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Sep 21, 2023
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Please quote me the price. Shipping to Singapore

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Wanted: Hakusanju Granule Gold EX (100% Agaricus Powder)

Sep 21, 2023
Please supply to me 8 boxes of Hakusanju Granule Gold Ex. Kindly let me know: 1) how many packets in a box? 2) How much per box? 3) How much is 8 boxes? 4) Shipping charges?

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Wanted: Need Monobenzone From India

Jul 28, 2023
We need monobenzone, please contact us if you can supply.

Wanted: Looking For Tb 500, BPC 157, Mt2 USA

Mar 20, 2023
United States
Looking for several peptides including: And is willing to send several samples immediately. Hexarelin Sermorelin Tesamorelin HGH frag. 176-191 Cjc 1295 300 Cjc 1295 without DAC Melanotan 1 10mg Proapoptotic Oxytocin Thymoson Beta 4 Ado9604 Epo...

Wanted: Supplements & Herbal Medicines

Mar 1, 2023
We are looking for Supplements & Herbal extract Medicines Suppliers , please send us quote for the following products; Ginseng Slim Tea,Jiao Gu lan tea,Infusion dendronii powder,Fish oliver oil capsules(vitamin A&D),Fish Oliver oil soft...

Wanted: Sex Enhancement/Research Chemicals Inquire

Sep 12, 2022
United States
We are looking for sample orders on the best product for ongoing wholesale business. Must Accept PayPal for the first couple of orders, then we can pay with Crypto. Must prove to us you are legitimate in the beginning. Please be patient with us...

Wanted: Korean Premium Black Ginseng

Aug 16, 2022
Hi, I'm adrian. Our company is dealing with Korean Premium Black Ginseng. All Ginseng are solely own by our Korean Parents company. We have various types of Ginsengs that are grown by us in Korea. We do not purchase and Ginseng from other Country....

Wanted: Want To Buy Real Jintropin

Feb 26, 2022
I would like to buy original and real HGH. Can you let me know prices and shipping to Bahrain

Wanted: Testosterone Powder

Feb 11, 2022
United States
I need testosterone raw powders and others

Wanted: Ginseng Extract

Oct 19, 2020
We are looking for Ginseng Extract for India. Requirement is 25kgs at regular Basis but intially we require 1kgs Samples. We request for the Offers CIF, Mumbai. Thank you.

Wanted: Bio Island Brand DHA, Fis Oil, Milk Calcium Needed

Aug 3, 2017
Looking for seriuos supplier who can supply stable or on a monthly basis. We need to buy Bio island brand 1.Kids Milk Calcium, 90tabs/bottle 2.Kids Cod Liver + Fish Oil,90tabs/bottle DHA, 120tabs/bottle 4.Zinc.60tabs/bottle 5.DHA for...

Wanted: Glucometer

Aug 18, 2016
Dear Sirs, I'm looking good quality glucometer for my customers. We are selling glucometers since 1996. Please send me your offers Emil Zhgenti
Listed on Sep 21, 2023