Fire Extinguishers

Posted Date:
Aug 8, 2011
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Dear Sirs, We have a requirement for following Fire Extinguishers:- 200 Pcs DCP BC 82% 4Kg 400 Pcs DCP BC 82% 6Kg 20 Pcs DCP BC 82% 50Kg Trolley Mounted 200 Pcs Co2 3Kg 100 Pcs Co2 5Kg 100 Pcs Foam AFFF 9Lit 50 Pcs Dry Powder ABC 6Kg .....

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Wanted: Fire Fextinguisher

Nov 7, 2010
Dear Sirs, We require the following Fire Extinguishers:- 1. Dry Powder BC 4Kg, 5Kg & 6Kg including 50Kg Trolley Mounted 2. Dry Powder ABC Automatic (Suspended) 6Kg 3. Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) 3Kg & 5Kg 4. Foam AFFF 9Lit 5. Water Type 9Lit Please note...

Wanted: Tooth Brushes

Oct 29, 2010
Dear Sirs, We are interested in the import of Regular Adult Tooth Brushes (with Cap) individually packed, having Medium and Soft Strength. Please quote us your lowest C&F Karachi by Sea prices. Also intimate the minumum order quantity. Best...

Wanted: Activated Carbon

Dec 22, 2008
Dear Sirs, We have a requirement for 5,000Kgs Anthracite Based Activated Carbon with the following specifications:- Size: 1.5mm Cylindrical Form Mesh: 10-20 Mesh 99% Hardness: Over 90% Moisture: 2% Max. Iodine No. 950-1000 mg/g CTC: 60% Min. Bulk...

Wanted: Rquire Potassium Carbonate

Oct 15, 2008
Dear Sirs, We have a requirement for following:- Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3) Industrial Grade Quantity: 10 M/T Potassium Carbonate (as K2CO3) 99.51 wt.% min.solid Potassium Hydroxide (as KOH) 0.10 wt.% max. Potassium Chloride (as KCL) 0,004 wt. %...

Wanted: Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate

Jul 30, 2007
We have a requirement for 20M/Tons (1FCL) Zinc Sulphate HeptaHydrate - ZNSO4 7H20 (Commercial Grade). Should contain Minimum 23Pct of Zinc (ZN). Request please send your most competitive C&F Net Karachi price. Best reards, Noor.

Wanted: Fire Fighting Equipment

Jun 24, 2007
Dear Sirs, We have a requirement for following Fire Extinguishers:- Co2 3Kg - 300Pcs Co2 5Kg - 100Pcs DCP BC – 2Kg – 200Pcs DCP BC – 3Kg – 100Pcs DCP BC – 4Kg – 100Pcs DCP BC – 5Kg – 100Pcs DCP BC – 6Kg – 400Pcs DCP BC – 50Kg (Trolley) – 20Pcs...

Wanted: Potassium Carbonate 99.6%

Apr 10, 2007
Dear Sir, We have a requirement for 20 M/Tons Potassium Carbonate 99.6% having following specifications:- Purity of K2 CO3 : 99.6% KOH : 0.1 KHCO3 : 0.14% CL : 25 PPM You are requested to please quote your most competitive C&F Karachi price giving...

Wanted: Dry Chemical Powder

Mar 5, 2007
Dear Sirs, We require 20 M/Tons (1FCL), Dry Chemical Powder BC 40%, Packed in 25Kg Plastic Woven Bags with Inside Polythene Bags. Request please quote your lowest acceptable C&F Net Karachi price. Best Regards, Noor.
Listed on Aug 8, 2011