Chemical Storage Equipment

Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank

Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank lco2 tank

Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied co2 tank supplies ,price co2 tank ,Liquefied Carbon Dioxide, Cryogenic Storage Tank liquefied ,co2 tank ,lco2 tank price,High pressure 2.16Mpa low temperature liquid LCO2 storage...
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tank head

The head is an important pressure component of pressure tank,and its quality is directly related to the safety of pressure tank. The design of the convex head,the conical shell,the variable section,the flat cover and the tight mouth,the convex head...
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Factory Directly Supply Stainless Steel Tank for Chemical Storage

1000L Stainless Steel IBC Tank Material: SUS304/SUS316L Thickness: 2.5mm Weight: 210KG Pressure: Normal Dimension(L*W*H): 1132*1132*1330mm OEM/ODM: OK
Main Item container, stainless steel tank
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2 KG TNT explosion proof ball storage with factory direct produce

The explosion-proof tank is a kind of sealed explosion-proof ball, which is mainly used for indoor protection. Compared with the open explosion-proof tank, the closed explosion-proof tank is more suitable for the safety protection of high-speed...
Main Item aluminum foam panel; sound barrier
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Storage tank

We are sure that we will produce your silo, raw material transport systems and steel construction projects in the most professional way and will deliver them to you without any problems. The steel processing capacity is 3OO.OOO kg per month. It...
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Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank 1. CRYO-TECH Cryogenic Storage Tank include: liquid oxygen tank, liquid nitrogen tank, liquid argon tank, liquid Nitrous Oxide tank, liquid carbon dioxide tank, LNG tank. 2. Tank capacity: 2M3~350M3. 3. Tank pressure:...
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Single-layer Stainless Steel Tank

Single-layer Stainless Steel Tank, Top Open Water Storage Tank, Fixed Single Layer Stainless Steel Container single-layer stainless steel container top open water storage tankWidely use in foods,dairy products, fruit juice beverages, chemical...
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Chinese 40l,100l,400l,800l,840l ,1000l refrigenant gas cylinder

Empty Liquid chlorine,AMMONIA ,REFRIGERANT GAS gas cylinder is made of high quality steel, which capacity has 100L,400L, 800L, 840L926L,1000L with GB5100standard, and its specification as follows: Water capacity (L) Working pressure (bar) Testing...
Main Item gas cylinder , chlorine cyinder , ammonia cylinder AAC Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Plant Block Machine
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Float Valve

Float Valve Ceramic Liquid Distributor SPECIFICATION: Tower internals mainly including liquid distributor, packing clamp device, packing support, liquid re-distributor, in and out feeding equipment, gas in and out feeding equipment and demister,...
Main Item pall ring, structured packing, ceramic packing, ceramic ball, tower internals
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Anna LIN

OPP3005 Passive RFID tag can be sticked on metal surface directly, that can avoid tedious installation working. It is equipped with an Alien Higgs-3 chip. Depending on the UHF reader, it can be read up to 3.1 m on metal surfaces. Attaching the tag...
Main Item PCB metal tag
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Chemical Storage cabinet

化学品储存柜 外形尺寸:1651 * 591 * 457mm 内部尺寸:1537 * 508 * 370mm 重量;90千克 Tha内阁通过FM,UL / US,TÜV认证。
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internal floating roof, dome roof, loading arm, marine loading arm, quick release moori

LYG Zhenxing Petrochemical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. (ZXPECO) is a leading Chinese Professional Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturer. Our main products are internal floating roof, dome roof, loading arm, marine loading arm, quick release...
Main Item Loading Arm, Marine Loading Arm, Quick Release Mooring Hooks and etc.
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FRP scrubber for waste gas treatment

Chinese first filament winding Silo/tower was manufactured by our company,and it is still working in WISCO and has a better condition. 59 sets FRP scrubbers made in ZHONGYI were exported to Korea for waste gas treatment in 2016.
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1000L rectangular stainless steel adhesive storage tank

*Following specification can be adjusted according to your usage/requirement. *If you have drawing/details/photos of tank, please kindly provide to us, we can produce and design your required tank. *welcome to contact us directly: Capacity...
Main Item storage tank
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K Type Glass Lined Distillation Tank

K Type Glass Lined Distillation Tank: Glass lined Distillation Tank Distillation Unit is an ideal material for anti acid & alkali corrosion and its surface is very easy to Polish and no contamination to mediums. It's widely used in Petrochemicals,...
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oil, grain, rice, sugar storage facilities

Our Products: Various kinds of boilers including coal fired CFB/PCF boilers, oil and / gas fired boilers, biomass fired boilers, MSW fired boilers, WHR boilers and etc. Various kinds of vessels and storage tanks including reactors, storage vessels,...
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H2SO4 Sulfuric acid storage tank, HCL Storage Tank

H2SO4 Sulfuric acid storage tank, HCL Storage Tank Storage tank is applied for storing of acid, alcohol, and gases which are refined chemicals. There are many types of tanks, in general, they are: rotational mould storage tank, ceramic storage...
Main Item phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, potassium sulfate, calcium chloride
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Flue Gasses Heat Economizer

Product Details 3.4 waste heat utilization equipmentPart: row tube heat exchanger, PP radiator, expansion tank, hot water circulationPump, water softener, pipe fittings, temperature control system, electric control cabinetFeatures: tube heat...
Main Item hot dip galvanizing line
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FRP Chemical Tank

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Chemical storage tank

Chemical storage tank is made from FRP and plastic anticorrosive material. Material is chosen according to detail media information such as chemical property, concentration, temperature etc. The material used mainly include FRP, PP, PVC, CPVC,...
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