Antiparasitic Drugs

Compound Pediatric Anti-febrile Suppository

Instruction for Usage of Compound Pediatric Anti-febrile Suppository Please read the instruction carefully and use under the advice of doctor [Drug Name]Compound Pediatric Anti-febrile Suppository [Composition]artificial cow-bezoar, south...
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Parasitic resistance Doramectin 117704-25-3 Parasitic resistance Doramectin 117704-25-3 Parasitic resistance Doramectin 117704-25-3

Parasitic resistance Doramectin 117704-25-3

We have a few free samples available now. Contact me first and get first Packaging: tin foil or hidden packaging Transportation: Special line transportation/federal/double clear /DHL/TNT/EMS Samples: You can request samples to be sent Minimum...
Main Item 288573-56-8
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Ivernom 12mg

Ivernom 12 Tablet is an antiparasitic medication. It is used to treat parasitic infections of your intestinal tract, skin, and eyes.
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Doxycycline hcl capsules 100mg GMP

Product name: tetracycline hcl capsules 100mg Shelf life: 3years OEM: available Registration dossier: available Packing: customed make
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Factory supply Best price sale Benzeneacetonitrile CAS 140-29-4 Whatsapp:+8619930505014

We are the producer from China ,we supply many kind of organic intermediates. Our main products export to Europe country and USA as follow: CAS 5337-93-9 4'-Methylpropiophenone CAS 1009-14-9 Valerophenone CAS 942-92-7 HEXANOPHENONE CAS 100-06-1...
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Terlipressin CAS No.: 14636-12-5

Chemical Name Terlipressin Synonyms N-(N-(N-Glycylglycyl)glycyl)-8-L-lysinevasopressin; CAS No. 14636-12-5 Molecular Formula C52H74N16O15S2 Molecular Weight 1227.37000 PSA 563.45000 LogP 0.05740
Main Item Carbetocin;Liraglutide;Cetrorelix;Deslorelin;Thymosin AFLA1;Sermaglutide;Octreotide;Oxytocin;Desmopressin;Exenatide;
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Cetuximab (Both bulk solution and finished product) Commercially supply

Apino Pharma focuses on phamraceutical industry especially APIs and Key Intermediates as well as full service from R&D stage to commercial stage with the concept of “Added Value, Profession, Innovation”. We strictly follow the principle “Quality...
Main Item 9, 10-Dihydrolysergic acid, 9, 10-Dihydrolysergol, Cetuximab, Dydrogesterone
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Isometamidium Granules for injection

Isometamidium Granules for injection Veterinary Use Injection Supplier China,Animals Closantel Sodium Injection Supplier COMPOSITION Each sachet 3.125g contains Isometamidium chloride hydrochloride 0.125g and Antipyrine 3g INDICATIONS...
Main Item Ivermectin injection, Oxytetracycline injection, Tylosin tartrate injection, Albendazole tablet, Multivitamin injection
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Albendazole tablets 200mg

Each tablet of this product contains a major component of the 0.2 grams of a benzene. Accessories for lactose, starch, polyethylene pyrrolidone, carboxyl methyl starch sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium dodecyl sulfate,...
Main Item Albendazoloe tablets, Artemether+Lumefantrine
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Metronidazole intravenous infusion

Product Name: Metronidazole intravenous infusion Nombre del Producto:Metronidazol solución inyectable Specification: 500mg/100ml Package: 1bottle/box, 1bottle/bag Standard: BP & USP & CP Indication Metronidazole 500mg/100ml Intravenous Infusion is...
Main Item pharmaceutical/Sevoflurane for Inhalation
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Artemether Oral Suspension 3mg/1ml

Artmether is indicated for the treatment of malaria in children Composition: Each 5ml contains: Artemether...15mg. Artemether Oral Suspension 3mg/1ml 100ml passed Storage: Store below 20. Protect from moisture. Keep out of reach of children.
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difloxacin hcl

Product name:difloxacin hcl Molecular formula: C21H19F2N3O3•HCL Molecular weight: 435.86 CAS .No: 91296-86-5 Characters: off-white or light-yellow crystalline powder Specification: veterinary drugs standard Package: 25kg/drum Storage: stored in a...
Main Item sulfachloropyrazine sodium , difloxacin hcl , sulfamonomethoxine sodium, sulfamonomethoxine, CAS.NO:38006-08-5, CAS.NO102-65-8, CAS.NO:91296-86-5, CAS.NO:1220-83-3
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Furaltadone Hcl

Furaltadone Hcl CHINA ORIGIN PACKING: 25kg/drum QUALITY STANDARD: CP/EP/BP/USP CAS NO: 3759-92-0 Appearance: A yellow crystalline powder Assay: 98.0-102.0% Loss on drying: 4.75-5.75% Melting point: ≥240℃ Acidity(PH): 3-4 We have been in the...
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DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-ChloramphenicolDL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol DL-Chloramphenicol...
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Albendazole tablet (veterinary use)

We have various of dosage forms and specifications about this product to meet your demands. Please contact me for details without any hesitation. Thank you! BP/USP standard. 250mg 300mg 600mg 2500mg We are Furen Medicines Group Branch Company....
Main Item skin whitening glutathione
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