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iron oxide black pigment

As an inorganic, non-toxic pigments, it is widely used as the colorant for many industrials. Packing Valve paper bag, compound bag, water-soluble plastic bag, low melting point plastic bag, woven plastic bag, bulk bag, etc. Are available. We can...
Main Item pigment
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Factory price Europe style cheese board with cheaper price set marble and wood

Products Description Products NameProducts Name Factory price Europe style cheese board with cheaper price set marble and wood Color White & Brown Usage For cheese , bread , fruit display Material Marble and acacia wood Size 20*1.2cm Logo Customer...
Main Item marble kitchenware products , wine accessories
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Humic Acid Powder/Leonardite

SH9001-1 Humic Acid Powder 1)Specification Appearance: black brown powder Size: 60-80 mesh Humic acid (dry base): 50%- 55% Organic matter (dry base): 60%-65% NPK: 3-5% 2) Package: 25kg /PP.woven bag or 25kg / paper bag with inner plastic lining...
Main Item Potassium Humate, Potassium Fulvic Humate, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Leonardite, Black Urea, Seaweed Extract, Compound Amino Acid, Sodium Humate
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Environmental Stone paper

Specifications 1. Tear resistance and folding endurance Stone Paper 2. Multi using purpose 3. Wide Printability 4. White & Colours . Stone Paper can be widely used for many territory. For disposable consumer items like garbage bags, shopping bags,...
Main Item straw/bagasse/bamboo pulp, parchment paper
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Magnesium Chloride Anhydrous

1.Block: 700-1350KG per block. Packing: wrapped by the plastic films and then wrapped with tonnage bag. 2.FLAKE: Size: 0-5.6mm (as pictures) & 0-10mm & 0-20mm Packing: 40KG plastic bags with the inner plastic,40*25pieces on pallet or without...
Main Item magnesium chloride anhydrous, bentonite
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pp woven bags

OUR BAGS ARE USED FOR PACKING: Industrial products: Chemicals, fertilizer, urea, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber; asbestos, coal. Food: Sugar, salt, paper, textiles. Animal feed: Bird feed, dog feed, cat feed, horse feed, fish meal, cattle feed....
Main Item polypropylene woven bags
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Iron oxide/red/yellow

Iron Oxide Red/Yellow/Black/Green/Brown Usage: paint, coating, concrete, cement, ceramics, etc. Packing:25kgs/bag(colored valve bag/craft paper compound bag/plastic woven bag lined with plastic film), wooden pallet; 500kgs or 600kgs or 1000kgs/bulk...
Main Item zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, formic acid, PTA, HDPE, PP
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Calcium Formate

Formula: Ca(HCOO)2 Formaula WT: 130.116 Capacity: 10000MT/Y Packing: In plastic bag or dampproof paper bags(25kg; 1000kg) Reaction Equation: 2HCOOH+CaCO3Ca(HCOO)2+H2O+CO2 Application: A kind of new feed additive which is used as feed acidification,...
Main Item steel products
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Humic Acid

Humic Acid CAS Registry Number 1415-93-6 EINECS 215-809-6 Purity: >65% Appearance: Black-brown flake/powder Packaging Detail: 1) Paper bags with PE liner, 25kg net; 2) Plastic woven bags with PE liner, 25kg net or 50kg net; Usage: 1) Agriculture :...
Main Item chemical materials
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Sodium Metabisulphite

Commodity: Sodium Metabisulphite Molecular Formula : Na2S2O5 Molecule Weight : 190.12 CAS NO .: 7681-57-4 HS Code: 28321000 Appearance : White Free Flowing Fine Crystal or Powder Packing: Packed in 25kg plastic woven bag, 25kg Kraft paper bag, 25kg...
Main Item Sodium Nitrite
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6302 6302 6302/Z1 Deep groove ball bearings

