Affiliate Policy

EC Plaza Global Network - Franchise Proposal

In February 1996, EC PLAZA launched with the mission of becoming the best on-line B2B marketplace in the world. EC Plaza is now a leader in the categories of total page views, name-value and real transactions. EC Plaza remains dedicated to facilitating trade processing even more promptly and conveniently.

EC Plaza is striving to become the central e-Marketplace of the world. We are now rapidly expanding our global community network and will soon offer to every office of each country that has unique trade information and internet-based service.

EC Plaza has already set up local sites in the U.S.A., China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.A.E. Also new partnership contracts with Vietnam and Chile are recently in progress. EC Plaza is continuously working on developing the technical infrastructure to enable enterprises to conduct all aspects of global trade on/off-line while connected to our world network.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the EC Plaza's global networks, we suggest the following:

  1. Qualification
    • Someone who runs business in the local area
    • Someone who has the capability to secure investments and human resources
    • Someone who has a strong interest in e-commerce, internet, public relations, advertising, and travel
    • Someone who has strong ties with a specific industry
  2. Business Model
    • Establish a corporation as EC Plaza's regional center
    • Run EC Plaza's local e-marketplace
    • Develop & manage EC Plaza's local language site
    • Provide regionally specific services
    • Play a role in advertising & publishing
    • Trade mediator
    • Business Information / Distribution Service
    • Business Travel / Exhibition
    • Web-Phone / Web-Fax / Real Estate/ Technology / Manpower / Logistics etc.
  3. Initial Information Request(Answer all possible items)
    • Company name, address, fax and telephone number
    • Founded date and company history
    • Management bios
    • Number of employees and company structure
    • Capital assets and share holders or Investors
    • Current business categories
    • Revenue for each business category
    • Strategic partnerships
    • What information do you have on listed manufacturers or users?
    • Experience in general trade
    • Experience in Internet business & technology
    • Internet Infra & users in your country
    • Competitor or Niche player in your country
    • Local language
    • As an EC Plaza franchisee
      Business plan & Revenue model
      Initial capital & Schedule
      Manpower(Background of management team and specially in marketing, trading & system developing)
  4. Business & Contents Alliance Proposal

    EC Plaza is always seeking a progressive content and new business factors for internet trade on the variableforms of mutual partnership.

    EC Plaza is wide open to any companies that have an idea and contents on that matter, which would be a goodbusiness chance for us.

    We will be with you so that the partnership may proceed further.Thank you for your interest.

  5. Consulting & Contact Point
    • If you have a question or suggestion, please contact us. We typically respond to email within one business day.