Wanted: POTASSIUM NITRATE 13:00:45

Apr 21, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam, We want to import the below mentioned Chemicals for INDIA market, in large quantity. Commodity : POTASSIUM NITRATE 13:00:45 Required Specifications : 1) Total Nitrogen (all in Nitrate form), % by weight min : 13.00 % 2) Water...

Wanted: Buy Potassium nitrate

Dec 19, 2010
We require Potassium nitrate about 30 Mt/month on regular basis. Contact +91 9445179207 / 7639072482 / 9444842216 kjtechnologies{at}gmail[dot]com

Wanted: Buy Urea NPK and other fertilizers by container loads

Mar 2, 2008
We are interetsed in the follwoing by container loads. NPK 0-20-0 0-46-0 11-15-15 15-15-15 16-20-0 20-10-0 OTHER 25-0-0 (ammonium nitrate) 34,5-0-0 (ammonium nitrate) 40-0-0 + Sulfur 46-0-0 (urea) MAP MKP KNO3 Potassium Sulfate Phosphoric acid 85%...


Mar 15, 2007
POTASSIUM NITRATE 99.7% is our strong item Please quote best CNFC3 Karachi port price indicating detailed specification, your company introduction, packing, origin and shipment schedule. Best Regards, M.N.Abbasi Dynamic Enterprises Pakistan.

Wanted: calcium ammonium nitrate;calcium nitrate

Nov 6, 2006
Dear sirs, We gives priority to international trade engaging mainly in business on chemical material, chemical fertilizer,Now we need purchase granular calcium nitrate,calcium ammonium nitrate;granular potassium nitrate and Amino Acid. If any...

Wanted: want to buy Potassium bichromate(K2Cr2O7), Nickel oxide(NiO), Silver nitrate(AgNO3)

Apr 24, 2006
Dear sir, Give me the competitive price of these chemical ( for industrial): 1. Potassium bichromate (K2Cr2O7) 2. Nickel oxide (NiO). 3. Silver Nitrate (AgNO3). price include: * CIF Hochiminh city - Vietnam. * VAT.

Wanted: Want to buy fertilizers

Dec 15, 2005
Dear Sir, We are looking for Water soluble fertilizers specified the fowllowing. NPK 19:19:19, 18:18:18, 20:20:20, 06:12:36, 13:40:13, 00:52:34 (MKP), 12:61:00 (MAP) 13:00:45 (Potassium nitrate), 00:00:50 (SOP), and Calcium Nitrate (granular).

Wanted: Potassium Bicarbonate

Dec 18, 2000
Dear Sir, We regularly require Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Bicarbonate. Please Quote CIF Mumbai (India) for FCLs giving full specifications of these products