425/85R21 TRCUK TIRE

Posted Date:
Sep 25, 2023
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we need 425/85R21 TRCUK TIRE

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Wanted: Bridgestone 33.00R51 Tire

Nov 20, 2023
we need Bridgestone 33.00R51 tire

Wanted: 20 x New 2022/2023 Bridgestone 46/90R57 VREV E1A E4 Serials Made In Japan 

Nov 20, 2023
we need 20 x new 2022/2023 Bridgestone 46/90R57 VREV E1A E4 serials made in Japan

Wanted: 33.00R51 TIRE Goodyear RM-4A+ 3HL,33.00R51 Michelin XDR3 B4

Oct 20, 2023
We have direct negotiations with the customers, we collect the statistics of demands and sales prices. Nowadays we have a view of the available prices for sales in Russia of premium tire brands. Have you an opportunity to give us the prices for...

Wanted: Pcr Car Tire

Aug 25, 2023
hello we would you to offer us as follow 195/65R15 14000PCS 10*40HQ 205/65R15 4800PCS 4*40HQ 155R12C 5000pcs 2*40HQ 165/65R13 2100pcs 1*40HQ 195/60R15 2800pcs 2*40HQ


Aug 24, 2023
we need PCR tires 195/65R15 14000pcs PCR tires 205/65R15 4800pcs PCR tires 155R12C 5000pcs PCR tires 165/65R13 2100pcs pls offer us the best prices

Wanted: Cindella , Vitamin C , Luthione

Aug 19, 2023
We need some set of cindella , vitamin c , luthione

Wanted: Liebherr LTM Cranes

Aug 17, 2023
Good morning Looking For: LTM 1070-4.1 LTM 1090-4.2 LTM 1120-4.1 LTM 1130,1230,1250 LTM 1450, 1650 and 1750 Dear customer / business partner, we need your help in finding the above models for sale. All cranes need to be 2018 and newer. Thank you...

Wanted: Truck Tire ,truck Tyre 315/80R22.5 205/85R16 385/65 22.5

Aug 10, 2023
Thanks based on the ministry needs they need 315/80R22.5 = 2000PCS 205/85R16 = 2500PCS 385/65 22.5 = 2500PCS SO HOW MUCH CAN YOU SUPPLY US PLEASE?

Wanted: China Dump Truck

Aug 3, 2023
if offerable for Dump Truck 2000MT partial delivery or on time lifting, 15 ton ,25 ton 8*2 8*4 8*6, pls urgently send the price CIF North America with photo,

Wanted: 27.00R49 Radial TIRE Japan Brand " Good Year"

Jul 30, 2023
Herewith we are looking for some tire with code 27.00-R 49 radial. Our Client is need tire 36 EA Japan brand " good year" If you have the product that we required. Pls kindly give us info detail and its quotation We are looking for your kind reply

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Wanted: BUY 27.00R49 AND 33.00R51 BRAND NEW TYRES

Jul 31, 2023
Looking for: 27.00R49 BRIDGESTONE VREP E3A E4: 24PCS ; Or Michelin XDR3 B/B4 E4; 33.00R51 Michelin XDR2/XDR3 B/B4 E4; 16pcs ; Or Bridgestone VRLS/VRDP E1/E2A E4; Please see if you can supply with special prices.

Wanted: Tyres For Trucks

Feb 19, 2023
Hong Kong
We need to buy tyres for Pakistan : 1. 11.00R20, 18PR ; 2. 5,000-pcs ; 3. Payment = 100% at sight L/C . Kindly contact us ...

Wanted: Nylon Tyres

Feb 26, 2020
Dear sir, Kindly send us the price of nylon tires in CIF mumbai port basis. Requriment of size as given details. 1000*20 Nylon. 900*20 Nylon. 8.25*20 Nylon. 8.25*16 Nylon. 9.00*16 Nylon. 7.50*16 Nylon. 7.00*15 Nylon. 6.00*16 Nylon. 185/80 d 14...


Jul 12, 2016

Wanted: Looking For SL95

Nov 28, 2014
looking for sentaida SL95 11 R24.5 roadlux 528 11 R24.5


Jul 22, 2014
We sell all types of high quality used tires just do contact us for more and relevant details.

Wanted: Used Truck Radial Tyres

Mar 30, 2013
Dynamic Rubber's A privately held company has been in business from over 25 years. We manufacture Conveyor Belting and Spares. One of our unit is Manufacturing Crumb Rubber from Waste Radial Truck Tyres as the raw material. We approach you for our...

Wanted: Seeking 11R22.5 & 11R24.5 Tires

Dec 2, 2012
I am seeking GRADE A truck/bus tires 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 tires. These tires need to be used and in good condition. these tires will be part of a re-thread process and must be GRADE A. Thank you,

Wanted: Used Truck Tires

Nov 15, 2012
Hi, I am looking used T/B, LT tires & casings from Japan. Please refer to below as my required sizes: Used tire - 11R22.5, 11R22.5 R1, 12R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5 R1, 275/80R22.5, 275/80R22.5 R1, 225/80R17.5 & etc. Casing - 11R22.5,...

Wanted: Buy Used Light Truck Tires

Jun 7, 2012
Dear Sirs: We need to buy used light truck tire in good condition for recycling. Please send us your best CNF Qingdao Price together with tire photo to yimengzhizi126(at)126(dot)com. Thanks in advance. Best Regards Frank
Listed on Sep 25, 2023