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Geo drain(Geo composite)

Geo-drain is, in fact, a geo-composite composed of a heavy polyethylene mesh core (HDPE) that can be produced along with layers of geotextile in one side. These products have been widely used in the building and drainage industry due to the...
Main Item plastic net
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Stitched blanket & Geo logs Stitched blanket & Geo logs Stitched blanket & Geo logs Stitched blanket & Geo logs Stitched blanket & Geo logs Stitched blanket & Geo logs

Stitched blanket & Geo logs

Erosion is a process in which rocks and soil are moved from one location to another due to natural causes such as rainfall, winds/storms, seasonality, soil composition including its porosity and permeability, land gradient and animal grazing...
Sri Lanka
Main Item Coconut fibre related products
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composite geotextile

Polyester composite geotextiles is consisting of polyester yarns needle punched polyester non-woven geotextiles.which are used in such projects soft-soil foundations and tidal mudflats with foundations of reinforcement back-filtering protection and...
Main Item geomembane, geotextile, geogrid
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Carbon Fiber Mesh Geo-Grid, Geogrid for Construction

1 Carbon Fiber Geogrid: Carbon Fiber Geogrid is a special weaving process weaving after coating technology to deal with a new type carbon fiber reinforced materials, such weaving to minimize the process of weaving the strength of carbon fiber...
Main Item Carbon Fiber Fabric Cloth Strip Plate Tube Etc
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Tri-dimension Composite Geonet for Drainage

Huatao-HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. Tri-dimension Composite Geonet for Drainage Description Tri-dimension composite genet for drainage is a new type of geosynthetics.Its made of atri-dimension geonet coated with geotextile on both sides....
Main Item geotextile, geomembrane, compound geomembrane, geogrid, geocell, sodium bentonite
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Single and Double Oriented Geo-Grid Mesh,Net Equipment

This equipment mainly produces single and double oriented plastic geo-grid. As a new type of high tensible geo-synthetic material, the geo-grid is widely used in constructing highway, railroad, irrigation works etc, for soft soil dealing. It can...
Main Item Platic Machinery
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Composite Geonet for Drainage

The introduction and application of the geonet: 1. It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and formed by extrusion, cooling and stretching, it has the function of beautifying the environment, aging resistance and erosion resistance etc. 2....
Main Item 3D Geomat, Geonet, Geogrid, Geotextile, Geocell
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Coir Fibre

Mattress Fibre is a mixture of fibres of length varying between 3” to 8” (approximately 7 to 20 cm). This fibre is obtained after the process of defibring and separation of bristle coir. This fibre is used for a wide range of applications like...
Main Item Coir Fibre
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WDW 10KN Computerized Electronic Universal Testing Machine

This double beam electronic UTM is used to test the mechanical property of metal and non-metal materials with tensile strength within 20kN. It can do tensile, compression, bending test of rubber, plastic, cable, wire, steel, aluminum, copper,...
Main Item electronic testing machine, dydraulic testing machine, inpact testing machine, etc.
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universal tensile testing machine 1KN 2KN 5KN computer control for rubber,plastic,woven bag

1.Model:WDW-1/2/5 2.Product name:computerized electrical universal testing machine 3. Applications of testing machine This machine is applicable to metal, cementing compound, tubes, sectional bars, aerospace, petrochemical, waterproof rolls, wire...
Main Item testing machine, universal testing machine, tensile testing machine
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Primary Backing for Artificial Grass

UV-resistant, high tensile strength, soft, non-toxic, waterproof, air permeable use PP(polypropylene) and PE(polyethylene) as the main raw materials. used in artificial grass,synthetic turf,Carpet lining,Geo-textiles,Agro-textiles
Main Item PP/PE woven fabric mafacturing
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pp multifilament yarn for webbing, rope

1) Composition: polypropylene 2) Weight: 300 - 1800D 3) Applications: spinning, knitting, weaving, and adhesive-bonded fabric 4) Environmentally-friendly 5) More than 3,000 colors - Dope dying for various colors - Water resistance - Recyclization -...
Main Item polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric
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SMC ceiling panel

IntroductionResin compound with resin, hardener, accelerator, pigment, flame retardants and internalrelease national plus chopped strand in the form of a sheet.After material the made, it is moulded under heat and hydroric press to become material...
Main Item SMC ceiling panel
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Leica SL (Typ 601) Mirrorless Digital Camera

Best-in-class may be an understatement for the Leica SL (Typ 601) Mirrorless Digital Camera, an outstanding full-frame model that is offering professionals the "new Leica experience." This generation of Leica is aimed to take the top spot of modern...
Main Item Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot, Leupold GX-4i2, Leupold RX-1200i with DNA
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Polypropylene Yarn

Polypropylene yarn is made by material of polypropylene, and is wielly uesd in making string and webbing for all kinds of uses. We also have: Fire-retardant, Anti-UV treated, and Anti-Oxidant pp yarn 1) Composition: 100% polypropylene 2) Denier:...
Main Item pp Spunbond nonwoven fabric
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Fiberglass Products

Description Fiberglass products Fiberglass products for composite industries: Low pressure reinforcement fabric (Multi-compatible cloth, Polyester-compatible cloth, epoxy-compatible cloth) Surfboard reinforcement fabric, FRP (boat and tooling)...
Main Item paper joint tape
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PP multifilament

Main Item PP high-tenacity yarn
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Bauxite ORE - Export: FOB, CIF ASWP

bauxite ore: export commodity: BAUXITE ORE - EXPORT: FOB, CIF ASWP bauxite ore: photos bauxite ore: terms of export Origin India Port of loading Okha, Kandla, Porbander Delivery terms FOB, CIF ASWP Resource 1200000 MT per year Min. order 30000 MT...
Main Item Ferrous Products Obtained By Direct Reduction of Iron Ore and Other Spongy Ferrous Products
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Potash and soda feldspar occur as essential constituents of granite, syenite and gneisses. However, workable deposits are found in pegmatite veins consisting mainly of feldspar, quartz-feldspar veins and also occur with mica pegmatites. Feldspar is...
Main Item Mica
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original unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900

original unlocked blackberry bold 9900 The power of touch Create and connect like never before, swiping, pinching and zooming on the Liquid Graphics™ touch screen. Together with a 1.2 GHz processor, and a 24-bit high-res display, Liquid Graphics...
Main Item mobile phone
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