Wanted: POLYOL

Jan 10, 2022
We want to buy Polyether Polyol PPG Polypropylene Glycol molecular weight 3000 Hydroxyl value 56-58 cfr, Karachi, Pakistan basis

Wanted: TDI/PPG from Korea for Polyurethane industry

Sep 26, 2011
Looking for Polyurethane raw materials from Korea. Traders supplying TDI, PPG/Polyether Polyol from SK, KPX, OCI etc. in Korea, please email prices for following: 1. Toluene Diisocyanate/TDI 80/20 2. PPG/Polyether Polyol OH 56 (+/-2%), Molecular...

Wanted: Polyether Polyol

Mar 12, 2009
We need polyether polyol for our factory flexible foam for Mattress, furniture regular basis. among this order we also buy TDI, actually we buy both from Bayer,Shell, DOW plastics and some resources from Korea. please advise in case you can supply...