What is Korean Suppliers?

Korean Suppliers is a service that allows buyers from around the world to easily and conveniently find all Korean exporters with just one search. It provides not only basic information such as the main products, address, and contact information of suppliers but also export, certification, and activity information to obtain useful information with minimal effort.

Who are the main users of Korean Suppliers?

Anyone who wants to find verified Korean exporters can use this service. It is a very useful service for overseas buyers who are interested in sourcing Korean products.

How does Korean Suppliers service help overseas buyers?

Korean Suppliers service provides the following services:

  • It provides all Korean export company information in English
  • It provides certified company information.
  • In addition, it is possible to identify live companies through continuous updates.
  • It is possible to identify Korean and major B2B platform registration information without additional investigation.
  • It provides domestic offline exhibition participation information so that you can find excellent supply companies that are confident in your own products without directly attending the exhibition.

How can you trust the company information on Korean Suppliers?

Korean Suppliers provides reliable information by checking Korean National Tax Service certification information through third-party and business registration information, and provides information on verified companies through institutional business. All details related to verification can be confirmed through the certification badge that can be checked when searching for a company. In addition, we are making efforts to provide live company information through continuous updates. You can check how up-to-date the information provided by the company status of its detailed information.

What makes Korean Suppliers better than other similar services in Korea?

The main differentiation factors provided by Korean Suppliers are as follows:

  • Export trade activity: You can find Korean companies with recent export performance.
  • Active Info: You can easily check the company’s active status by providing business verification information through the Korean National Tax Service.
  • Vetted: We provide verified company information in various forms. You can check various verification contents such as Korean National Tax Service, third party, public B2B, exhibition, business card, etc. by checking the badge assigned to each company.
  • Easy supplier search: Only some of the Korean suppliers use B2B services. Therefore, to find suppliers who do not use B2B services, you will have to go through several search engines. However, it is too broad to find the desired Korean company and product through a search engine. In Korean Suppliers, you can easily find any supplier whether they use B2B services or not.
  • Live information: We continuously collect and update information to provide the most up-to-date and valid supplier information. In addition, the information provided by Korean Suppliers is not limited to text information. We introduce major exhibitions in Korea every month and inform you of the suppliers who participated in the exhibition. You can check promising companies updated every month on Korean Suppliers without attending exhibitions directly and spending time and money.

Are there any conditions required to use the service?

Anyone who is looking for Korean suppliers can use the Korean Suppliers service easily and free of charge without any conditions.

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