Wanted: purchasing reclaim silicon scrap

Feb 9, 2023
We reclaim Solar Silicon scrap,both mono/poly silicon solar cell scrap are welcome. Contact Us Now! All you have to do is call us, we make all logistical arrangements! We can de-install solar arrays and solar installs. We pay all the freight! We...

Wanted: Solar battery, solar battery, broken silicon material, polysilicon, solar module

May 3, 2014
Zhejiang Hong Xingui Pioneer Metals corporation specializing in recovery was founded in 2002 and precious metal recovery and purification of the integrated enterprise, the company spirit of sincerity, mutual benefit and win-win principle, for the...

Wanted: Buying Solar cells Broken pieces

Apr 7, 2011
I need large quantities of solar cells broken pieces, broken wafers and polysilicon.

Wanted: Silicon ingots or polysilicon chunks

Feb 26, 2011
I am looking for Silicon ingots or polysilicon chunks. The quality will be categoried as several aspects. So just contect to me, and I'd like to purchase lots of amount in the long term of cooperation.

Wanted: B grade wafer and broken ingot

Nov 5, 2010
We are currently purchasing solar cell,wafer, ingot, polysilicon including off-specification and B grade wafer ingot and other solar materials in large quantity. If you can provide us those materials please contact me.

Wanted: Buy polysilicon 6N solar grade in large quantity

Oct 9, 2010
We'd like import the following prouct alongwith the Spec requirement. Kindly please quote your best price, payment, and delivery time. Product: Polysilicon, Solar Grade Spec︰ 1. Si︰≧99.9999% (6N) 2. B︰〈0.20ppba 3.P︰〈0.90ppba 4. C︰〈1.00ppba 5....

Wanted: buying polysilicon

Aug 14, 2008
polysilicon ,mre than 6N,Resistance rate of not less than 0.5

Wanted: purchasing large quantity polysilicon materials

Jul 17, 2008
Dear Sir/Madam, We are the leading manufacturer of solar energy system company in China which was founded 1997. For further information, please refers to We are purchasing large quanities polysilicon materials inculding...


Oct 27, 2007
I'm a buyer from Creative electronic industrial. , Ltd in the mainland of China. Currently we are in demand of large Q'ty of POLYSILICON. If you have any stock of POLYSILICON, please send the specific information of POLYSILICON and the sample's...

Wanted: buy polysilicon and scrap of ingot

Oct 9, 2007
United States
I need polysilicon and scrap of ingot 30 ton each month. I am interested in long term supply for my comany in China. 1. Ploysilicon (purity 99.9999%). 2. Ingots scrap from semiconductor grade or solar grade silicon. P Type resistivity>; N...
United States

Wanted: Buy polysilicon

Sep 14, 2007
We are looking forward for the polysilicon block as follows: 1. The parameter of polysilicon Boron 20mm ②small block >2mm Appearance: Even if the surface have the carbon available 2. Tailing Resistivity: N type>1 P type>0.5 Dimension:...

Wanted: want to buy Polysilicon Chunks 6N Purity 99.9999%

Jul 20, 2006
DEar sir, We want to buy 4MT per month of polysilicon Chunks 6N 99.9999% for making solar grade ingots/wafers.

Wanted: buy reclaimed silicon wafer

Jun 20, 2006
We are continuously purchasing large quantity polycrystalline silicon, reclaimed wafer and silicon scraps that may have fallen out of your process, such as: broken wafer(Bare), pot-scrap, top/tail silicon and etc: For Polysilicon, we need the...

Wanted: buy polysilicon

May 19, 2006
United States
we are intrested in polysilicon wafer and chunk>99.9999% and like to establish win-win, long term relationship with you. If interested in,please contact us.
United States

Wanted: buy silicon raw material

Aug 7, 2005
our company want to buy the raw silicon material(such as the Top&tail monocrystalline silicon ingot,polysilicon and so on) for the solar single crystalline ingot,if you have, pls contract me, thanks!