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Granular and Prilled Urea (N46%) with SGS Certification Agricultural Grade

Application Urea is a high-concentration nitrogen fertilizer, a neutral organic fertilizer, and can also be used to produce a variety of compound fertilizers. Industrially, it has a whitening effect on chemical polishing of steel and stainless...
1YR YES Gold YES Gold
Main Item Gs441524, Kojic Acid , DHHB, Arbutin , 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic acid, L-Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside
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Lambda-cyhalothrin is high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, quick-acting pyrethroid insecticides and acaricides, mainly contact and stomach poisoning, no systemic effect.It has a good effect on Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera and other pests as well...
Main Item abamectin, abamectin b2, emamectin, chlorpyrifos, lambda, cypermethirin, pyraclostrobin, phosethy-Al, 2.4D, nicosulfuron, paclobutrazol, GA3
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Glufosinate ammonium 95%TC 200SL

PRODACUCT NAME SPECIFICATION 2,4-D 98%TC, 860g/L SL, 72%SL Atrazine 97%TC, 50% SC, 80%WP Butachlor 95%TC, 50%EC, 60%EC Clodinafop-propargyl 95%TC, 8%EC Cloquintocet-mexyl 97%TC Diuron 95%TC, 80%WP, 80%WDG, Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 96%TC, 6.9%EW, 12%EC...
Main Item lambda cyhalothrin, EDDHA FE, GA3
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Crude Palm Oil

We are gour of mills and palm oil plantation from riau province, indonesia. we produce crude palm oil and its derivative. we can supply you CPO,RBD Palm Olein, and Palm Acid Oil
Main Item Crude Palm Oil
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Cyclanilide 113136-77-9

Product Name: Cyclanilide Synonyms: CYCLANILIDE;cyclanilide 1-(2,4-dichloroanilinocarbonyl)cyclopropanecarboxylic acid;1-[(2,4-Dichlorophenyl)aminocarbonyl]-1-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid;1-(2,4-dichloroanilinocar bonyl) cyclopropane carboxylic...
Main Item APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, custom synthesis
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Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1

Amitraz CAS 33089-61-1 Product Name: Amitraz Synonyms: Amitraz CAS No. 33089-61-1 M.F.: C19H23N3 M.W.: 293.41 EINECS: 251-375-4 Specifications Item Specifications Results Appearance White to buff crystalloid Buff crystalloid Assay ≥98% 99.26%...
Main Item Pharmaceutical intermediates
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Factory supply high purity 46% Carbamide Urea CAS 57-13-6 for fertilizer Factory supply high purity 46% Carbamide Urea CAS 57-13-6 for fertilizer Factory supply high purity 46% Carbamide Urea CAS 57-13-6 for fertilizer Factory supply high purity 46% Carbamide Urea CAS 57-13-6 for fertilizer

Factory supply high purity 46% Carbamide Urea CAS 57-13-6 for fertilizer

Specification item value Classification Nitrogen Fertilizer Type CAS 57-13-6 CAS No. 57-13-6 Other Names urea MF CH4N2O EINECS No. 200-315-5 Place of Origin China Henan State GRANULAR Purity 46% Application Pesticide Intermediate Brand Name...
Main Item salicylamide, etomidate, Salicylic eyes
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Diethyl chlorophosphate

Synonyms:Diethoxy chlorophosphate;Phosphoric acid chloride diethyl ester;Chloridophosphoric acid diethyl;Chloridophosphoric acid diethyl ester;Chlorophosphonic acid diethyl;Chlorophosphonic acid diethyl ester;Chlorophosphonic acid O,O-diethyl...
Main Item Electrolyte additives, photoelectric materials, ionic liquids, pharmaceutical intermediates
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P-cyanophenol, also known as 4-cyanophenol, scale flake white crystal, which is used to produce liquid crystal, medicine, dye, pesticide and so on.
Main Item 4-tert butyl benzoic acid;4-Cyanophenol
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95% Fenpyroximate TC

