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Magic Sponge Duo

Melamine foam for cleaning uses is supplied as Magic Sponge Eraser,Melamine Magic Sponge,Magic Sponge Foam,Magic Sponge Pads Melamine foam for cleaning uses is supplied as Magic Sponge Eraser,Melamine Magic Sponge,Magic Sponge Foam,Magic Sponge...
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magic melamine sponge

Size: 15*8*4.7cm Material: Melamine sponge, PU sponge Feature: With the magic sponge clean heavy duty, PU sponge clean general duty and absorption; Different colours of PU sponge can be available.
Main Item eraser sponge, microfiber cloth, woodfiber cloth
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Magic melamine cleaning sponge

Hi-density Magic Sponge(also known as Hi-tech melamine sponge) is a revolutionary new nano techology meterial, adopting 4th generation new nano tech. It is new and environmental protection cleaning product, with 99.9% natural anti-microbial...
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magic cleaning melamine sponge

We are one of the only two manufectures in the world producing nano sponge.A revolutionary method of cleaning ---- absorb away the stains. It has magic powder in cleaning. It's eco-friendly. Without using cleaning fluid ,just with water,it can...
Main Item magic melamine foam sponge for clean
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Magic eraser sponge,melamine foam

Application 1. House furnishing products: tea set, bowl and plate, plastic, glass, sofa, leather shoes, sports shoes, wall, floor, switch panel, door and window, table and chair, children's toys, etc. 2. Household electrical appliances: telephone,...
Main Item Melamine foam sponge
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Magic Eraser (cleaning sponge)

Our Magic Eraser comes from top quality of melamine sponge with 50%, 200% or 300% more density into Extra Power. It can easily remove hard grime at home, office or garden. Also, it is ideal material to clean your car tyre or steel wheel. Magic man...
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Magic Eraser (SMN-2)

Features - SMN is designed to effortlessly remove stubborn marks off any smooth non-porous surfaces such as painted walls, ceramic, glass and melamine. - SMN is made from fibers that are 10000 times smaller than a human hair to get into the nooks...
Main Item Stainless Steel Scrubbers
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Magic Washing Sponge

You can use this Magic Washing Sponge without any washing material, need only water for delete the dirt long time ago and fat on dish. This Magic Washing Sponge manufactured by melamine form the structure is as mosquito curtain ,dimension of three....
Main Item Automobile, Machinery and the Parts
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Car Cleaning Sponge

cellulose sponge 1.high quality,low price 2.there will be no traces after wipe the water stains it is easyer to be degraded characterstic 1.the material of cellulose sponge is wood pulp,with si natureal,so this product is eco-friendly i and...
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Triad magic cleansing brush

Name: Triple Magic cleaning wipe Item: M110 Unit: Bag Material: Melamine + + absorbent sponge cloth mesh size: 110 * 70 * 35mm Weight: 11.55g Using method 1. Weltering with water, extrude the excess water with your hands, welter half of the product...
Main Item Magic cleansing brush
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Melamine Foam

No detergent needed! Easily getting your various surfaces sparkling again. Moisten the magic eraser with water and rub the dirt, stains, scum,grimes,marks on the surface ofbath tubs, tiles, sinks, counters, porcelain, glass.etc. Experience the...
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