Wanted: WTB Clutch Disk and Pressure Plate

Apr 13, 2023
Sourcing Korean suppliers for KIA Sportage 1998-2002 and 2014-2022 models parts including Clutch disk, Pressure Plate, Bearing, Fuel Pump, Oil Pump, Bearing, Fuel Filter, Radiator Water Pump etc. Please send us your quotes with FOB rates, Packing,...

Wanted: Oil Filters,fuel pumps needed urgently

Jul 1, 2019
We are in need of urgent fuel pumps,fuel filters,oil filters for Nissan,Toyota and most Japanese cars

Wanted: enquiry based on attached file for caterpillar Spare parts for firefighter pumps

May 24, 2016
Greetings ! We are a very big supplier of oil and gas equipment company in iran. Please find my enquiry based on attached file for caterpillar Spare parts for firefighter pumps , Please advise me in this regards. Best Regards Rambod Kavoshizadeh...

Wanted: Inquiry for compactor oil pump

Dec 7, 2012
We need to buy compactor oil pump of the fallowing specification Quantity 1 Serial no. C080921253 model code 90R075MA1BC80S3 Compactor model XG 6141 year of manufacture 2008, SN 201B , 150HP 6 cylinder Brand Saim china

Wanted: Buy fragrance oils for HVAC system

Dec 4, 2012
We buy fragrance/perfume oil use for HVAC used in hotel lobbies, The process of machine is using "pression pump " transform liquid perfume/aroma oil in gas/air making nebulization and connected with central air conditioners. Our requirements of...

Wanted: Suzuki Alto, Mehran, Liana, Van ST308 Parts required

Dec 12, 2011
We need parts for Suzuki car like Oil Pump, Oil Pump Kit Synchronizer Rings Wheel Cylinders Master Cylinders Piston Piston Ring Switch Ignition Reverse Switch

Wanted: 1000sets of 8HP engine urgently needed

Apr 26, 2009
We are now in urgent need of 1000sets of 8HP engines driven by gasoline or disel oil to be mounted on fire pump system. We need the price urgently within tommorrow(within April 27th) to bid a big project next Tuesday. Any supllier who are able to...

Wanted: Piston guide tube for Oil Pump

May 18, 2006
We are looking for a piston guide tube used in Oil Pumps. Please look carefully at the material specifications on the drawing. If drawing is not cleare enough please contact us e-mail sales(at)trochocentric (dot) com. The yearly need will be about...

Wanted: want to buy pump & filter

Jun 1, 2005
Dear Sir, We are looking for ; 1. Oil Pump - 21310 226500(Hyundai, Verna) - KKY01 14 100B(Kia, Pride) - 9041274 3543(DaeWoo, Cielo) 2. Water Pump - OK930-15-010(Kia, Pride) - 96352648(DaeWoo, Cielo) 3. Fuel Filter - KB359 20 490A(Kia, Pride) -...

Wanted: Pipeline Business proposals(oil)

Jun 25, 2003
1. CIP Survey with Direct Current Voltage Gradient for Mobass-Nairobi Pipeline Cathodic Protection : 2. Pump set field instruments comprising of pressure switches, pressure gauges and flow switches: Pressure Switches-Quantity 2 Pressure...

Wanted: sell electric oil submersible pump, the electric water submersible motor,the sewage motor

Jul 1, 2001
The Tianjin TEMTEX Electric Submersible Pump Co. Ltd(TEMTEX) is established by a sino-American Joint Venture and registered in Tianjin, China. This Company , which devotes to developo and manufacture the electric oil submersible pump, the electric...