Ferrite core power coil inductor Ferrite core power coil inductor Ferrite core power coil inductor Ferrite core power coil inductor Ferrite core power coil inductor Ferrite core power coil inductor

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Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd.

Since founded in 2003, Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd has continued to focus on research and development, design & manufacturer electronic components. Our main products: Customize voice coils, 1 to 3mm diameter miniature voice coils, inductor...
Main Item: Inductor , Air coil, Bobbin coil, Wireless charger coil, Antenna coi, Trigger coil, Transformer
Business Type: Manufacturer


AL TRANSFO DESIGN GROUP LIMITED was founded in China with nearly 27 years of experiencing of designing & manufacturing power transformers, current transformers, inductors, chokes, power supplies and cable assembly.
Main Item: transformers, Inductors, chokes , power supply, adapters, PCBA Custom-made parts.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler/Retailer, Others

Dongguan Pingshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Pingshang Electronic Technology Electronic Components Supplier: Chip Capacitors, Chip Resistors, Chip Inductors, Diodes, Transistors, Magnetic Beads, Transistors, Semiconductor Products, High Voltage Chip Capacitors, Low Resistance Chip Resistors,...
Main Item: Chip capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors, magnetic beads, chip electrolytic capacitors, chip tantalum capacitors, chip diodes, chip transistors, MOS tubes.
Business Type: Manufacturer

ZhuHai EastEver Electronic Co.Ltd

ZhuHai Eastever Electronics Co.Ltd, is a private enterprise specializing in the development,sale and producing of RF balun Transformers,Power splitters,couplers,Inductors,coils and other patch type and plug-in Electronic components. The company...
Main Item: balun transformer, directional coupler, Inductor.coils.choke.combiners, splitters
Business Type: Manufacturer

Shenzhen Yiyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yiyi Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Gongming, Shenzhen. It is a professional design and manufacturing supplier integrating R&D, design, production and sales of magnetic electronic components such as power transformers, audio...
Main Item: power transformers, audio transformers, high-frequency transformers, inductors, and various 3C electronic products
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter, Agent, Distributor, Service

Buying Leads

Rod choke coil inductors, suitable in intermediate frequency transformer

Volume: small Temperature rise low big electric current puts down work makes vertical Horizontal type stably is suitable for the installment space which does not use Suitable in the intermediate frequency transformer, filter and oscillator coil...

Electrical Transformers, Static Converters and Inductors

We are looking for micro SD memory cards for cell phones, aspecially compatible with nokia and samsung.
Main Item Natural Mineral Water
Business Type Exporter

Request for Fixed Inductor

We are now looking for "Fixed Inductor" as follow: Fixed Inductor Type: 16RHBP, Size: ÿFFFFD816mm x 19.2max (H), Inductance Range 22μH, Rated DC Current 0.75 ~ 7.0A Qty: 10K/month We can provide specification, please contact our Ms. Clara Leung to...
Hong Kong

want to buy radial upsetting machine

We are looking for radial-forging machine (type SXP-16-251B) in full complectation: inductor, lifting-gear, radial-forging machine, cutoff machine, control panel. Max work diameter - 160 mm Quantity of forging ends - 2 You can offer new or used....
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Main Item upsetting machines
Business Type Manufacturer

Arester, Overvoltage Protector, Lightning Protected insulator, Ring Main Unit, RMU, cable accessorie

arrester, SF6 mutual inductor, overvoltage protector for 35kV/10kV overhead insulated transmission line, 10KV lightning protected insulator, fault indicator, cable joint, thermal-cold shrinkable cable accessories, etc.
Main Item arrester, RMU, cable accessories
Business Type Manufacturer