Oct 5, 2010
Our client is interested to find a supplier of different kinds of plastic scraps such as: LDPE sheet scrap: max monthly ton purchase 500 LDPE scrap: max monthly ton purchase 500 HDPE sheet scrap: max monthly ton purchase 200 HDPE scrap: max monthly...

Wanted: waste PET bottles in Dubai

Sep 24, 2010
I would like to buy waste (scrap) PET bottles or other kind of plastic scrap, waste.

Wanted: LDPE Film

Sep 3, 2010
United States
we looking for LDPE Film for local manufacture & export to china,pls send me info as pics,monthly volume,price,we go from there. best regards jerry jin
United States

Wanted: Plastic Materials Wanted

Jul 26, 2010
Hong Kong
Our company has been in plastic scrap industry for over ten years. We do collect scrap, regrind, off-grade, and even prime virgin. We could handle most kinds of plastic materials, like PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PPS, POM, PBT, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET,...
Hong Kong

Wanted: scrap plastics

Jun 3, 2010
scrap plastics from food packaging or medical field with good and purity quality.if you or your company have such resources,please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Wanted: PET Flakes

May 13, 2010
We're are looking to buy PET flake scraps. Please send offer with photos and spec information. Any serious supplier is welcome

Wanted: Plastic scrap

May 9, 2010
Dear Sir, We import and export plastic scraps like HDPE,LDPE, PP, PVC, PET,plastics in bulk.Please contact.

Wanted: purchase renewable plastic scrap from Germany

Apr 26, 2010
We will attend the the 13th conference on Waste Plastic in Bad Neuenahr by BVSE on June, 8, 2010. During our tour in German , in order to find potential renewable plastics scrap supplier from Germany we plan to visit some plastic scrap plants . Any...

Wanted: plastic scrap

Mar 24, 2010
Dutch Export Beheer LTD For those who are concerned Dutch export group Asia is a company witch is operating in the plastic and paper scraps and prime materials in all kind off forms or colours. Also we have our own facilities in Hong Kong, this...

Wanted: TPE, TPU, PMMA 372 Acrylic, Nylon, PC, PS, ABS/SAN (AS), PVB PBT scrap

Mar 13, 2010
As a trading company with worldwide suppliers and customers, we buy a wide range of plastic scrap/lumps/blocks/off grade pellets from TPE, TPU, PMMA 372 Acrylic, Nylon, PC, PS, ABS/SAN (AS), PVB and PBT etc from post industry. We would like to...

Wanted: Bopp Polyester PVC Self Adhesive

Feb 15, 2010
We are interested in stock lots and left overs of BOPP films, Polyester films, Nylon films, PVC Films, PE Film, Pipe Scrap, Plastic Scrap, Self Adhesive Glass film, Self Adhesive Stickers, Vinyl and allied products

Wanted: Wanted: GPPS / PS scraps (non-colored / glass like)

Feb 11, 2010
My name is Siendy, and our company is working in the plastic manufacturing industry. We are currently looking for PS / GPPS scraps. The materials must be clear, non-colored, no moist, no other impurities, little or none label/prints. The material...

Wanted: drained scrap vehicle battery

Jan 29, 2010
I'm looking for drained and dry lead acid scrap vehicle battery. The details are as follows: 1. Goods: scrap lead vehicle battery, drained and dry, free from any acid liquid 2. Qty: first trial order 100MT, packed by plastic pallet 3. FOB HK or...

Wanted: waste plastic,waste copper,scrap cans

Oct 30, 2009
we are interested in these products,please contact me.

Wanted: plastic scrap PVB

Oct 21, 2009
we need buy the PVB plastic scrap .please see the attachment.if u can offer tell me wheather u can offer the AQSIQ or CICCï¼›please give me ideal about ur company .or call me 15205562733 my mail is baobaoshei my msn is baobaoshei

Wanted: PVB scrap needed

Oct 5, 2009
Dear Sir or Madam We are an engineering plastic manufacturer, we need large amount of ABS,PC,PA,PS,EVA,PBT,POM,and PVB. Currently, we are looking for PVB natural color in offcut, trimming, powder and lump. if you have them available, please feel...

Wanted: Plastic resin

Aug 3, 2009
We are importer in Vietnam. We are looking for virgin and top grade LDPE, HDPE repro or scrap. We have our own factory producing PE bag 200 ton/m.

Wanted: our need is of PLASTIC HDPE FLAKES of pipes/ drums/bottels and granules/pellets of HDPE of pipes/ dr

Jun 24, 2009
hi how are you? i m from INDIA my name is Harsimran jt Singh . our company name is SM plastic in city Patiala, Punjab INDIA. we are doing good in India . for more good result we are looking plastic scrap from other countries . our need is of...

Wanted: LDPE film wanted

Jun 10, 2009
we are end-user in Cixi China with 10 years. we are in regulare demand for PET used bottle,PET clear flakes,PET other scrap ,HDPE milk bottle and LDPE film if you have availability resoucres pls kindly contact me to be our partnership....