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Polyester DTY Yarn for Making Blankets, Mats, Window Fabrics, Mops, 75D~600D Polyester DTY Yarn for Making Blankets, Mats, Window Fabrics, Mops, 75D~600D Polyester DTY Yarn for Making Blankets, Mats, Window Fabrics, Mops, 75D~600D Polyester DTY Yarn for Making Blankets, Mats, Window Fabrics, Mops, 75D~600D

Polyester DTY Yarn for Making Blankets, Mats, Window Fabrics, Mops, 75D~600D

Polyester DTY yarns for making: Polyester blankets, Plush fabrics, Pile fabrics, Polyester mats, Polyester cleaning mops, Polyester window fabrics, Decoration fabrics, Knitting fabrics & Weaving fabrics DTY Specifications: TBR, SD, Fully dull, Raw...
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Wayon PTFE staple fiber

PTFE short cut fiber produced by our company adopts environmentally friendly and efficient membrane splitting method, with advanced production equipment, thus ensuring small product fineness and stable fiber length,8~12 crimps per 25mm.At present,...
Main Item PTFE fiber, PTFE fabric, PTFE filter bag
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UV fluorescent fiber red

UV fluorescent fiber red Catalogue Number Product Name Type Appearance UV Fluorescent Color λex λem SE2215 UV Fluorescent Pigment Red White fibre Red 365nm 610±5nm
Main Item 2-Thenoyltrifluoroacetone;TTA (CAS:326-91-0); 4, 4, 4-Trifluoro-1-phenyl-1, 3-butanedione;BTA (CAS: 326-06-7) ; 4, 4-Trifluoro-1-(2-furyl)-1, 3-butanedione (CAS:326-90-9); 4, 4, 4-Trifluoro-1-(2-naphthyl)-1, 3-butanedione (CAS : 893-33-4) ; AICAR (CAS:2627
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XTAA033 carbon conductive nylon filament 20D/3F ring intermingling white polyester DTY 150D

carbon conductive fiber nylon filament 20D/3F ring intermingling white polyester DTY 150D filament mattress ticking Thickness: 20D carbon fiber intermingling with white DTY plyester 150D filaments for ESD mattress ticking Other specification could...
Main Item conductive fiber yarn anti static
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Chemical Products manufacturers

We manufacturer,supplier FRP Products,fibre products,pp lab furniture,frp dustbin,frp chemical products,frp tank,pp fume hood,pp frp blower,frp bus body manufacturer,frp chimney ,frp moulding products manufacture in Bangalore CHEMICAL LAB PP...
Main Item FRP Products, pp lab furniture, fibre products, frp dustbin, frp chemical products, frp tank, pp fume hood, pp frp blower, frp bus body manufacturer, frp chimney , frp moulding products, frp bathroom products, exhaust systems, epoxy scaffolding
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Variety Cooling Forms Specifications(D) Semidull POY Side Blowing 75D/36F 75D/48F 100D/36F 100D/48F 150D/48F Circular Blowing 75D/72F 100D/72F 100D/96F 100D/144F 150D/144F 150D/96F 150D/288F
Main Item POY, DTY.PET chip
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Dipping polyester tyre cord fabric

Nylon 6 grey and dipped tyre cord fabrics having high strength,fatigue resistance,impact resistance,high adhesion characteristics,are mainly used as reinforcements of bias tyres 1.According to customer's request. 2.Used in different kinds of tires....
Main Item tyre cord fabric
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dty 100D/144F ddb sim

We can supply 50D to 300D rw, ddb and dope dyed in POY, DTY, FDY as per clients requirements. POY (semi dull cationic and trilobal bright): For final dty 50D/36F For final dty 75D/48F For final dty 100D/48F For final dty 150D/96F For final dty...
Main Item polyester filament yarn, spandex air covered yarn, 100% viscose spun yarn, polyester viscose blended yarn
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recycled fiber made by pet bottle flakes

Features of recycled polyester staple fiber 1) Denier: 6D/7D/10/12D/15D/ 2) Cut length: 32MM/51MM/64MM/76MM 3) silicon and non-silicon 4) Merits: Highly elastic, puff, good rigidity and grade A quality 5) Usage: Suitable for toy, filling pillow,...
Main Item polyester staple fiber
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HTHM Pva Fiber

Color: Light yellow Diameter: 6MM (2.0+/- 0.25dtex) Specific gravity: 1.30g/cm3 Elongation at break: 7-15% Shape: Bunchy monofilament Tensile strength: > 11.5cn/dtex Elastic modulus: 31-40Gpa Alkali, Acid&sal resistance: High now all of them are...
Main Item pva, polyvinyl alcohol, pva resin , PVA
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SUPLA® Modified Fiber Grade & Application PLA

Non-woven fabric, masks, clean clothes, sanitary materials, wet towel, underwear,warm clothing, filter, cigarette filter Increase the antibacterial effect Raw material content > 95%, food grade, antibacterial effect Tensile Strength SUPLA®-751...
Main Item PLA PLLA L-PlA
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Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber,Synthetic Fiber

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber 1,Production Description Materials: 100% recycled polyester staple fiber Color: White /black/ green ,any color(as your requirements) Fiber fineness: 1.2D-20D (as your requirements) Fiber length: 32-120mm(as your...
Main Item textile raw materials, chemical fiber, clothing, hardware and other products.
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Lemini Textiles is making and selling cotton/man-made knitted fabrics mainly.We are professional in making man-made elastic knitted fabrics begin at 2006. Main: Nylon(polyamide)/Polyester/Spandex(Lycra) in elastic single...
Main Item knitted spandex fabric
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chemical sheet with glue on one/two side(s)

specification: we are manufacturer for more than 13 yeards so we have a highly selling competitive price and goood reputation in this indusrty. 1.good elasticity,easy to shape,inflection resistant. 2.low operation temperature,usage temperature is...
Main Item nonwoven insole board, chemical sheet,
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Usage LAN Telecommunications Instrument CATV Usage LAN Telecommunications Instrument CATV Features - Long durability - Standard metallic accessories, easy to replace - Diameter: 0.9 2.0 3.0 - Ceramic insertion core, PC, UPC, APC polishing
Main Item Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
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Stretch and impact resistance, and high overall strength. Dewatering, air-exhausting and chap-preventing. Shorten cycle of heating furnace, simplify the warming process and extend the service life of stove body. Scatter fast with no...
Main Item Refractory, Brick, Castable, Mortar
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Universal Sorbent Cushions For Liquid Leak Control

Specification: Dimension: 18"W×18"L Sold as: 12 pillows per box Color: Grey Composition: 100%polypropylene Absorbency: approx. 106 L per box
Main Item abserbent fiber
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Main Item Polylactic Acid PLA Sheets 100% Biodegradable
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cellulose acetate tow 2.7Y35000

Cellulose Acetate Tow is made of high-Class pulp,acetic acid and some other ingredient like acetone and TiO2 with high advance technology. Chemical Abstracts Services Number for the Diacetate cellulose is 9035-69-2 and its chemical formula...
Hong Kong
Main Item acetate tow
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