Regeness Lactogen gel

Regeness Lactogen gel

Company Information We strive to give the best to the people we love. BioWellspharm Co., Ltd. provides employees, customers, and society not only medicines but also non-medical products, medical devices, health functional foods, cosmetics, etc to...
Main Item Regeness cream
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Oxytocin 2mg/vial Lyophilized powder

Oxytocin 2mg/vial Lyophilized powder

Oxytocin CAS NO.:50-56-6 Specification:2mg/vial Sequence:Cys-Tyr-Ile-Gln-Asn-Cys-Pro-Leu-Gly-NH2 Molecular Formula:C43H66N12O12S2 Molecular Weight: 1,007.19 Source :Chemical Synthesis Standard: Medical Grade; Useage:Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and...
Hong Kong
Main Item Botox, Botulax, Innotox, Nabota, Hutox, ReNtox, NEOTOX, Regenovue, Revolax, Dermalax, EPTQ, Monalisa, Metoo, Sosum, Rejeunesse, Sardenya, Neuramis, Kybella, Lipo Lab, Hyaluronidase, Dermal filler, HA filler, PDO threads, Skin booster, Salmon DNA, PDRN, Lipolystic
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Reproductive Hormones ELISA test kits

Reproductive Hormones ELISA test kits

Our reproductive hormones ELISA test kits include LH(human luteiniizng hormones),FSH(follicle stimulating hormones),PRL(prolactin),E2(estradiol),PRO(progesterone),TES(testosterone),HCG(human chorionic gonadotropin),β-HCG(human chorionic...
Main Item in vitro diagnostic reagent
Business Type Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Retailer