Cow Skin

Wet Salted and Dried Salted Cow skin For Sale Wet Salted and Dried Salted Cow skin For Sale

Wet Salted and Dried Salted Cow skin For Sale

Feature:Organic Material:COW SKIN Type:Grain / Split Pattern:Wet Salted / Dry Salted Use:Belt, Furniture, Luggage, Sofa, Garment, Shoes, Curtain, Mattress, Accessories, Coat and Jacket, craft, PILLOWS Thickness:custom Size:custom Brand Name:Custom...
YES Siver
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Type of patent(Enamel) coated genuine leather and has a very shiny and glossy finishing. Used in wide field to make living necessaries such as shiny shoes,wallets, belts,boots,lady shoes,handbags,uniform shoes for fashionable gloss appearance....
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Cheap Premium Quality Wet Blue Cow Hides

Premium Grade A Wet salted cow hides Product 1 - Wet Blue Cow Hides (Full Substance - not splitted) - Can be splitted between 1,60 and 1,80 mm Thick. - The average size is 45SqFt per Hide - Average weight is 17Kg per Hide - Selection "B" (just a...
Main Item Replacement of Liquid Mercury 99.999% Pure Alloy Gallium Indium
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Cow leather Cow leather Cow leather Cow leather Cow leather

Cow leather

Article: Full Chrome, Semi Chrome, Full Vegetable, Semi Vegetable, Ecological Selection: A/D, A/F. A/H, E/F, E/H Thickness: 0.8-1.0 mm, 0.9-1.0 mm ,1.0-1.1 mm, 1.0-1.2 mm, 1.1-1.2 mm, 1.1-1.3 mm, 1.2-1.4 mm(sides), 1.1-1.3 mm (sides) Colour:...
Main Item Crust Leather, Wet Blue Splits, Finished Leather
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Cow horn

We are selling sudanese origin cow horns length 31 cm up white. And creamy. Moq os 14 ton 40 ft container. Cof price 2300 usd
Main Item Cow horns
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Women's Patagonia Desert Tan Sport Top Sports BRA Women's Patagonia Desert Tan Sport Top Sports BRA
United States
Main Item Hides and skins
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We offer top quality products and we are looking to establish a mutual relationship with you. We shall offer you the best products (Cow Gallstone) for a long-term relationship Detailed : Cow Gallstone Source: Cattle Type: Ox Gallstones Color:...
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Best Quality Sole Bends for Leather Material

Tannery irimagzi Since 1947 produced our company high quality Sole Leather / Sole Bends and Vegetable Tanned Leather. Tannery Irimagzi target market are mainly shoes, shoes components and saddleries manufactures.Tannery Irimagzi is founded 1947 ....
Main Item Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather bends
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Salted cow hides, donkey hides Salted cow hides, donkey hides Salted cow hides, donkey hides Salted cow hides, donkey hides Salted cow hides, donkey hides

Salted cow hides, donkey hides

Category: Hides and Skin Cow and donkey hides Product Product 1: cow and donkey hides Details: Dry salted donkey hides and dry salted cow hides Wet Salted Donkey Hides and wet salted cow hides Machine flayed No grubs, no ticks, no holes No tails,...
United States
Main Item Chicken, duck, pork, goat, lamb, beef, cow, fish, crabs, shrimps, lobster, hides and skins, cooking oil, animal feed, animal meal, poultry feed, seeds, nuts, buckwheat
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Textiles & Leather sheet

100% Pure Genuine Premium Buffalo Hunter Leather Belt Casual with Diagonal lines Pattern for Men and Boys, Brown Color : Brown Inner Material : Leather Vendor Code : : Belt Gender : Male Design. Leather Sheets, Finished Leather Skin, Finished...
Main Item Leather belt, Belt, finish leather, bag, backpack, camera bag, fashion bag, laptop bag
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Wet, Salted Young Cattle Hides

:We offer 3 types of hides Wet salted young cows and bulls hides 100% machine flayed * Wet salted cows and bulls hides hand flayed * Cow head skins *
Main Item Wet, Salted Hides
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Goat crust leather

Goat crust leather Article :Goat crust leather. Tanning :Full chrome, Full vegetable, Semi chrome Size :2.5-4.0 sq.ft and 3.0-6.0 sq.ft. Selection :A/B/C/D, 10/20/30/40%; E/F/G/H 25% each. Thickness :0.7-0.9/0.8-1.0 MM Color :Natural, Beige, Lt...
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Specification: -Full substance, -100% machine flayed -No ticks, no scratches, no humps -Size: 10-20 Sq Ft -Weight: 22kgs to 32kg -Average weight: 25kgs -Selection: 80% A/B, 20% C/D -Male 75% / Female 25% -impurity: No sand , No dust, No mud ,No...
Main Item Donkey Skin, Vanilla Beans, Sisal Fiber
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Quality Dry Donkey Hides, Wet Blue Cow hides and wet salted cow hides available .

wet salted cow hides 90% machine flayed, 10% hand flayed no grubs, no holes, no cuts, no heads short shanks weight: min. 30 kgs average weight: 34 to 36 kgs selection: 90% a, 10% b 1 x container = 1200 hides approx. - Impurity: No sand , No dust,...
South Africa
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Dry And Wet Salted Donkey / Horse Hides / Wet Cow Hides

We do sell high quality hides,we sell cow hides,buffalo hides,Donkey hides/sheep/goat hides and many more,contact for more info We do sell high quality hides, we sell cow hides, buffalo hides, Donkey hides/sheep/goat hides and many more, contact...
Main Item baby diapers, baby milk, beer, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, chocolate, pepper, baby and adult milk, condoms, lighters, pens
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Kassam Groups

Product: Wet Salted donkey hides Complete Single piece with Head , Ears, Legs , Tail and Limbs . - Machine Flayed 100% - Minimum Average weight limit without salt and washing water residual: 7 kg - Average size: 12 to 15 sq.ft. - Water content:...
Main Item Donkey skin, cow hide and sheep
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Cow Skin

we are a Burkinabe Native Dealers also supply good quality animal skins finished and raw material Detailed offer. such as:- cow hides, buffalo hides, cow head skins, Wet Salted cow head cow, trimmings,wet blue hides, sheep skins, lamb skins, greasy...
Burkina Faso
Main Item donkey hides, cow hides etc
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Main Item Buffalo Meat, Offal and wood wool
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Sun Dried Donkey hides

Available for sale is a wide range of genuine leather products. Our goods are both raw and Semi-finished. They are used as raw material in many industries. We have animal skins of various forms like Wet salted, wet blue, finished and semi finished....
Main Item Unsalted butter, Donkey hides, chicken Feet, Donkey Meat, Whole Milk powder, Nido Milk powder, Lentils beans , Kidney beans, Soybean meal, Red bull energy drink, Heineken beer, Yellow corn, Frozen french fries potatoes, A4 Paper, Chick peas, Dried sea horse
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Semi Chrome Cow Crust Leather

Semi Chrome Cow Crust Leather Size: 12 - 24 SF (Whole Hides/Half Hides) Thickness: 1.10-1.30, 1.20-1.40, 1.30-1.50, 1.40-1.60, 1.60-1.80 mm Color: Any Selection: A/B/C/D/E/F Origin: Bangladesh
Main Item Leather & Garments.
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