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Sweeten Condensed Milk Powder

We are a manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk powder which is ideal for many kinds of beverage especially tea and coffee drinks. It gives strong sweet, good taste, and suppresses sourness of coffee. It is easy to apply, only water and powder....
Main Item Preservatives, Modified Starch, Non Dairy Creamer, Whipping Cream Powder, White Sugar Replacer, Fructose Syrup, Ribonucleotide, I+G, Coconut Milk Powder, Sweeten Condensed Milk Powder, Non Phosphate, Blended Phosphate, Durian Powder
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Sweetened Condensed Milk Powder

We are a manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk powder which is ideal for many kinds of beverage especially tea and coffee drinks. It gives strong sweet, good taste, and suppresses sourness of coffee. It is easy to apply, only water and powder....
Main Item Sweeten Condensed Milk Powder, Coconut Milk Powder, Non Dairy Creamer, Blended Phosphate Food Grade, Non Phosphate Food Grade, Fructose Syrup, Food Preservatives, Durian Powder, Ribotide, Modified Starch
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Sweetened condensed milk 380g Malaysia origin to worldwide OEM high quality standard

Sweetened condensed milk 48tins * 380g per carton 24tins * 380g per carton 48tins * 500g per carton 24tins * 1kg Evaporated Milk 48tins * 160g per carton 24tins * 400g per carton 48tins * 400g per carton 96tins * 160g per carton
Main Item canned vegetables/canned fruits/PRB egg noodle/Sweetened condensed milk/Evaporated milk/ORI biscuit/Assorted fruit candy etc.
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Nestle Nido available at good prices

Nestle Nido Milk powder 400g,900g,1800g,2500g Product Origin: Netherlands Nido Milk powder 400g Tin x24pcs Nido Milk Powder 900g Tinx12pcs Nido Milk Powder 1800g Tinx6 pcs Nido Milk Powder 2500 g Tinx6 pcs Packaging 24 tins x 400g (Load ability in...
South Africa
Main Item Cashew Nuts/Bic Lighter/Vanilla Beans
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Main Item Unsalted Butter
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Healthy Camel Milk Powder (low fat), Whole Skimmed Milk Powder

Healthy Camel Milk Powder (low fat), Whole Skimmed Milk Powder
South Africa
Main Item agro products
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condensed milk

We supply Dutch, German and Polish hard sorts of cheese and analog cheese: - Gouda is a light cheese for those who like soft creamy flavor. Julius Ceaser himself used enjoy it. - Edam is a gourmet cheese with salty flavor. - Tilsiter is a semi-hard...
Main Item Milk
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condensed milk

high quality condensed milk / sweeten creamer
Main Item black sesameseed, soya acid oil, canned fish, instant coffee, peanut, seasoning, energy drink
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simple installation water-cooled copper fin material condenser

Flygrow manufactures copper tube -aluminum fin evaporator and condenser coils fin bare and hydrophobic fin material range from 0.1mm to 0.19mm thickness using which from 5mm to 15.88mm in both smooth and internally Grooved tubes. We have various...
Main Item heat exchanger , condenser
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler/Retailer

Aptamil Baby Milk Powder

Aptamil Baby Milk Powder Baby Milk Powder Formula Aptamil, HIPP, Nutrilon, S26, Karicare, Enfamil, Nido We supply in Tins and shipping worldwide Aptamil Milk Powder Aptamil pre mit pronutra anfangsmilch = 800g Aptamil pronutra 1 milchnahrung = 800g...
Main Item milk
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Skimmed Milk Powder

Produce under EU Union requirements on food production. Fat content: max. 1, 25 % Moisture: max. 4 % Appearance: fine powder, no lumps, no admixtures Colour: white, slightly cream colour Aroma: typical for milk, no side aromas Taste: fresh milk...
Main Item Nuts, Grains, Edible Oils, Drinks
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Milk condensed without sugar

Condensed milk without sugar 2,5-7,5 packing in 200,350,1000 ml pcs ISO,Halal Shel life 100 % six months
United Kingdom
Main Item Butter, Full Cream Milk Powder, Milk UHT
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Sweetened Condensed Boiled Milk Product

Product: «Sweetened Condensed Boiled Milk Product» Fat content 8.5% (containing milk fat no less then 50% ) Origin:Russia. Trademark: «Woohoo!» Net weight: 370 gr. Avalabile Packing Tin/Can - 380GR x 45 in Carton Box Doipack - 650gr x 18 Carton Box...
Main Item Sweetened Condensed Milk
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Unsweetened Condensed Milk

Manufactured by certified systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 (HACCP) in accordance with Regulations (EC) 852/2004 (EC) 853/2004, Directive 2001/114/EC. Labelled by EU identification mark LT 18-01P EB. Organoleptic characteristics Colour: Light...
Main Item Milk Powder
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Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk is made of dairy cow's milk, refined palm oil and sugar. Additionally, the sweetened condensed milk is fortified with vitamin A, B1 and D. Moreover, sweetened condensed milk is nutritious, creamy, tasty and suitable for...
Main Item Handicraft
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selling different types Sugars at most Internationally competitive prices...

We have since been asked by a world's leading Sugar Manufacturing Co. (having present refining capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per annum) to sell their sugars - who mainly manufacture various grades - used in right from Dairy Cos. to Soft Drinks...
Main Item export / import of all items
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Product Type: Milk Type: Skimmed Milk,sweetened condensed milk Processing Type: Sterilized Certification: HACCP,ISO,HALAL,Halal Certificate,Export ID Age Group: Adults,Children,Baby,Old-Aged,All Packaging: Can (Tinned) Shelf Life: 2 years Place of...
Main Item Macaroni, spaghetti, pasta, wheat flour, semolina, Lemon sauce / juice, vinegar,
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Condensed Sweetened Milk

WE EXPORT SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK 390 grm x 48 tins 505 grs x 48 tins 1KG x24 tins Sweetened Condensed Milk is hygienically prepared in a modern factory from milk powder and refined sugar Sweetened Creamer with 10% Fat and 46% sugar, Vitamin...
Main Item Dairy
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Protein 2% ( Malaysia Origin) Sweetened Creamer or Sweetened Condensed Milk is a pasteurized product obtained by combining vegetable fat/oil with sugar, milk constituents or other food for sweetening and whitening of beverages. Ingredients: Refined...
South Africa
Main Item Sunflower oil, fresh fruits, dried fruits, palm oil, sodium cyanide, mercury
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Sweetened Condensed Milk

Product: Sweetened Condensed Milk Specifications: protein: 2.5% fat: 8.0% cane sugar: 48.5% full milk solid: 28.0% Packing: 390g*48 tins/ctn, 1250 ctns/20'; 390g*24 tins/ctn, 2500 ctns/20'. Paper label, plain cover or easy open : This product...
Hong Kong
Main Item kitchenware, tableware, drinkware, commodity, foodstuff, trucks and accessaries
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