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H-309 Polyether modified silicone

DESCRIPTION H-309Polyether modified silicone is a superspreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate.Typically, H-309 spray adjuvant (@ 0.1 wt %) gives an aqueous surface tension of 20.5 mN/m. After the mixture with the pesticide solution...
Main Item H-408 Agricultural Organosilicone adjuvant, Super spreader Silicone adjuvant , Surfactant, Synergist, Trisiloxane, Wetting & Spreading addtive , Sticker
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Flumioxazin 480 g/L SC /51% WG / 51% DF /50% WP Flumioxazin 480 g/L SC /51% WG / 51% DF /50% WP Flumioxazin 480 g/L SC /51% WG / 51% DF /50% WP Flumioxazin 480 g/L SC /51% WG / 51% DF /50% WP

Flumioxazin 480 g/L SC /51% WG / 51% DF /50% WP

Flumioxazin 480 g/L SC Flumioxazin 51% WG Flumioxazin 51% DF Flumioxazin 50% WP Wechat: +86 13776508132 #agrobusiness #pesticides #herbicides #chemicals #cropprotection
Main Item R&D Agrochemical Formulations
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Cas No: 88149-49-9 Assay: 99.82% Appearance: White to off-white powder Molecular formula: C7H4Br2F3NO Molecular weight: 334.92
Main Item 6-Ethyl-5-fluoro-4-hydroxy pyrimidine, 4-Chloro-6-ethyl-5-fluoro pyrimidine
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Manufacture Organic Fulvic Acid for Agriculture

: brown powder, water-soluble. It contains high content of organic nitrogen and acidic groups able to chelate strongly with trace elements; And so is suitable to be used as a synergistic agent of foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer and liquid...
Main Item water reducer
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Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA)

MONOCHLOROACETIC ACID (MCA) (ClCH2CO2H) is a colorless or white crystalline solid, highly hygroscopic, sharp odor, inflammable, soluble in water and common organic solvent. MCA is organochlorine compound is a useful building-block in organic...
Main Item Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)
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Product Name Metaldehyde Chemical Name 1,3,5,7-Tetroxocane, 2,4,6,8-tetramethyl- CAS No 108-62-3 Appearance White needle crystal Specifications (COA) Asasy: 99% min Acetaldehyde: 0.2% max Paraldehyde: 0.8% max Formulations 99%TC, 96% TC, 6%GR,...
Main Item Hydroxyapatite
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2%,25%,50%,70% Pyrethrum CAS No.: 8003-34-7 Other Names: Pyrethrin/Pyrethrum MF: EINECS No.: Purity: 25%-70%, 25%, 50% Application: Insecticide Pyrethrin1 / Pyrethrin2: 1.10-1.45 Specifications Natural Pyrethrum in insecticide: 1.25%-70%, 50%, 25%...
Main Item Triacontanol, Giberrelic acid,
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Main Item Abscisic acid (CAS 14375-45-2)
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USE Controls aphids, leafhoppers, thrips, whiteflies on rice and glasshouse crops. Mechanism: major role in insect nerve, and the other new compounds similar to nicotine. Application: mainly used for rice, vegetables and other control sucking...
Main Item Textile softener
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Ugilon-A Applications: Protection of plants, fruits, etc. Features: * Protects crops from harmful bacteria due to rainwater * Additives to Lime Bordeaux Liquid * Prevents water from vaporing during drought * Gives luster to flowering plants *...
Main Item Fixing Agent. Eco-friendly pesticides.Plant Nutrients.Water repellent wax. Wax c
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Mancozeb+Metalaxyl, 72% WP

We are a Chinese supplier for Agrochemicals (Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide). The followings are our latest product list: Glyphosate 480g/L SL Glyphosate Potassium 660g/L SL Glyphosate DMA 608g/L SL Glyphosate Ammonium 75.7% SG 2,4-D Amine Salt...
Main Item Glyphosate, Imidacloprid, methomyl, Mancozeb
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triterpenoid saponinrfactant

The series product of Saponin is developed be our company CHOISUN as a natural adjuvant of non-ion surface-active agent. It is in aleading technologe with its notoxicity, minimum pollution, and easy to use. There are two kinds of thesaponin in the...
Main Item Camellia oil, Tea seed meal, tea sapnion
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Sodium p-nitrophenolate

Product name: Content : 98%TC, Cas No: 824-78-2 Molecular formula: C6H4NO3Na Molecular Weight: 161.09 Physics and chemical properties: It is yellow sheet crystal; Stable in room temperature. Have special smell. 1. To be used as plant A, rapid the...
Main Item fertilizer, plant growth regulator, plant nutrition
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Cyanamide 50%

Cyanamide is a common agricultural rest-breaking agent applied in spring to stimulate uniform opening of buds, early foliation and bloom. Cyanamide can effectively compensate for the moderate lack of chilling units accumulated in the previous...
Main Item herbicide
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bifenthrin acid

CAS NO.: 72748-35-7 Name: Bifenthrin Acid,Lambda-cyhalothric Formula: C9H10CIF3O2 Mol.Wt: 242.62 Melting Point: 107-109 Boiling point:271.6 at 760 mmHg Purity: 99.5%min Water-solubility:soluble in benzene, chloroform, ethyl acetate, insoluble in...
Main Item Dibenzoylmethane , PVC stabilizer
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Effective against Coleopterous and Lepidopterous insects, especially Colorado potato beetle, diamondback moth, grass leafroller, rice stem borer, thrips, etc. (Rat): Oral LD50 345 mg/kg (male) 98% Min Tech,50%SP,Cartap 4%GR Catalog: Inseticide CAS...
Main Item Inseticide Herbicide Fungicide Fine Chemicals
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Quick Details: Classification: Other CAS No.: 7778-39-4 Place of Origin: South Africa Purity: 97% min Appearance: Pure white crystalline powder with ... Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: 25KG 250KG, open steel barrel with screw, open steel...
South Africa
Main Item Chemicals, Sea Food Fresh Food
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Appearanceļ¼šColorless transparent or light amber Liquid Odorļ¼š Moderate polyether Boiling point: > 150 °C at STP unless specified below.Copolymer Melting point: -8 °C at STP unless specified below.(pour point) PH Not available Specific gravity...
Main Item silane, silane coupling agent, silazane, siloxane
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Aluminium Phosphide Tablet

Applicable standard: GH5452 2001 Pesticide registration NO.: PD84121-8 Pesticide producing license NO.: XK13-129 0009 Structural formula: ALP. Formulation:Tablets Aluminium Phosphide Content: More than 56% Tablets weight: 3.0gram/tablet Anti-crush...
Main Item Aluminium Phosphide, Profenofos, Methomy
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CAS:138261-41-3 Purity:>95%TC Package:25kg Imidacloprid has a wide range of uses - soil, seed and foliar. It is used to control sucking insects such as rice-, leaf- and plant hoppers, aphids, thrips and whitefly. It is also effective against soil...
Main Item insecticides, pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemical , EVA PE foam, basis paper
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