leather tanning materials

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Jul 10, 2012
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we want to import mimosa, wattle extract.

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Wanted: Quebracho Extract

Jul 11, 2007
We are interested to buy Quebracho Extract, wattle extract, mimosa, sodium sulphide, formic acid etc. If you have scope to supply pls contact us.

Wanted: Cow, Goat Crust Leather From Bangladesh

Sep 7, 2006
We want to represent importers of crust and finished leather of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo from Bangladesh. Intersted parties may try us to buy from Bangladesh. Thanks and best regards, Iqbal Ansari Tel: 880-2-9662260 Mob: 880-1715035122 Fax:...

Wanted: Wat To Buy Autobrick Manufacturing Plant

Oct 26, 2005
we want to buy auto brick manufacturing plant having capacity 50,000 pcs per day.

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Mar 13, 2020
I want Irpex Lacteus Extract, for my research work. Can you please share quotation and delivery timeline up to door step delivery at below address. City: Solan, State: Himachal Pradesh, Country: India. Pin Code: 173212. Name: Isha Sharma Research...

Wanted: Buying Demand Of Deodorized Distillated Soybean Oil

Sep 27, 2016
Dear Sir or Madam, How are you? Nice to contact with you on whatsapp. This is Iris Fang from Jiangsu YNY biotechnology Co., Ltd. China, we saw your supplying information of Soybean Oil Deodorized Distillate on website. We would like to enquire...

Wanted: Pine Bark Extract Manufacturer

Feb 24, 2016
Short introduction: OPCs from pine bark decrease symptoms of chronic inflammation. In vitro studies demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects may be due to inhibition of peroxide generation by macrophages.In addition, animal studies demonstrate OPCs...

Wanted: Conton Oil Deodorizer Distillate

Jul 29, 2015
Dongying Goodfaith Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd is located at No.72, FuqianStreet,Dongying,Shandong,China. is one leading professional importer of Edible oil Derivative and exporter of oilseeds. Our main imported products: Soybean Oil Deodorized...

Wanted: Organic Pinellia Tuber P.E.

Apr 13, 2015
This plant is toxic in raw form and must be processed.Pinellia Tuber is known as the herb effective in removing dampness-phlegm, one of the causes of obesity in traditional Chinese medicine.One study found that high doses of Pinellia extract...

Wanted: All Kinds Of Plant Extract

Dec 24, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, Have a nice day! Hope you everything goes well. This is sophia and from China. We are factory specializing in plant extract, such as, bilberry extract, Echinacea extract, ginger extract and so on. We also have branch offices in the...

Wanted: Valerian Root Extract

Apr 29, 2014
Product Name:Valerian Root Extract Latin name: Valeriana offeinalis L Part of used: Rhizome and root Apperance: Brown Fine Powder Active ingredient : Valeric Acids Valerian Extract Specification : 0.4%Valeric Acids(HPLC)/5:1/10:1/10:1(Grain...

Wanted: Whitening Creams

Jan 17, 2010
United Kingdom
Hiya I am looking for good whitening creams for asian pakistani skin, preferable from Pakistan. Please get in touch. Thanks

Wanted: Beeswax

May 2, 2009
United States
Looking to purchase organic Beeswax

Wanted: White Medical Petroleum Jelly BP98

Oct 7, 2008
Dear Sir, We are interested to import white petroleum jelly equivalent to BP98. Qty: 36 M.T the companies who are dealing in this product please contact us immediately for further informations.
Listed on Jul 10, 2012