Effective on multiple mite growth stages: larva, nymph, adult. Provides rapid "stop feeding" action thus minimizing crop damage. Provides long-lasting control when applied at the recommended dose rate.
Main Item Pinoxaden TC, Bifenazate TC, Dinotefuran TC, Fludioxonil TC, Fenpyroximate TC
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Mancozeb Basic information Chemical: Mancozeb Use category: Fungicide Content & formulation: Mancozeb 90% TC ,Mancozeb 80% WP,Mancozeb 48%+Metalaxyl 10%WP,Mancozeb 64%+Metalaxyl 8% WG ,Mancozeb 60%+Dimethomorph 9% WP Common Name CAS No. TECH...
Main Item gibberellic acid , glyphosate, spirotetramat, topremazone
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Spinosad (Cas No.: 131929-60-7)

Apino Pharma focuses on phamraceutical industry especially APIs and Key Intermediates as well as full service from R&D stage to commercial stage with the concept of “Added Value, Profession, Innovation”. We strictly follow the principle “Quality...
Main Item 9, 10-Dihydrolysergic acid, 9, 10-Dihydrolysergol, Cetuximab, Dydrogesterone
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Max Penetrator

Our company, Omega Nutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Indore India also manufactures silicon spreading agents and adjuvants under the brand name ‘Max Penetrator’. Max Penetrator is our most sold silicon sprayder which when added to the pesticides,...
Main Item Potassium Humate, Nitro Humic Acid, Plant Growth Enhancer, Micronutrients Plain and Chelated, Seaweed and Aloe Extract
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98% TC Pyraclostrobin

Brand Name: REAPCHEM ProName: Pyraclostrobin Place of Origin: Shandong, China Molecular Formula: C19H18ClN3O4 Molecular weight: 387.8 CAS No: 175013-18-0 Appearance: White or pale yellow powder. Solubility: In water 1.9 mg/l (20 °C). In n-heptane...
Main Item Potassium nitrate Calcium nitrate SHMP
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0.1% Physcion AS, biopesticide, botanic virucide, organic, natural

Natural Plant Extracted Natural plant Effective Ingredient: natural Physcion >0.1% Characteristic: highly bioactive plant-derived fungicide; low toxicity and friendly to environment. Target diseases: Virus disease, yellow blight, anthracnose, spot...
Main Item pesticide
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CAS No.: 27306-78-1 China Manufacturer Super Spreading Agrochemical Adjuvant for Pesticide Bacterici

Silicone surfactant adjuvant for agricultural application, Superspreading surfactant whatsapp/tel: 8614707090699 Main ingredient silicone Function Super spreading and penetrating property, sustained effect, and tolerance property of rainfall....
Main Item Seaweed Fertilizer, Humic Acid, EDDHA Fe, Amino Acid Fertilizer, Foliar Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer, Silicone Adjuvant Surfactant, Znso4 Mgso4 Mnso4, Liquid Fertilizer, Fish Meal
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Best Selling Agrochemicals Pesticides CAS 94051-08-8 Quizalofop-P

Mode of Action: Quizalofop-p-ethy attacks the nerve system of insects and mites, causing paralysis within hours. The paralysis can not be reversed. Abamectin is active once eaten (stomach poison) although there is some contact activity. Maximum...
Main Item pharmaceutical intermediate; pesticide intermediate; nootropics; raw material of cosmetics
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Mepiquat Chloride WP 10%

Introduce (Mepiquat chloride) Specifications Commodity name:Mepiquat Chloride,Regulating pyridine,Healthy hormone Chemical name:1,1-Dimethylpiperidin-1-iumchloride CAS No:24307-26-4 Purity:98% Appearance:TC is white or yellowish crystal State:...
Main Item Mepiquat Chloride
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Copper Peptide

Benefits ---- Copper Peptide/GHK-Cu Increase collagen I, III, IV production Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Reduces acne scars Reduces stretch marks Tightens loose skin Improves skin elasticity Reduces inflammation and irritation Smooths rough skin...
Main Item customized peptides, beauty peptides
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lambda-cyhalothric acid

Lambda-cyhalothric Acid Common name: Lambda-cyhalothric acid Chemical name: Z-(1R,S)-cis-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2,2-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoro-1-propenyl)cyclopropanecarboxylic acid MF: C9H10CIF3O2 Molecular weight: 242.63 Cas No 72748-35-7 Physical &...
Main Item insecticide, fungicide
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