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hypophosphorous acid h3po2 (no MOQ )

Hot sell hypophosphorous acid 1,Apperance:Clear to yellowish liquid Character: Pure H3PO2 is colorless crystal. Density is 1.493(19°C) and melting point is 26.5°C. It can be mixed with water in any proportion. It is a formidable reducer easily to...
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Hypophosphorous acid

Property: The pure form of this product is a colorless crystal with the density of (19°C)1.493 and the melting point of 26.5°C. It can be mixed with water in any proportions. Being a strong reducer, it can be mixed with water in any proportion, and...
Main Item phosphoric acid, phosphorus pentoxide, tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate, hypophosphorous acid, sodium hypophosphite. , polyphosphoric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, trisodium phosphate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate
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hypophosphorous acid

We are ISO9002 certified chemical manufacturer in china .We can supply the following products with the best price: 1. sodium hypophosphite(102-103%) Structural formula: NaH2PO2 .H2O CAS No.: 7681-53-0 ,10039-56-2 Usage:Sodium Hypophosphite is...
Main Item sodium hypophosphite, calcium hypophosphite, THPC, THPS, THPC-UREA, THPS-UREA, hypophosphorous acid
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