Wanted: Carbendazim

May 26, 2022
Appearance: White/beige powder Content: 98% min Other chemical names: Mercazole, Carbendazole, 1h-benzimidazole-2-carbamic acid, methyl ester

Wanted: Need Methyl ester fatty matter

Mar 22, 2021
Dear Sir/ Madam, We are looking for methyl ester residues' supplier, if you just have such material, please do not hesitate to get contact with me, thanks. Frank Joe Hubei Forbon Technology Co., Ltd

Wanted: Polyol Ester (POE) wanted

Sep 4, 2020
TO: Sales team Hi, We are in position to buy POE ( Polyol Ester) monthly. Please contact us if you want to know more inquiry details. Thanks,Best regards. Shen Jun

Wanted: Requirement of CCTG (Capric Caprylic Triglyceride)

Jul 14, 2020
We are pleased to introduce Bansal Trading Company as bulk importers, exporters, distributors and export representatives catering to a variety of industries like plastics, master-batches, pigments, PVC Leather, Detergents and Soaps, Metal...

Wanted: 3-O-Ethyl Ester

Jun 13, 2014
We are interested in buying 3-O-Ethyl Ester is a kilo size. We are a small cosmetic company and would require shipments of products in one kilo sizes. We only use paypal for payment. If you do not accept paypal please do not reply.
United States

Wanted: frp grating

May 28, 2014
It is convenient to incise and install, and it has higher comprehensive benefit. Molded Grating is specially design. It is an integral fiberglass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester grating, Corrosion and Chemical resistant; Slip-resistant; High...

Wanted: 98190-85-3

Apr 16, 2013
(S)-2-Methyl-3-bromopropionic acid methyl ester, CAS number: 98190-85-3 Purity>97% Need 5 Kgs Please contact us

Wanted: phosphate esters

Jan 28, 2013
Dear sir, We are one of the leading importers, indentors & suppliers of Industrial chemicals & specialty fine chemicals. We are engaged in indenting of raw materials, intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals etc for Paints, Ink, Coating , dyes...

Wanted: buy methyl oleate

Apr 25, 2012
We are Anshan Bigstone Co.,ltd from China, we're looking for methyl oleate.The quantity is 1FCL per month.If you can supply, contact asap. Pls inform the spec or anaylze report and CIF CMP price. Contact: acong(at)

Wanted: DATEM

Aug 15, 2011


May 23, 2011
We are one of the major manufacturer of sizing chemicals & Rosin Ester. Our annual consumption of Gum Rosin is above 2500 MT

Wanted: I buy ecdysterone,5-methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone,creatineetc

Mar 9, 2011
I'm interested in buying bulk 5-methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone,ecdysterone (raponticum carthamoides extract) ,turkesterone ,creatine monohydrate ,arginine ethyl ester malate and pre workout formulas. please send me your product quote and specification.
United States

Wanted: want to buy Chloromethyl chloroformate

Nov 17, 2010
Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to purchase Chloromethyl chloroformate(CAS 22128-62-7) by full containers.Please kindly offer us your best price CIF Nanjing, and send me your specification and MSDS as well. Thank you. If you have any questions,...

Wanted: Buy Rosuvastatin Calcium Intermediates

Jun 16, 2010
Dear Sir, We have requirement for Rosuvastatin Calcium intermediate :- 1. (4R-Cis)-6-Hydroxymethyl-2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-Dioxane-4-Acetic Acid,1,1-Dimethylethyl Ester CAS No.124665-09-0 2. N-[5-(Bromomethyl)4-fluorophenyl)6-Isopropyl...

Wanted: buy Soyabean Methyl Ester B99 urgently

Nov 9, 2009
Dear Sir, We need Soyabean Methyl Ester B99 urgently, and are looking for a long-term supplier. If you could provide it, pls send us your detailed specification and most competitive price ( on USD/MT FOB basis) to us. Our demand quantity is 2,000...

Wanted: pharmaceutical raw material

May 26, 2009
dear sir , we are pharmaceutical manufacturer company in iran , for our product we need cetomacrogol000 , heydroxy ethyl celloulose, caprylic capric ester , piroxicam , diclofenac as diethyl ammonium , carbomer 980,all of them should be in usp or...

Wanted: Veova (Vinyl Ester of Neodecanoic Acid)

May 7, 2008
Need Veova (Vinyl Ester of Neodecanoic Acid) on monthly basis. Response required only from Manufacturers mentioning their web-sites. Please reply to: bachhu01(at)

Wanted: Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin

Mar 27, 2007
We are a leading importer of various chemicals in Korea. We are especially interested in Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin(food grade). B.RGDS. R.PARK/DIRECTOR *address : Room 1110, Hyundai officetel, 76-5, Daeyeon-dong, Nam-ku, Pusan, Korea *company...

Wanted: Tanks to store crude oil, methyl ester and cycliners to hold mathanol - new or used

Jun 30, 2006
We need for the use of our bio diesel plant of 72,000 metric tons (a) supplementary tanks to hold 1.6 million liters of crude oil and tanks to store 1 million liters methyl ester (b)12 cylinders each capable of holding 20 tons of methanol. The...
Hong Kong

Wanted: Want to buy ester gum & rosin

Mar 29, 2006
Dear Sir, We are manufacture of thermoplastic road marking paints. We want to buy ester gum 12000 kgs & rosin ww,n grade 23500 kgs per monts. please send more detail, rate etc on our email.