Central Nervous System Drugs

Moluodan Concentrated Pills Moluodan Concentrated Pills Moluodan Concentrated Pills Moluodan Concentrated Pills

Moluodan Concentrated Pills

[Functions and Indications] Relieving the pain in stomach and bringing it to order, invigorating the function of spleen and easing the case of being bloated, removing obstruction in the channels to relieve pain. It is used for gastralgia,...
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Xylazine hydrochloride,BAY 1470 hydrochloride 23076-35-9 Xylazine hydrochloride,BAY 1470 hydrochloride 23076-35-9 Xylazine hydrochloride,BAY 1470 hydrochloride 23076-35-9

Xylazine hydrochloride,BAY 1470 hydrochloride 23076-35-9

Common Name Xylazine hydrochloride CAS Number 23076-35-9 Molecular Weight 256.795 Density 1.15g/cm3 Boiling Point 334.2ºC at 760mmHg Molecular Formula C12H17ClN2S Melting Point 150-164?C (dec.) MSDS USA Flash Point 155.9ºC Symbol GHS06 Signal Word...
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Oral Solution Epilepsy Gabapentin

1.Composition Gabapentin 50 mg/ml 2.Dosage Form Oral solution 3.Indication Epilepsy Gabapentin is indicated as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial seizures with and without secondary generalization in adults and children aged 6 years and...
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Carbamazepine Tablets

Carbamazepine Tablets Antiepileptic Specification: CP;BP;USP;IP;Customized Oral Dosage: 100mg;200mg;400mg Dosage Forms: Tablets Packing Materials: ALU/PVC Blister;Bottles Packaging: 10x10;12x2;20x1 Active Ingredients: Carbamazepine Indications:...
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Paracetamol Infusion

CAS NO: 103-90-2 Paracetamol is about as effective as aspirin at relieving mild to moderate pain and reducing fever, but unlike aspirin it has no anti-inflammatory effect. Paracetamol infusion is given in hospital. (An infusion is a drip into a...
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Suhagra 100mg

Suhagra 100mg Tablet relaxes the smooth muscles present in the wall of blood vessels and helps in increasing the flow of blood in certain specific areas of the body.
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d-chiro-inositol is a form of the nutrient Inositol, sometimes called Vitamin B8. d-chiro-inositol (DCI) is commonly used to help treat PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) in women. It is also used to increase insulin sensitivity and may offer some...
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Palonosetron HCL Injection

Specification/Dosage: 0.25mg/1mL Packaging: 5 ampoules/box, 10 ampoules/box, 50 ampoules/box, 100 ampoules/box, Others S.Q- Paltron(Palonosetron HCL) Uses: Palonosetron HCL Injection is the generic form of the brand-name drug S.Q- Paltron, a drug...
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Ginkgolide dripping pill

Active ingredients: bilobalide, ginkgolide A, ginkgolide B and ginkgolide C, etc. Description: yellowish dripping pill, bitter. Dosage Form: oral solid preparation. Indications: For the prevention/treatment of ischemic cerebral disease. Strength:...
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Carbamazepine tablets

10tablets/blister,10blisters/box The main ingredients of carbamazepine This product is a white sheet 200mg per tablet 1. The complex partial seizure (also called psychomotor seizures or temporal lobe epilepsy), systemic rigidity - ruf twin attacks,...
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Adrenaline hydrochloride Injection

Product Name :Adrenaline hydrochloride Injection, Epinephrine injection Nombre del Producto: Epinefrina Inyectable Specification:1mg/1ml Package: 10amps/box, 50amps/box, 100amps/box Standard: USP & BP & CP Indications: Adrenaline is used for its...
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Pregabalin, also known as B-isobutyl-Y-aminobutyric acid, is a medication used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and generalized anxiety disorder.
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Tabernanthe Iboga

Hello, We are supplying good quality iboga root barks with high TA 5% minimum. Our wood is crisp dry, no shrubs.
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High purity Peg-Mgf MGF 2mg Supplier Wholesale Price

High purity Peg-Mgf MGF 2mg Supplier Wholesale Price, USD 80 to USD 160 per kit. 100% guaranteed quality! Order more, the price lower. 4-7 days to world by express mail. We are most reliable medication provider for generic drugs without...
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CAS NO.: 71675-85-9 CEP, UK GMP and USDMF, USFDA inspection approved. EP Antipsychotic
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