buy cobalt sludge, spent catalyst

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Jan 19, 2010
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we are a chinese spent catalyst and metal waste recycler. We buy large quantity of cobalt spent catalyst and sludge. The minimum content of cobalt we required is 3%

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Wanted: Buying Copper,nickel, Tungsten Spent Catalyst And Metals Waste

Nov 27, 2012
We are buying large quantity of copper,tungsten and nickel spent catalyst and metals waste.

Wanted: Buying Spent Catalyst And Metal Waste

Nov 27, 2012
We are buying large quantity of tungsten,nickel and copper spent catalyst and other metals waste.

Wanted: Buy Tungsten Spent Catalyst

Jan 19, 2010
We are a chinese spent catalysts recycler. We regularly buy large quantity of tungsten spent catalysts. The minimum requirement of the tungsten content is 5%. my email is arthurmailcn at

Wanted: Buy Cobalt Spent Catalyst

Apr 16, 2009
We would like to buy cobalt spent catalyst which containing 2.5% min cobalt.

Wanted: Buy Tungsten Spent Catalyst

Apr 16, 2009
We would like to buy spent catalyst which containing tungsten and cobalt. The minimum requirement of tungsten or cobalt is 2.5%

Wanted: Fatty Nickel

Jul 11, 2008
We buy fatty nickel from petrol refining or food industry. The minimum nickel content we require is 5%.

Wanted: Ruthenium, Palladium Spent Catalyst & Scrap

Jul 11, 2008
We buy Ruthenium, Palladium spent catalyst and scrap. Ru-silicon or Ru-alumina based. The minimum content of Ru and Pd we require is 0.5%

Wanted: Buy Ruthenium, Indium, Palladium Spent Catalyst And Waste

Mar 5, 2008
We buy Buy Ruthenium, Indium, Palladium spent catalyst and waste, 1. Ruthenium spent catalyst, sludge and waste 2. Indium spent catalyst, sludge and waste 3. Palladium spent catalyst, sludge and waste 4. Other precious metals sludge and waste

Wanted: Buy Lateritic Nickel Ore

Mar 9, 2007
We want to buy lateritic nickel ore from Philipines or Indoneisa. The quantity we need is 2000-5000MT per month, the minimum content of nickel is 1.7%, we can share a load with other buyers in China. The discharge port could be Zhanjiang or...

Wanted: Buy Nickel,vanadium,molybdeum,tungsten And Precious Metals Content Waste Materials

Mar 7, 2007
We import the waste material with nickel content (Ni:3.5%min) as follows: 1, Dewatered electroplating sludge 2, scale or iron oxide from the process of pickling, grinding the surface of stainless steel; 3, nickel, vanadium and molybdenum,tunsten...

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