Copper Powder

Nano copper powder

The quality of our copper powder is fine,they are from Chile, we are asia sales agent of chile factory.
Main Item modified starch, dextrine, baby diapers, baby diaper pants
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CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder

CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder

CoCrFeNiAl Powder High-entropy Refractory And Deformable Alloy Powder SUZHOU JOROYCE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is to work together with our partners and customers to create high-end manufacturing and industry solutions. We strive to develop and produce high...
Main Item Additive Metal Powder, Colloidal Silica, CNC Parts, Nano Technology Material, Investment Casting Parts and Raw Material
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Nano Copper (Cu) powder

APS Purity(%) SSA(m2/g) Bulk density(g/cm3) Crysting form Color 40-60nm 99.9 12 0.2 Spherical Black 500nm 99.5 4.5 1.3 Spherical Red 1um 99.9 4 7.5 Spherical Red Performance Nano copper powder and ultra-fine copper powder are prepared by variable...
Main Item ZnO, Mgo, SiO2, ZrO2, CuO, ATO, Y-Fe2O3, A-Fe2O3, MoO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Al, Ti, Zn, Ag, Cr, Hydroxylapatite Powder, B-tricalcium phosphate(TCP), Mo3AlC2, Ti2SnC, Ti3SiC2, Ti3AlC2, SiC, Nickel ferrite, AlN, MoS2, B4C, Zirconyl Acetate (ZAC), Zirconium Hydroxide (ZHO), Zirconium Basic Sul
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Copper based Brazing Pastes CuSn10 for Ceramic materials

Solid liquid phase line: 860-1040℃ Brazing Temperature: 1020-1050℃ Chemical Composition: Sn10/Cu bal. Appearance: Bronze Shape: Spherical Material: Copper based brazing material Technology: Gas Atomization
Main Item Metal Powder
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Silver coated copper powder

Silver coated copper powder Features : Excellent conductivity, good oxidation, heat resistance and good dispersibility. Applications (1)Through-hole paste (2)Thick film conductive paste (sintering /polymer type) (3)Electrode material for LTCC /...
Main Item silver coated copper powder
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Spherical Application hielding materials copper powder

CAS NO:7440-50-8 EINECS:231-159-6 Purity:99.9% Product Name: Anti-oxidation copper powder Grade: Industrial Brand: Yosoar Color: Red Shape: Powder Certificate: SGS Brochure: Shipping&Payment: About us: Kunshan Yosoar New Materials Co., Ltd. started...
Main Item copper oxide, copper powder, copper sulfate, copper carbonate
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HZ-QJ301 copper brazing powder

Copper brazing powder is widely copper-based solder cosolvent. If you are interested in our product,please send email to me.
Main Item manufacturing soldering and brazing materials
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Superfine Copper Powder

Superfine Copper Powder Made in chemical way, our superfine copper powder is spherical or approximately spherical shape, and the SEM of single particle shows that the powder is porous. As the above two features, our superfine copper powder has the...
United States
Main Item Iron Powder, Copper Powder, Alloy Powder, Metal Powder
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Nano nickel coated copper powder

Nano nickel coated copper powder;Nano nickel-copper alloy powder;Nano nickel-copper powder;Nickel-Copper nanopowder;Nano Parameters Item Ni content (%) Cu content (%) Average particle size (nm) Shape Specific surface area (m²/g) Density (g/cm³)...
Main Item Copper nanoparticle;Copper Nanopowder;Copper Nano powder;Nano-copper powder;Nanometer copper powder;ultrafine copper powder;Superfine copper powder;Cupric hydroxide nanopowder;Nano nickel coated copper powder;Nano nickel-copper alloy powder;Nano nickel-co
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Copper Alloy Powder

Description Copper alloy powder is used for oil bearing, diamond products, powder metallurgy, etc. It mainly covers copper coated iron 10 powder, copper coated iron 20 powder, bronze coated iron powder, brass coated iron powder, 20 to 30 brass...
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Copper Isotopes - 63Cu 69.1 % ± 0.05 % and 65Cu 30.9 % ± 0.05 %

We are selling it on the basis of FOB Zurich Free Trade Zone warehouse, but we can help the buyer to arrange for the logistics to transport the product to the buyer destination and the buyer will have to bear all the transport & logistics costs...
Main Item Manufacturer Medical Disposable Product
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nano copper powder

We can delivery nano copper powder.Size < 180 nm Produced by chemical way by contract by contract We are endseller
Main Item ultrafine copper powder
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Copper Slags

Offer to Sell COPPER SLAGS at an affordable price. Abrasive powder COPPER SLAGS widely used to remove old coatings, scale, and rust from metal, brick, and concrete, stone surfaces before applying protective coatings. Excellent proven itself in the...
Russian Federation
Main Item Cedar Nuts
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Cu-Sn Alloy Bronze Powder Used for MIM Metal Injection Molding

Particle Size:-500 mesh, -325~ +500 mesh, -100~ 325 mesh Oxygen Content: < 0.06% Apparent Density: < 4 g/cm3 Chemical Composition(%): Cu90Sn10 Cu80Sn20 Al 0.0010 0.034 As 0.0001 0.0001 B 0.0001 0.0001 Bi 0.0010 0.0010 Ca 0.0010 0.0010 Cd 0.0001...
Main Item titanium powder, 3d printing powder
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friction material-Copper powder

Copper powder as friction materials: Copper powder Brass powder can be named Electrolitic copper powder & Automized copper powder according to its process method.copper brass powder can be used as friction materials, for making brake lining, Clutch...
Main Item air filters, mudflaps, lamp, grille, wheel cover
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superfine copper powder

particle size :1 um Cu :over 99.7% loose density :.,adjustable it has a layer of onion ball shape and ultrafine particle size ,good liquidity ,sintering density easy to be formed ,high hardness CDH857 ,metal powder injection, chemical industry our...
Main Item metal powder
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Main Item copper powder, bimetal plate, bush, solder wire
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Cuprous oxide (Cu2O)

Cuprous Oxide Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) is an oxide of copper also known as Copper(I) oxide. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents. We are manufacturing it by electrolysis method. Cuprous oxide is commonly used as a pigment, a fungicide and an...
Main Item Tiatnium Dioxide, Rutile sand, SLES 70%, STPP, Carbon black, PVC resin, LDPE,
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nano copper powder

Copper powder that process with nano system with copper nano < 100 nm, purity 99,9 % spherical powder
Main Item yellow fin tuna
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