Potassium Phosphate Monobasic MKP Fertilizer

Potassium Phosphate Monobasic MKP Fertilizer MPK used in medicine, food industry and making metaphosphates. White crystal Synonym: Monopotassium Phosphate Chemical formula: KH2PO4 Molecular weight: 136.09 Standard executed: HG2321-1992 Properties:...
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Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP)

1. Quick Details Brand Name: REAPCHEM Pro Name: Mono Potassium Phosphate Other Name: MKP Place of Origin: Shandong, China Molecular Formula: KH2PO4 Molecular weight: 136.09 CAS No: 7778-77-0 Appearance: White or colorless crystal 2. Packaging &...
Main Item Potassium nitrate Calcium nitrate SHMP
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Compound Fertilizer

Compound Fertilizer NPK Compound/Complex Fertilizer NPK Compound/Complex Fertilizers which contain Nitrogen(N), Phosphate(P2O5) and Potassium(K2O) usually are produced by mixing straight fertilizers. In some cases, chemical reactions occur between...
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Fertilizer and Urea

Good quality fertilizers available Biological Fertilizer Compound Fertilizer Nitrogen Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer Phosphate Fertilizer Potassium Fertilizer
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Phosphate Guano Fertilizer

Phosphorus Guano or Guano Phosphate is fertilizers with very high content of P2O5, in addition to calcium, and magnesium. This product is very suitable to be used to fertilize crops and plantations. Phosphorus Guano produced in the form of granules...
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NPK UREA Compound Fertilizer Nitrogen Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer Other Fertilizers Phosphate Fertilizer Plant Food Potassium Fertilizer Urea -446
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Diammonium Phosphate Compound Fertilizer

Product Name: Diammonium Phosphate DAP fertilizer 1.Nitrogen:16-18%, 2.Phosphte(P2O5):46-48,Total N+P2O5:64%min, 3.Moisture:3.0%max,Size(1-4mm):90%min. Properties:White granular crystal,relative density at 1.619,melting point at 155oC,easily...
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Struvite Mineral(magnesium ammonium phosphate MAP) for fertilizers P2O5 30% BPL

Struvite (MgNH4PO4.6H2O), sometimes also called Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Hexahydrate (MAP). Struvite is a bioavailable, slow-release fertiliser; it is compact and can be stored, transported and applied easily, and does not smell. Struvite,...
Main Item guano phosphate, feather meal, rock phosphate, barite (natural barium sulfate BaSo4), SSP, TSP, PMS and so on for agriculture organic fertilizers and animal feed industry
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Urea phosphate(UP)

Molecular formula: H3PO4 .CO(NH2 )2 Properties: White crystal,melting point at 117.3 °C . UP is a fully water-soluble urea phosphate fertilizer, it is an acid fertilizer containing 17% N and 44% P2O5 with anti-clogging properties.100% Completely...
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Dr.Aid quality agriculture usd complex compound NPK fertilizer

Dr.Aid quality agriculture usd complex compound NPK fertilizer Compound Fertilizer Description Brand: Dr.Aid HS CODE: 3105909000 Nutrition: 60% NPK Ratio: 20-20-20 N.W.: 40kg Application: Vegetables, fruits, fruit trees, tobacco and tea trees NPK...
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Tech grade Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate -12-61-10

Tech grade Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate (ADP), Wikipedia Also known as monoammonium phosphate (MAP)[5] is a chemical compound with the chemical formula (NH4)(H2PO4). ADP is a major ingredient of agricultural fertilizers[6] and some fire...
Main Item Tech grade potassium dihydrogenphosphate 00-52-34.
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Diammonium Phosphate Base Fertilizer

Diammonium phosphate agricultural grade 1)Purity: 99%Min; P2O5: 53%min; N: 20%min 2)SGS Certificate 3)Packing: N. W: 9kgs or 25kgs ba 1. Diammonium phosphate, DAP agriculturalgrade 2. Appearance: White crystal 3. Formula: (NH4)2HPO4 4. Content:...
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fertilizer DAP diammonium phosphate

hanna at sdddhg dot com Is a product with high solubility in water, which ensures a rapid response to fertilization. As reaction fertilizer in the soil around a granule acidicication is generated that improves the utilization of phosphorus applied...
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Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade

Factory price dap fertilizer 18-46-0 specification agriculture grade

Diammonium phosphate is soluble in water, dissolved solid less, Suitable for various crops on nitrogen and phosphorus, especially suitable for fertilizer, in the drought area for base fertilizer, top application and seed fertilizer. Specification...
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Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate

Classification: Phosphate Fertilizer Type: MAP CAS No.: 7722-76-1 Other Names: phosphate fertilizer-map MF: NH4H2PO4 EINECS No.: 231-464-3 Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Release Type: State: Powder Purity: 98%,99% Application:...
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Organic fertilizer production machinery improve soil organic matter content

With the promotion of consumption, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the improvement of green food demand, organic fertilizer ushers in a greater development opportunity. Then the following fertilizer production line manufacturers, will...
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SHIJIA hybrid Green round watermelon seeds

Shijia chinese high resistance hybrid f1 watermelon seeds Middle size fruit; Unit weight 8-10KG, Fruit easily. Middle early mature watermelon variety; Fruit requiring 28-30days to mature. High yield; low temperature resistance. Round shape, green...
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rock phosphate

Classification Phosphate Fertilizer Type Rock Phosphate Place of Origin Egypt Release Type Quick State Powder Purity 30%-29% Egyptian Rock Phosphate P2O5 Grade 27% up to 32% , As we are one of the biggest mining industry in egypt. Egyptian rock...
Main Item Rock phosphate
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Monoammonium Phosphate MAP Fertilizer

Characters: Molecular formula: NH4H2PO4; Molecular weight: 115.0; CAS Number: 7722-76-1; Properties: White granular crystal; Relative density at 1.803, Melting point at 190, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ketone,...
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Di Ammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

Di-Ammonium Phosphate, (NH4)2HPO4, is manufactured by the reaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid. Its nitrogen to phosphate ratio makes it an excellent direct application product or one that blends well with other fertilizer materials to produce a...
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