Chemical Process Equipment

50 Liter Pressure Vessel Industrial Air Blasters For Silos Bins Stock

Air Cannon or Air Blaster, is specific de-clogging device use power of compressed air, to prevent and remove the stoppage,bridge arch,rathole, adhering of bulk material in all kinds of storage and flow equipment. Our KQP series Air Cannons adopt...
Main Item High Pressure Cleaner, Air Cannons, Air Blasters
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Large capacity mushroom dryer machine / mushroom dryer

Features of mushroom dryer machine: 1.wide application,suit for drying dehydration of raw material in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, industry. 2.The machine is made of composite insulation board,it's heated by infrared tubular electric...
Main Item sawdust crusher, mixing machine, bag filling machine, bottle filling machine, autoc
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Three Products Separator

Three Products Separator 1.Introduction of TPS In recent years, the Teetered Bed Separator (TBS) has been popularized and applied in the coal preparation industry around the world, but there are some problems affecting the improvement of coal...
Main Item coal shearer, belt conveyor, screening and crushing production line, mineral processing
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NHL paste cooling machine

NHL paste cooling machine (national invention patent product) The cooling medium temperature is 10℃, paste material will be cooled to 60-65℃ in 25 minutes. After cooling, the paste is loose without any ball shape No residual material in the...
Main Item carbon preheating kneading cooling machine for anode paste
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Chemical mxing tank

Ideal in fields such as foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmacy, chemical industry and biological engineering etc. Structure characteristics: Made of single-layer stainless steel structure. Materials are all sanitary stainless steel....
Main Item Herb Extractor Concentrator Machine
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Solid Phase Extraction Device

1. Solid Phrase Extraction / Solid Phrase Extraction Device (SPE) is sample pre-treatment technology which is widely used, this technology use solid adsorbent to extract the target compounds in liquid samples, separate the matrix and interference...
Main Item glass reactor, rotary evaporator, photochemical reactor, drying equipment
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Finning Machines

Used machine for Embedded fintubes renewed with new spare parts in 2016. Used machene for Extruded fintubes renewed. Finning Further details to very nterested people
Main Item finned and plain tubes
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Nano L composite waterproofing method

Nano L composite waterproofing method The composite AL sheet made of fire-retardant materials and with little volume change due to thermal deformation is reinforced with the "NANO L spray membrane waterproofing method" to maximize the physical and...
Main Item Industrial Equipment, Equipment
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Oceanpower DMA16 automatic paint tinting machine, water colorant dispenser with computer software

Oceanpower DMA16 automatic paint dispenser is used for water-based colorant dispensing.It can connect with your own computer.With color chart and software to check the color code and get quantities of different colorant, then dispensing...
Main Item Oceanpower manual paint dispenser, colorant paint tinting machine
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Power plant flue gas desulphurization hydrocyclone

Power plant flue gas desulphurization hydrocyclone Currently, Flue Gas Desulfurization(FGD) is the most widely adopted and most mature technology in coal-fired power plants of the world. Generally, a complete set of desulfurization system will use...
Main Item tailings processing equipment cyclone dewatering screen
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concrete grinding mahcine

It's a high -power electrical can contiunely work for 24 hours .Two chiasma type abrasive tips running together.Quiet run ,high efficiency ,new underprop system ,easy to change the disc and pads .It can used for stone renewing and...
Main Item grinding mahcine;polisher;electric tools.diamondblades
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Dust collecting crusher

Dust Collecting Crushing Set can make power's finess into 150 mesh. There is no flying dust during production. Specifications 20B Dust Collecting Crushing Set can make power's finess into 150 mesh. There is no flying dust during production....
Main Item Crusher
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MT Industrial Chemical Mixer Agitator Detergent Production Equipment Industrial Cosmetic Powder Liqu

JKE MT stainless steel mixing tank is used in the mixing, dispersing, dissolving, emulsification, dissolution, reaction, formulating, heating, cooling, warm-keeping, cultivating, disinfecting and storage etc. Different types of blades and relevant...
Main Item automatic equipment
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mixing equipment gas turbine impeller

This impeller demostrate greater liquid fluidization and higher gas absorption.It requires only a low power to create enough lift in the blade to coverage the flow,and produces a very strong shear and breaking action using the pressure gradient and...
Main Item agitator, mixer
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Horizontal pin-type sand mill

Pin-type nanometer bead mills usually make the amazing performance in the field of Titanium Dioxide, zirconium silicate, ceramic ink, battery materials, inkjet ink, printing ink and other materials requiring Nano-scale fineness. Equipped with...
Main Item Universal horizontal grinding bead mill for chemical industry
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Pigging System

Use of modern Product recovery technology Cleaning of pipes and valves to avoid contamination Environmental issues Cost reduction Saving of product and time
Main Item Mtrix multiple Valve System, Lube Auto Manufacturingg System, , Pigging System, L
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GF waste water purifier

GF-120 DAF System for chemical factory wastewater treatment, it is used to remove those suspend solid whose gravity is near than that of the water small footprint, little electricity consumption , easy operation and management; dissloved air...
Main Item GQF Seried high efficiency shallow dissolved air flotation unit
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Powder Silo Top Mounted Commercial Concrete Mixing Station

Powder silo Top Mounted Commercial Concrete Mixing Station developed by NFLG has advantages such as energy-saving, stability, environment-friendly, energy-saving and intelligence. The type includes HZS180, HZS200 and HZS225. The biggest...
Main Item Tire Mobile Crushing Station
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Stainless Steel Grinding Ball

Product: 304 stainless steel grinding balls Item No.: DECO-B-SS-Size Optional Ball Sizes: 3/5/8/10/15/20/25/30/40/50mm Density: 7.93 g/cm3 Hardness:
Main Item planetary ball mill, jar mill, ball mill jar, grinding ball, vacuum glove box
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ZUST(Zet Stream Unpowered for Suction of Toxic gas)

This product, being installed at the exhaust piping area of semiconductor and LCD FAB production facility, was developed to remove danger of explosion and blockage caused by power or liquid materials; improve productivity by increasing installation...
Main Item ZUST(Zet Stream Unpowered for Suction of Toxic gas)
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