Wanted: I want to buy mobile phones

Aug 27, 2016
Sri Lanka
Hello , I am from Sri Lankan. We import small scale phones and resell in Sri Lanka. I am finding phone supplier for long term business relationship. i am awaiting your reply with your quotation for all of samsung HTC Sony Apple etc. But phones are...
Sri Lanka

Wanted: buy mobile phone parts, cell phone lcds

Jul 25, 2011
Hello, Sir/ Madam, We are interested in cell phone and used cell phone parts, such as : lcd, housing, flex, keypad, touch screen, etc, for all kinds brand, like nokia, blackberry, htc, apple, samsung, motorola, sony, sony ericsson. If you have...

Wanted: Looking for Mobile Phones

Mar 2, 2011
We are a german company which is looking for european mobile phone wholesellers. We are looking for mobile phones from this brands: Nokia Sony Ericsson Apple Iphone Samsung HTC LG. Only new phones. Please contact us, if you can supply us with...