the changes of external...
Main Item hot air dryers, micrwave dryers, microwave vacuum dryers, nuts equipment
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electric oven,oven,hot air circulation oven electric oven,oven,hot air circulation oven electric oven,oven,hot air circulation oven electric oven,oven,hot air circulation oven electric oven,oven,hot air circulation oven

electric oven,oven,hot air circulation oven

electric oven Electric oven, electric oven and an oven for widely used in chemical, electronics, aerospace, medical and health, universities, research institutions, computer information services, furniture, plastics, cables, electroplating, metal,...
Main Item heat treatment furnace, electric furnace, gas furnace, carburizing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, annealing furnace, roller furnace, box furnace, salt bath furnace, industrial oven, normalizing furnace, trolley furnace, pit furnace, blacke
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ZJN Series rotary harrow rolling triple level multi-loop dryer for Food Waste Dryer

ZJN Series rotary harrow rolling triple level multi-loop dryer for Food Waste Dryer Introduction : Food waste contains high water an and organic matters. In addition, it contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acid. The matters are easy to...
Main Item energy saving drying machine
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Good quality chicken manure sawdust kiln wood rotary drum dryer

The tumble dryer (rotary dryer) is simply a dryer that handles a large amount of material. Rotary drum dryers are generally suitable for granular materials, and can also be used to partially mix materials to dry viscous paste materials or materials...
Main Item grinding mill, Raymond mill, industrial shredder, crusher, stone production line
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Food Residue Drying Production Line

The equipment has the advantages of large production, high efficiency, energy-saving, and small floor area. It can be used together with the clean hot air furnace and suitable for drying high moisture materials such as food residue and so on. The...
Main Item Rotary Dryer, Dehydrator, Biomass Pellet Production Line, Carbonization Stove
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yc-02 mini UHT sterilizer YC-02 mini uht sterilizer is manufactured for simulating industrial manufacture and research in laboratory,completely duplication the industrial production, which is adaptive to wide ranges of viscidity, and be same with...
Main Item lab spray dryer, spray freeze dryer, spray granulator, lab UHT sterilizer, lab extracting tank, lab extrusion spheronizator
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Industrial Small Size High Temperature Fast Drying Processing Constant Temperature Drying

Industrial Small Size High Temperature Fast Drying Processing Constant Temperature Drying Oven The inner body of the Drying Room is made of high quality stainless steel plate which welded with argon arc . The outer casing of the Drying Room is...
Main Item eat Pump Dryer, Heat Pump Dehumidifier, Fish Drying Machine, Heat Pump
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Shindery rotary drum dryer machine,wood chips drying machine

The rotary drum dryer can dry many kinds of materials which contain moisture, such as grain, cayenne pepper,fruit pomace, pond mud,coal, coal slurry, industrial waste, and clay stone. The dryer is also widely used in building materials,metallurgy,...
Main Item wood pellet making line, wood pellet machine, dryer machine, chipper machine, hammer crusher, cooler machine, packing machine
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LANTAI Microwave Chemical material powder dryer drying machine

Microwave dryer have 3 different type. 1. Tunnel microwave dryer( continue dry model, convenient with high capacity) 2. Box microwave dryer (big microwave oven) 3. Vacuum microwave dryer( Low temperature drying in vacuum condition, just like freeze...
Main Item Chemical Dryers, Food Dryers, Timber Dryers, Pharmaceutical Drying And Sterilization Equipments
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CT-C Drying Oven

CT-C Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven WORKING PRINCIPLE The CT-C Series Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven is a box-like shape which can be easily disassembled and fixed; it includes CT series (centrifugal blower) and CT-C series (axial flow blower)....
Main Item 1.Mining Crushers/Grinders, Sand-makers; 2. Drying Ovens/Machines, Mixers, Granulators; 3. Butterfly/Ball Valves
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4 ton capacity portable mobile grain dryer

AGY focused on using the most advanced and economical technologies to producing best quality dried grain that makes farmers and manufacturers to get actual running cost saver while machine is working. on operation side,AGY focused on high...
Main Item rice mills, grain dryers, grain silo
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Three Cylinders wood pellet rotary dryer triple drum design

Three Cylinders wood pellet rotary dryer triple drum design Sourcing drying equipment for high-moisture and high viscosity material please contact ZJN. ZJN Drying Equipment R&D CO., Ltd is specialized in the development and manufacturing of various...
Main Item Drum Dryer, Sludge Dryer
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Main Item Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator, jacketed glass reactor, Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, Rotary Evaporator
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CH Series Tank Type Mixer

As a whole stainless horizontal tank type mixer, this machine is widely used for mixing of powdery or paste material in pharmaceutical chemical and foodstuff industries. Stype agitiating paddle is rotated, through mechanical driving, which pushes...
Main Item tablet press, mixer, pulverizer, dryer, granulator, packing and filling machine, feede
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Industrial Hot-Air Circulation Dryer

: 1. Heating Medium: Steam, Electricity 2. Temperature: 50-140℃ or higher 3. Computer PLC control is applicable 4. Steam Pressure:0.2~0.8Mpa(2~8kg/cm2) 5. Plate size:46*640*45mm. Techinical Features Standard RXH-5-C RXH-14-C RXH-14-C RXH-14-C...
Main Item drying equipment, coating machines and blenders
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Drier for Fireworks and Firecracker Materials

It is Eco-friendly, safe, economic, fully automatic temperature controlling drier for fireworks and firecrackers materials. The highest temperature is below 80 degree centigrade. Please see other specification as below: Voltage electric current(A)...
Main Item fireworks machine and materials
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Rotary dryer

The rotary dryer is a type of industrial dryer employed to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content of the material it is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas. Rotary dryer is suitable to dry metallic and nonmetallic...
Main Item Grinding mill, ball mill, vertical mill, rotary kiln, production line
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Changzhou Fanqun YZG FZG Vacuum Dryer

Changzhou Fanqun YZG FZG Vacuum Dryer- Changzhou Fanqun Drying Equipment - Top China Drying Equipment Manufacturer *About Changzhou YZG FZG Vacuum Dryer Vacuum dryer is to let the raw material be dried at vacuum condition heating and drying. It...
Main Item Drying equipment
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