Organic Fruit

Fresh Watermelon Fruit Fresh Watermelon Fruit Fresh Watermelon Fruit Fresh Watermelon Fruit Fresh Watermelon Fruit Fresh Watermelon Fruit

Fresh Watermelon Fruit

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a deliciously healthy fruit, soaked with nutrients, low in calories and is free of fat. When eaten in reasonable amounts watermelon is good for you and provides many health benefits. You can eat all parts of the...
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Buah manggis Buah manggis

Buah manggis

Manggis adalah sejenidiari daerah tropika yang diyakini berasal dari Semenanjung Malaya dan menyebar ke Kepulauan Nusantara. Tumbuh hingga mencapai 7 sampai 25 meter. Buahnya juga disebut manggis, berwarna merah keunguan ketika matang, meskipun ada...
Main Item Robusta&Arabica bean grade A origin Gayo, Sidikalang, Mandailing, semihusk/husked coconut origin Jambi, rempah-rempah origin Lampung, Sulawesi, Buah Nanas MD2, Buah manggis, Buah Naga
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Rainbow cherry tomato. GENTLE MATTO.

Rainbow cherry tomatoes of various flavors! Rainbow cherry tomatoes have good taste, different sugar content for each color, and excellent texture. They are loved especially by children for snacks due to their cute size and shape that can be eaten...
Main Item tomato
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Joyfarm Fresh Strawberry

Joyfarm was established in 2011, and since then, we have been consistently supplying fresh, high-quality strawberries. We produce, distribute, and export our produce. We send our fresh strawberries to domestic and international customers every day...
Main Item Strawberry
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Soursop Leaves

I/ HEALTH BENEFITS OF SOURSOP LEAVES – AGAINST CANCER CELLS Potential for Cancer Prevention A 2018 study reported that extracts from soursop fruit, as well as the tree's bark, roots, and leaves, had the therapeutic potential to combat cancer and...
Main Item Vietnam rice
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S-NONI NONI FRUIT MATERIAL This product provides large export service to the international market Product description 1.This product is the whole noni fruit without any processing,containing noni seeds and peel. 2.The cradle of noni:S-NONI original...
Main Item Noni leaven noni enzyme noni material pure noni juice noni powder noni tea noni leaf noni collagen noni soap noni seeds
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Vietnam fresh and delicious banana

Banana is one of the domestic agricultural products in Vietnam. In Southern Vietnam, the banana crop was cultivated mainly in the Mekong delta. Our company supply banana with the best price and highest quality. Our main markets: Chinese, Japan,...
Main Item Fruit and vegetables
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Organic dried pineapple in bulk by YAO FRUITS

Yao’s Organic Dried pineapple in bulk 2.5kg bags for your organic repacking or processing purposes. Our recommended all natural Sugarloaf pineapples are dehydrated down to just 14% moisture content to give these delicious and healthy organic...
Main Item Organic dried pineapple
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Organic flavor fruit powder,Instant fruit juice powder

We can provide all kinds of Fruit Juice Powder,such as Passionfruit powder,Pomegranate juice powder,Sour cherry juice powder,Mango juice powder,Orange juice powder,Pear juice powder, Pineapple juice powder,Strawberry juice powder, Lychee juice...
Main Item herb extract, fruit and vegetable powder
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Ningxia Pure Natural Organic Goji Berry

Chinese wolfberry is a traditional rare medicinal herbs, and a kind of nutritional supplements. It is known as "Sub-out Eyes" for its work of improving eyesight. 1. Nourishing the liver and improve visual acuity. 2. Improve human immune function,...
Main Item Lotus Seed, White Fungus, Bamboo Fungus, Shiitake Mushroom, Agrocybe Cylindracea
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Organic dried goji berry/ wolfberry made in China

we are selling goji berry with red colore or black color! Goji berry including dried goji berry , organic goji berry , goji juice, goji powder is provided at reasonable price!
Main Item Goji berry, dried goji berry
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Fresh Organic fruits.

Fresh Organic fruits. Fresh Organic fruits. Fresh Organic fruits. Fresh Organic fruits. Fresh Organic fruits.
South Africa
Main Item Fruits
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White Nectarine

In our processing centers, we have combined qualified workforce with high quality management to ensure delivering delicious and healthy products to our worldwide customers. Our products are distributed in selected locations in Turkey and exported...
South Africa
Main Item canned foods
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GAC Super Fruit

Super Fruit from Heaven = * Anti-aging Antioxidant * Away from cancer of lung, stomach & skin aging * Protect from Prostate gland & heart disease * Macular (eye) degeneration 30 times Lycopene than Tomatos 6 times Beta Carotene than Carrots 3 times...
Main Item Water Purifier
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Main Item agricultural product
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White Lotus Seed

Lotus seed is the seed of water lily herbaceous plant. It also called lotus flesh, lotus rice and lotus fruit. Lotus seed or Semen Nelumbinis belongs to mature seed of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. Main ingredients: Lotus seed has high nutritional...
Main Item Nanfeng mandarin orange, Shatang mandarin orange, Navel orange, Lotus seeds
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lemon FOB Price: US $ 500 - 700 / Ton Get Latest Price Port: vietnam Port Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Container 40'' Supply Ability: 300 - 500 Ton/ Tons per Month Payment Terms: L/C & T/T We would like to introduce company We exported to many...
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