Industrial packaging: plastic bag + kraft paper + carton + plywood pallets; plastic tube + carton + plywood pallets Material Chrome Steel (Gcr15), Carbon steel ,Stainless steel Recommended models New models the old model specifications (dxDxB)...
Main Item Deep groove ball bearings
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iron oxide

Packing Details Net weight 25 kg in brown paper bag or knitting bag outside ,plastic bag inside.13 MT in the 20'FCL(iron oxide yellow);20 MT in the 20'FCL(iron oxide red/green/black/brown/blue/orange) 1.iron oxide red, blue, yellow, green, black......
Main Item ZnO, paraffin wax, TiO2, MgO, stearic acide, caustic soda, coumarone inden resins, accelerator, antioxidant
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Paper Sack

Sacks paper for cocoa products, paper Sacks to chemicals, carbon black, Sacks paper for tea, etc. Multi-wall paper bags used for packaging is very good tea, dry minerals, carbon black, cement and other products. Bags are made from several layers of...
Main Item Multi-wall paper sack
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Anionic PAM / Polyelectrolyte Powder For Soil Stabilization And Cement Making

1.Anionic Polyacrylamide A-3515 grade (APAM) can be used widely for Water treatment, oil drilling, Soil Stabilization and Cement making. 2.It is a water soluble polymer formed from acrylamide (a compound with the molecular formula C3H5NO) subunits....
Main Item Water Treatment Chemicals Coagulant & Flocculant
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Non-explosive Demolition Agent

Non-explosive Demolition Agent MNC-SCA Description MNC-SCA is a soundless and safe demolition agent which is quite different from ordinary demolition agents such as explosives and dangerous materials. It does not cause any fly rock, noise, ground...
Main Item Naphthalene Superplasticizer
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pp woven bag/sack making machine

PP woven bag /sacks whole plant project These machines use polypropylene (PP) or PE as raw material to produce plastic bags (PP woven bags), which are suitable for packing powder or solid materials such as fertilizer, cement, grain, salt, sugar,...
Main Item PP Woven Bag machinery, pp woven bag Production Line, plastic machine, circular loom, stretching and extruding machine, lamination machine, plastic cutting machine, Jumbo Bag, Leno loom, Cement bag, valve bag, Plastic bag making equipment, Lamination
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Automatic Bag Unloading Satation i

Automatic Bag Unloading Satation is suitable for discharging toxic, flammable and strong corrosion, high dust materials and occasions which not suitable for staff to access, and is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber,...
Main Item mechanical conveyors, discharging system
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Sodium Methylallyl Sulfonate(SMAS)

Product Name: Sodium Methylallyl Sulfonate(SMAS) Molecular Formula: C4H7SO3Na CAS NO.: 1561-92-8 Structural Formula: Molecular Weight: 158.156 We are a big manufacture in China ,we can guarantee the quality and price 99.5% Function: 1)It can be...
Main Item Sodium Allyl Sulfonate (SAS), Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate(SMAS), 2-Acrylamido-2-
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ICUMSA 45 ,CANE SUGAR Brazil Sugar/ICUMSA 45 Sugar/Cane Sugar (narumon 1986 group of companies)

Polypropylene woven bags can be produced in various types Common woven bags Food grade transparent PP woven bags by 100% new resin material. Breathable/ventilated PP woven bags. With PE laminated bags Bags with liner or PE inner bag. PP woven...
Main Item Office Paper, Brown Sugar, sugar icumsa 45
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portland cement 42.5 R

CEMENT & CLINKER STANDARD WE MEET: BRITISH Standard: BS 12/1996, EUROPEAN Standard: EN 197-1, AMERICAN Standard: ASTM C-150 CHINESE Standard GB175 CEM I 52,5 R CEM I 42,5 R CEM I 42,5 N CEM II 42,5 R CEM II 42,5 N CEM II/III 32,5 R P.O 52.5 R P.O...
United Kingdom
Main Item cement, clinker
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